Darth Revan Lightsaber Guide – An Insight Into Raven’s True Mindset

When I think of Star Wars, it has maintained its position as one of the most iconic series ever made in the fiction world. And a part of that is credited to its unique world-building and profound lore, including Sith, Jedi, starships, and laser blasters, which weirdly entices its viewers into total submission to Force.

But an even more significant part of what makes Star Wars so striking is glowing weapons called lightsabers, which, alongside being deadly weapons, add another element of depth and intimidation to their wielders.

Amongst these wielders, one also happens to be the conflicted and no-quitter Sith Lord in the Star Wars franchise, known as Darth Revan. And a part of his fame owes to his equally amazing lightsabers, which repeatedly proved themselves to be one of his closest allies.

So in this Darth Revan Lightsaber Guide, I will talk about everything there is to know about these unique weapons, from their construction to how they are used throughout the series.

In this guide, I will also go over how his lightsaber also happens to be the only lightsaber in the franchise that has dabbled in both the Light and Dark Sides.

So, strap in your utility belts and don’t forget your sabers because we are heading to the year 3960 BBY, aka the Age of Conflict.

Bottom Line Up Front

As far as we go in history, Sith Lords symbolize fear and tyranny in their respective eras. But going over Darth Revan’s life, he was entirely devoted to taking over the Jedi just to save them from a threat even greater than the Sith army.

His lightsaber forms are also relatively unique as they clearly reflect all the different types of training he underwent during his time as a Jedi. Additionally, to accomplish his goal, he dabbled in both the Light and Dark sides of the Forcesl, which can even be seen in one of his oddly colored lightsabers.

During his time as a Sith Lord, he wielded two distinct lightsabers:

  • Violet-Colored Lightsaber: Darth Revan made this lightsaber at around 3954 BY when he was still a part of the army of the Old Republic. Initially, this saber had a blue-colored blade that turned violet when he embraced the Dark Side.
  • Darth Revan’s Sith Lightsaber: This was Darth Revan’s first lightsaber that fully reflected the ideals of the Dark Side with its familiar red-colored blade. He got this blade at around 3960 BY.

Darth Revan’s Lightsaber Combat Style and Forms

Darth Revan’s Lightsaber

Darth Revan’s lightsaber combat style was a mix of several forms, including aggressive attacks, fantastic defense, and various acrobatic maneuvers. He also showed great precision and speed with his lightsabers, thanks to his years of practice with different Jedi teachers, making him a true prodigy.

Regarding his different lightsaber forms, Darth Revan presented great acrobatic skill during his fight in the Old Republic game, suggesting that he was a user of the Fourth Form, aka Ataru.

Darth Revan also showed immense skill during 1v1 fights, including his battle with Darth Malak, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that his lightsaber-wielding was nothing short of Form II, aka Makashi.

Not to mention, this was a popular duel form for many Sith Lords throughout the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game. Furthermore, he also adopted Obi-Wan’s iconic third lightsaber form, Soresu, when he was fending off multiple opponents on the battleship, including blaster fires.

Another thing to remember is that Darth Revan remained pretty much consumed by his emotions, leading to his emotional conflict throughout his arc.

Furthermore, this existential crisis made him the user of the seventh form of lightsaber combat, Juyo, as well, during which he would display aggressive and unpredictable strikes like how he sliced off Malak’s jaw during their duel.

After joining the Dark Side, he also took on two lightsabers and would often use them together, which made him a user of the Jar’kai form as well.

But that is not all;  he also used multiple forms together during his fights. For instance, in his battle against Bastilla Shan and other Jedis, he used both the defensive and offensive styles to fight multiple opponents; an art that is only known to the masters of the sixth form known as Niman.

I believe, you might have been convinced by now that Darth Raven was proficient in forms 2-5, which is already pretty impressive if you ask me; moreover, he was also a master of many rare styles, making him a true jack-of-all-trades.

Darth Revan’s Voilet Lightsaber

History And Significance

Looking back at Darth Revan’s past and life as a Sith Lord, the first lightsaber he owned was his violet lightsaber which even dates back to his training days as a young Jedi. He originally created this lightsaber when he was a young padawan under the training of Master Kreia; however, at the time, this lightsaber had a blue color.

The blue color of his Jedi lightsaber was changed to violet when Revan joined the Mandalorian war against the will of the Jedi council. This was the first time Revan defied the ideals of the Jedi, and it marked the moment when Revan started to have mixed feelings about the Jedi council.

And this eventually led him to embrace the Dark Side. But surprisingly, during the same time, his blue lightsaber turned purple, which many think was the result of Darth Revan’s emotions bleeding into his saber, as purple was a mixture of red and blue.

This violet lightsaber was an open reminder that while Darth Revan had left the Light Side, his heart still followed many of its ideals.

Darth Revan lost this lightsaber when it was destroyed during the end of the Jedi Civil War when Darth Malak attacked his ship on the planet Taris in an attempt to kill Revan and capture Bastila Shan.

