Darth Cognus Guide – A Loyal Subject of the Dark Side

When it comes to the Iktotchi specie, despite not being a very gorgeous specie, they were famous for their sixth sense during the days of the Old Republic. And one such iktotchi that carried its legacy to the New Republic was none other than the formidable Sith Lady, Darth Cognus. 

Cognus spent her life as a Sith training under Bane and later becoming a Dark Lord of the Sith in her own right, taking on apprentices and imparting her knowledge of the Sith ways; after all, that’s what most Sith Lords do.  

In this Darth Cognus guide, I will be talking about the life and teachings of Darth Cognus, including her physical appearance, personality, abilities, and experiences as a Sith.

So, whether you’re just starting your journey as a Sith acolyte or a seasoned Dark Lord seeking to expand your knowledge, what better way to learn it than by experiencing the life of one of the most formidable practitioners of the Dark Arts? 

Bottom Lines Up Front

Being an Iktotchi, Darth Cognus possessed exceptional mental and physical abilities. In addition to her mastery of lightsaber combat, Darth Cognus was renowned for her excellent telekinesis and mind control skills.

But despite her power, Cognus adhered to the Rule of Two and was deeply rooted in Darth Bane’s philosophies. Her ultimate goal was to gain power and mastery over the Dark Side of the Force while also practicing the ideologies laid down by her master. 

Key Information

  • Sith Name: Darth Cognus 
  • Alias: Huntress  
  • Home Planet: Iktotchon 
  • Specie: Iktotchi 
  • First Appearance: Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil  
  • Major Appearance: 
    • Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil 
    • Darth Plagueis 

Darth Cognus Physical Appearance

darth cognus

While her actual physical appearance remains a mystery since she only exists in literature, countless fans have put together various concepts of how a Sith of her stature would look like. 

But no matter how fans imagined her, one thing was sure: Darth Cognus had an Intimidating aura, sort of like Darth Vader, and was feared for her unrivaled command of the Dark Side of the Force.

Her sharp, angular facial features with high cheekbones and sleek lips were reminiscent of the infamous Darth Zannah. At the same time, her dark and straight hair was often pulled back into a severe bun or ponytail.  

As if her sharp features weren’t enough, some depictions of Darth Cognus show her with large, menacing horns protruding from her forehead. These horns curved slightly backward and were dark, almost black, making her seem even more otherworldly and intimidating. 

She also had black tattoos on her face, which added to her unique and menacing appearance. These intricate tattoos seemed part of her Sith identity, with sharp lines and swirling patterns accentuating her angular features.  

Adding to her Sith legacy, Darth Cognus wielded a red lightsaber hilt that was once owned by Darth Bane. It served not only as a weapon but as a grim reminder of the brutal ways of the Sith, passed down from one dark master to another. Another thing that stood out about Darth Cognus was her bright yellow eyes, adding to her impressive aura. 

Darth Cognus Personality

Going over Darth Cognus’ personality, it’s as complex as one can get. So, to further illustrate this, following are some of the most unique personality traits that showed how different she actually was: 

An Elegant Masochist

One of her most exciting traits is her knack for relishing in the misery of others. Due to this, she was always first to witness their suffering first-hand, even if it was her all-time idol, Darth Bane.

And let’s not forget, despite being known for her elegance, unfortunately, her grace served as a façade for her craftiness, as she considered her every move a piece of art and a deadly snare. 

Thirst for Purpose

As a skilled assassin and bounty hunter, Darth Cognus was incredibly proud of her impeccable reputation and ethical business practices. She never really personally cared about the whole “good” versus “evil” thing and was more interested in what drove people to label others in such a way.  

Of course, the credits she received for her work were a mere formality, as her motivations went beyond mere financial gain. She hunted for a purpose, a duty to fulfill, and a promise to keep.  


Despite being loyal to her allies, the same couldn’t be said for anyone, even her kin, who came close to betraying her. This can be seen when Darth Cognus sends her only apprentice, Darth Millennial, into exile after he tries to go against the ideals set by Cognus’ former master, Bane. 

Loyalty to the Dark Side

Talking about the loyalty of Darth Cognus, she was a devout follower of the Sith and had unwavering respect for their incredible abilities. She was driven by an insatiable desire for power and knew that the path to it lay through the Dark Side.

To achieve this power, she located Darth Bane and offered herself to him and her other apprentice, Darth Zannah, even betraying her most recent instigator to prove to Bane that she was worthy of her apprenticeship. 

