There are very few space operas that can stand the test of time and truly define the genre. Names like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5 or Mass Effect if you want to jump into the world of gaming spring to mind. However, none hold a candle to the global superpower that is Star Wars. This series found success through the original trilogy in the 1980s and since then, the franchise has only grown in popularity. Inviting generations of Jedi to revel in the adventure that happened in a galaxy, far, far away. So with that in mind, we decided to create The Force Universe. No Jedi mind tricks at play here, this is the website you are looking for. 

Our Goal 

The goal of The Force Universe is to offer a comprehensive guide of all things Star Wars, acting as the ultimate online database of Star Wars content. We aim to be a service that caters for all types of Star Wars fans. Whether you are a veteran of the series who was watching these movies when Harrison Ford was still a middle-aged man. Whether you were of the generation that witnessed the second trilogy of movies as they happened. Or if you are new to the series and got hooked after seeing the newest movies starring Rey, Kylo Ren and co. We don’t discriminate and we aim to provide content for all. 

What We Offer

This brings us neatly onto the content that we post on the platform. Seeing as Star Wars is one of the longest-running and highest-grossing entities on the planet, we offer a wide variety of content to fit in all aspects of the Star Wars Universe. We will provide guides and synopsis of the movies, animated series and other forms of media out there. We will offer character bios for all the big hitters, we will offer location guides, break down the structure and features of key items and ships like lightsabers and the Deathstar. We will look into the success of the video games associated with Star Wars like KOTOR and The Force Unleashed for example. Plus, we will also offer guidance for those that want to get into collecting Star Wars merch. 

Then in addition to this, we will also offer opinion-based content. Meaning that our writers will get the chance to let their voice be heard and give their expert view on the most divisive topics within the franchise. So expect to see rankings of each movie, character comparisons and much more. 

How We Operate 

Our operation at The Force Universe is a very efficient one and we think that this is undoubtedly due to the team that we have gathered here. We have a dedicated group of writers who love nothing more than putting pen to paper and talking about their favourite aspects of the Star Wars franchise. Our writers know every facet of Star Wars, whether it is collectables, movies, games, trivia, cartoons. It honestly doesn’t matter because they will know their stuff. This is why our content is consistently top-notch.

Then we also have a group of talented editors that work in the background to make sure that the content conveyor belt keeps moving. Ensuring that all content is authentic, factual and looks fantastic. 

Then we also have you guys too. Our fans are the reason why we exist and therefore, if there is something that you think is amiss or if you have a suggestion that will help us improve. We absolutely want to hear it. With your continued support, there is nothing we can’t achieve, and if you disagree, well, we say ‘never tell us the odds’. 

Our Core Values 

Here are the values that we care about here at TFU: 

  • Authenticity 
  • Consistency 
  • Creativity 
  • Drive 
  • Passion 

Our Team 

It’s time to meet our team of Sith Lords and Jedis (no padawans here). Our guys work tirelessly to create the best Star Wars content around and do so with aplomb. This is because thanks to their in-depth knowledge, creating is second nature to them. They know the Star Wars Universe like the back of their hand and we love having them here, and we think you will too. Here is our TFU team: 

Candace Osmond

Profile photo for candaceosmond

Candace Osmond is an Internationally Bestselling Author and Award-Winning Blogger. She’s also a massive Star Wars nerd…ahem…I mean fan. She’s a team writer for The Force Universe and loves to research all the best stories, toys, merch, and info to share with awesome readers and fans of the Star Wars saga. Candace currently resides on the rocky East Coast of Canada where she eats sushi with her lightsaber chopsticks as often as she can.

Favorite Star Wars characters: Hand down, Han Solo. I love so many characters, but I adore Han Solo’s character arc and the role he played in the universe.

Favorite Star Wars movie: Probably The Empire Strikes Back.

Favorite Star Wars TV show: The Mandalorian

Best Star Wars moment: When I won first place in a costume contest as Padme. 

Ben Kitchen 

Ben is an author and writer with a love for shaping the English language He grew up watching the first six Star Wars films and from the age of 5 has been hooked by the complicated interweaving story arcs initially sculpted by George Lucas. Outside of working hours, you can find him visiting friends, working on his car, or blasting around a karting track. Of course, he also rarely passes a week without watching or playing something Star Wars-related.

Favorite Star Wars film: Revenge of the Sith

Favorite Star Wars series: The Mandalorian (just edging out Clone Wars)

Favorite Star Wars character: Obi-Wan Kenobi. No questions asked, no justification needed. The best.

Favorite Star Wars game: Knights of the Old Republic – can’t beat the old-timers sometimes!

We hope that your time at The Force Universe is a fun and informative one and may the force be with you, always. 

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