Powers and Abilities

darth cognus powers and abilities

Of course, a Sith like Darth Cognus isn’t complete without her long list of powerful and unique abilities, as these further justify her status as a Dark Lord. So here are some of the most prominent Sith abilities she is seen using throughout her appearance in the franchise: 

Force Suppression

As a student of the infamous Darth Bane, Darth Cognus got sufficient training in the use of Force, which allowed her to bend the Force in otherwise impossible ways.

But one of the most iconic ways she could control the Force was by breaking the connection that binds it to the physical body, allowing her to suppress the Force abilities of her prey, something which she is seen doing along her various bounty missions.  

The ability also allowed her to hide her presence from other Force-sensitive beings, not that she really needed to, what’s more fun than to peek-a-boo your enemies. 

Weapon Mastery

Along with her exceptional Force-based skills, Cognus was also trained in several forms of combat, including mastery of swords and daggers.

Surprisingly before taking the title of Cognus, she preferred using smaller daggers as these were relatively easy to hide in case of undercover missions; after all, she was a successful assassin of the Galaxy. 

Not to mention, through her various assignments, she was also seen using longer Beskar swords lined with slow-killing poison to deliver the deadliest suffering to her unfortunate victims. 

And of course, she was also well-trained in lightsaber combat, and considering she was trained by the same Sith who trained Zannah, it’s not hard to imagine her impeccable skill level with the Saber. 

Mental Prowess

To be honest, you can’t talk about Cognus’ abilities without mentioning her extreme mental prowess. As an Iktotchi, her species naturally endowed her with psychic and precognitive abilities.

Still, her powers far exceeded those of her kind. She possessed a unique talent for tapping into the past and future, allowing her to peer into the memories of others and gain an upper hand as an assassin.  

And it was these mental powers that caught the attention of Darth Bane, who saw her potential to control visions and see the future after getting proper training. 

Darth Cognus Complete Story

The Origin

Cognus’ journey starts with her long and unique lineage, which comes from the planet Iktotchon located in the Expansion Region of the Universe.

And what makes her heritage unique is her species’ powerful bloodline, which comes with some of the most advanced forms of telepathic and mental abilities. But Cognus’ uniqueness doesn’t end there; after all, not every Iktotchi was attuned to the Dark Side. 

Now moving on to her early life, she excelled in most combat styles and even pursued her career as a professional assassin, earning her the nickname Huntress. And over the years, she built a flawless record, something which really helped drive her role in later parts of her Sith life. 

A Life-changing Mission

darth cognus story

Because of her flawless record, in the coming years, Darth Cognus became famous as one of the most reliable hitmen in the universe, so much that she was even hired by the royal guard of Planet Doan, Lucia.

She was hired to track down and assassinate the leader of an uncovered organization that was suspected of the murder of the previous prince of Doan.  

After taking on the mission, Cognus began investigating the inner parts of Doan, especially the underground caves, where she quickly came across her target. It’s incredible how quickly she could track the leader; then again, she had the power to foresee and anticipate the future. 

But the story doesn’t end there, as the leader of the group was already accompanied by a Jedi along with several miners.

Be that as it may, after analyzing the situation, Darth Cognus used her Force dampening powers to effectively disarm the Jedi, after which she moved towards the miners, confronting them in hand-to-hand combat; and we calll can imagine how this Miners v Huntress would have ended.  

After getting rid of her primary target, Cognus finally came in contact with the young Jedi, Medd Tandar, after which both engaged in an all-out blaster battle. During the struggle, we can see Darth Cognus’ resolve to her mission, as she refuses to back down even when the odds seem to weigh against her.

Although, what seemed an apparent defeat; after all, a bounty hunter losing his blaster is not a good thing, she not only made a successful escape but also put an end to the passive Jedi by causing an explosion in the cave, adding another victory to her already flawless record. 

An Apparent Victory

As the Huntress completed her task, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she had upset Princess Serra, the princess of planet Doan, due to all the extra damage caused during Tandar’s elimination. But a journey to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant with Lucia, revealed that it was the princess who wanted to hire Cognus this time. 

Hearing the royal name, Cognus was aesthetic as she knew that working with such an influential family would greatly help her cause to find a purpose in life. And if that wasn’t enough, Princess Serra also wanted to meet with her alone on Ambria. 

While the offer was tempting, Cognus was still a little skeptical, believing it could be a trap. But being promised an exponential bonus from Lucia, Cognus immediately accepted the offer and got on her ship to come to Ambria.  

Arriving there, the Princess revealed Cognus’ mission to find and capture Bane, who was suspected of the murder of her father. Not only that, it was the same Dark Lord of the Sith who put the father-daughter duo on the racks when Serra was quite young. 

After hearing her unfortunate story, Cognus also used her cognitive skills to enter the memories of the princess, where she saw Bane and the tragic events that transpired almost two decades ago. Not to mention, in those visions, she could also see a young woman beside Bane, which was most presumable Darth Zanah.  

Cognus also used her abilities to look into the future. She discovered that Bane had also arrived in Ambria, making her more confident that with every step she is getting closer to her objective. 

But then Cognus was taken aback at Serra’s request to take Bane alive, something which was not part of Cognus’ job description as an assassin.

Anyhow, with lucrative offers, such as offering Cognus ten times her usual fee and a team of skilled mercenaries to aid in the mission, not to mention, the hold of a rare poison named Senflax, which according to Serra, would allow Cognus to sedate the strongest enemies, Cognus was confident that she could defeat Bane and bring him to justice. 

A Metamorphic Duel

The interesting thing about Cognus’ story was that after she met Princess Serra, the Huntress was plagued by recurring dreams of Darth Bane, giving her glimpses of his daily routines and his new life as a merchant with Zannah.

Using the details from her visions and a comprehensive database of celestial bodies, she deduced that Bane could be found in Ciutric IV, where he lived in a mansion just outside the city. 

After locking in the castle’s position, Cognus’ team of mercenaries arrived on Ciutric IV, where they set up camps to wait for further orders.

Cognus, on the other hand, made her way through Darth Bane’s mansion, where, however, she was under a constant apprehension of being watched. Still, she pushed forward, determined to complete her mission and to get close to a royal family.  

The estate was opulent, with luxurious furnishings and intricate security measures. But Cognus kept moving, deactivating every trap with ease. And it wasn’t long before she had explored every inch of the estate, even memorizing the ins and outs of the place. 

Next, she entered a small building at the rear of the property; she was surprised to find a room filled with books and scripts of previous Sith Lords.

But her curiosity was piqued even further when she stumbled upon a Holocron. And although she didn’t fully understand its significance, she knew it was valuable, making it the first loot of her mission. 

After completing her surveillance, Cognus signaled her mercenaries to enter the estate. The team moved swiftly and efficiently and set traps to catch the Dark Lord on his return.

At this time, Cognus’ visions of the future started becoming all the more intense, as she even saw an image of her team leader’s dead body lying on the mansion’s ground. 

But eventually, the wait was over, and Bane finally entered the palace; unfortunately for Cognus, he had already expected presence and was ready for any ambush.

So, as soon as the team of mercenaries reigned on Bane, he gave them a taste of their own medicine, and it was not long after Cognus joined the scene and engaged in a one-on-one fight with the Sith Lord.  

Soon after the start of the fight, she cut Bane with her blade coated with Senflax, which was enough to send him into slumber. But let’s not forget, the first few Force pushes dealt some damage to the Huntress as well. 

The Betrayal

darth cognus

After the battle, Cognus collected Bane and left for Doan, which was her most celebrated victory so far. As they arrived on Doan, the Huntress delivered Darth Bane to Princess Serra while also staying behind to assist her in Bane’s interrogation.  

The start of the interrogation demanded Darth Bane to accept the blame for Serra’s father’s death; the Huntress also meditated nearby to aid the princess in her cross-examination. But Bane was a hard nut to crack.

And weirdly, this is where we can see the look of guilty pleasure on Cognus’ face as she enjoyed watching Bane’s agony. Anyhow, the interrogation ended as exasperated Serra left the room. 

But curiosity gets the best of Cognus as she started to follow Serra after she left Darth Bane’s cell, trying to guess about her next move. And eventually, seeing the Princess stressed, she eventually revealed that her loyal subject, Lucia, had helped Bane escape his cell.  

The discombobulated princess went back to Bane’s cell to verify the Huntress’ news; on the other hand, anticipating that her life had no meaning there anymore, Cognus headed to the hangar bay to leave Doan for good. 

While going towards her ship, the Huntress encountered a man entering her ship, who claimed to be the Jedi Knight Medd Tandar. After hearing this obvious lie, she engaged him in a lightsaber duel and both parties showed a great display of lightsaber combat.  

During the fight, Cognus realized that the ambiance filled with the Dark Side of the Force was something she had never felt before. The odds started to get stacked in the favor of her opponent, and with the loss of a part of her horn, she finally gave in.  

It was then revealed that the old man was Bane, who had just escaped from Serra’s custody. Upon realizing his true entity, she knelt before him and presented him with her lightsaber and Holocron while requesting him to train her in the way of the Dark Side. Bane accepted her request and fled the prison together. 

From Huntress to Darth Cognus

After leaving Doan, Bane and Cognus landed on Ciutric IV, where they were confronted by Serra, whose movements were already anticipated by Cognus. The princess made an unsuccessful attempt to bring Cognus back to her side.

But Cognus didn’t listen to reasoning, and upon confirming that Serra would be of no use to the most powerful being she had ever met, lord Bane, she killed Serra at the spot. 

The Huntress, now known as Darth Cognus, discussed with Darth Bane the sacrifices required to become a Sith and renamed herself as a symbol of her rebirth. However, after receiving her title, Darth Bane delayed her training until he could get a hold of the situation with his current apprentice, Darth Zannah. 

In the meantime, Cognus’ visions about the confrontation between Bane and Zannah were unclear, leading Bane to believe that Zannah had become his equal. Anyway, following the Rule of two, Darth Bane decided to face Zannah himself but made Cognus promise not to interfere in their fight. 

Shortly after their discussion, the duel between the mighty Sith lords finally took place, during which Cognus pledged to serve the winner and learn from a true Sith Master.

As the battle seemed to favor Zannah, Cognus witnessed Bane’s spirit attempting to possess Zannah. And as they say, he who digs a pit for others falls into it, this maneuver fired back which lead to the death of the creator of the “rule of two,” and Zannah becoming the new Dark Lord of the Sith.  

At the end of the fight, by fulfilling her promise, Cognus pledged to serve Zannah and complete her training under Zannah’s mentorship.

Resultantly, after the battle, Zannah ordered Cognus to claim Bane’s lightsaber until she had constructed her own, while also giving her a heads-up that one day they also had to face each other in a battle to the death to claim the Sith legacy. 

After completing a significant portion of her training, Darth Cognus also took on her own apprentice, Darth Millennial, who, unfortunately, did not happen to be a fan of Darth Bane’s Rule of Two.

The disagreement between the Master and the Apprentice escalated to Cognus’ refusal to teach him, bringing an early end to Millennial’s training.  

Cognus’ Famous Quotes

darth cognus quotes

Some of Darth Cognus’ famous words that signify her personality and mindset as a Sith Lord are listed below: 

  • “My visions. If I concentrate, they allow me to see images: people, places. Sometimes I catch glimpses of the future, though they do not always come true.” 
  • “Wealth and material goods mean nothing to me. I crave only power and purpose. With power, anything you want or need can simply be taken. With purpose, your life has meaning.” 
  • “My existence has no meaning. You can give my life purpose. You can guide me to my destiny.” 
  • “I love a good chase. That’s why they call me the Huntress.” 

Darth Cognus in my View

Darth Cognus was a Sith Lord of great power with exceptional mental and physical abilities. Her telekinetic prowess, Force suppression tactics, and lightsaber skills made her a formidable foe for anyone daring enough to cross her path.

But despite this, Cognus was deeply rooted in the ideology of Darth Bane and adhered strictly to the Rule of Two which can be assessed from the fact that even after taking a powerful being, Millennial, under her apprenticeship, she let go of him for his heretic views about the Rule of Two. 

In my opinion, Darth Cognus was meant for the Dark Side. It was not some unprecedented event or accident that led her to follow this path, rather since her sadistic childhood to becoming a phenomenal bounty hunter, Cognus remained attuned to the Dark Side of the Force. 

All in all, if you ask me, Darth Cognus was one of the most loyal servants of the Dark Side Star Wars has ever produced. And unlike other Sith apprentices, who focused on the personal obedience of their Sith masters, Darth Cognus only adhered to the principles of the Sith Order. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What was Cognus’ Relationship with Darth Bane?

Answer: Darth Cognus had a complex and intriguing relationship with her Sith Master, Darth Bane. At first, Cognus was tasked with tracking down and capturing Bane, which she accomplished with great success.
However, she soon realized that Bane’s vast knowledge and power could prove to be quite beneficial for her own advancement as a Sith Lord. As a result, she willingly entered into his apprenticeship to gain mastery over the Dark Side of the Force. And over the years, she proved to be Bane’s most trusted advisor. 
Although she did join Darth Zannah after she defeated Darth Bane, she remained true to the ideals of her former master. 

Question: What was Cognus’ Lightsaber Hilt Like?

Answer: Cognus’ lightsaber was a peculiar weapon that was a nod to her Sith heritage. She inherited it from her master, Darth Bane, who had obtained it from another Sith Lord, Kas’im.
This work of art consisted of a sleek, black design with red accents, which also falls perfectly in line with Cognus’ style and personality. 

Question: Who was Cognus’ Apprentice?

Answer: Being a strict believer of Darth Bane’s ideology, Darth Cognus did inherit a student of her own named Darth Millennial. He was also a psychic being, just like Cognus, which many believe is the main reason why Cognus chose him to be her apprentice.
But unfortunately for Cognus, some time into his training, he challenged the same ideals Cognus followed so strictly, and thus, she banished him from her apprenticeship.  

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