This was a challenging moment for Darth Revan as he not only saw the betrayal of his old apprentice but also lost his first lightsaber for good.


Darth Revan’s Voilet Lightsaber


Darth Revan’s first lightsaber had a violet-colored blade with a 27-centimeter-long hilt having a distinct three-prong design. The saber’s hilt also carried a blue Kyber crystal which later turned purple due to Darth Revan’s conflicting emotions.

The overall design of the lightsaber consisted of uniformly placed cylindrical rings with black inlays, which contrast nicely with the rest of its metallic build. Along with that, the top portion of the hilt also consisted of the control panel, which looked simple yet futuristic.

The bottom of the hilt also has a curved edge making it easier to grip and more comfortable to hold during duels. And at the bottom, it consists of a large silver and black colored cap, which further ensures an excellent grip, especially against heavy blows.

Seeing all these small details, it’s apparent that young Revan thoroughly planned out what he wanted in his lightsaber before coming up with this design.

Major Fights

duel of darth revan

The Battle of Rakata Prime

“I am Revan reborn and before me you are nothing.” -Darth Revan

During the time of Darth Revan, Rakata Prime was considered one of the most technologically advanced planets in the whole Galaxy. And as a new Sith Lord, Darth Revan considered its capture to be a crucial step toward the success of his newfound nation.

Thus, Darth Revan and his army attacked the planet and fought with the Infinite Empire to take control of the technology geeks of the Galaxy.

During this attack, Darth Revan had to face the leader of the Rakata Prime, who was known as the “Supreme One.” Darth Revan brutally defeated him in a 1v1 lightsaber duel with a show of the elegant Makashi lightsaber form.

After the leader’s defeat, Darth Revan’s army was victorious in taking over the planet’s resources, and it marked the moment when the technology of the Rakatan empire had fallen into the hands of the Sith.

After the battle, Darth Revan got a new Star Forge ship, which quickly became his most prized superweapon, after his lightsaber, obviously.

The Battle of Taris

The Battle of Taris was another crucial battle before the Jedi Civil War in which Darth Revan’s army fought the Jedi Exile to take over the planet Taris to expand their control.

During this confrontation, Darth Revan had to face many Jedis with his first sith lightsaber. Revan eventually won most of the fights with minimum damage, which isn’t surprising considering he was a master of both Shien and Soresu lightsaber forms.

But due to Darth Revan’s army’s lack of experience, they eventually lost to the Jedi Exile, Meetra Surik.  Although the planet was left devastated, with most of its topography destroyed, it was one of the cruelest displays of Raven’s lightsaber-wielding skills.

The Battle of Dantooine

Dantooine was a home planet to many Jedi Enclaves, the hidden Jedi academies, which Darth Revan took over at the start of his reign. Therefore, in the infamous Battle of Dantooine, the Republic Army attacked Darth Revan’s forces in an attempt to take back ownership of the planet.

During this attack, Darth Revan faced Bastilla Shan, a former Jedi Knight, with his iconic lightsaber. Although there is no clear proof of who emerged victorious, there is no denial of Darth Revan’s mastery of several lightsaber forms.

The Battle of Kashyyyk

The Battle of Kashyyyk was another essential milestone in which the Jedi Exile attacked Darth Revan’s army and took over control of the Wookiee planet.

During this event, the Sith army is first seen attacking the villages to take over Kashyyyk territories. Darth Revan’s lightsaber also played a significant part in defeating all the primary defenses on the planet before engaging his Ex-commander of the Republic Military.

At the end of this battle, Darth Revan had to face his once-loyal commander, Meetra Suri, in a lightsaber duel. And all KOTOR fans will agree with me that it was one of the hardest boss fights of the game.

Darth Revan’s Sith Lightsaber

darth revan lightsaber

History And Significance

When Darth Revan was first honored with the title of the Dark Lord of the Sith, he originally had the violet-colored lightsaber.

And despite being a rare color, it was still frowned upon as it reflected Revan’s connection to the light Side. Because of this, there was still a lot of tension between him and his army, resulting in frequent squabbles.

So, seeing this, Darth Revan eventually decided to make a new lightsaber, but this time with a red-colored crystal that better represented his status and ideals as the Sith Lord.

An important thing to remember is that unlike many Sith Lords, including Darth Vader, Darth Revan didn’t use a natural Kyber crystal in his Lightsabers hilt. Instead, he went for a synthetic red-colored crystal to get the crimson color blade.

This was because, unlike other Sith Lords, Revan’s mind and emotions still lay somewhere in between the Light and Dark Side.

Thus, he couldn’t have bled his hate into the Kyber crystal to make it red. This may also be why Darth Revan’s attack was so unpredictable, as any Force user couldn’t detect these synthetic crystals.

Darth Revan eventually lost this lightsaber during Darth Malak’s attack on the planet Taris.

Seeing the history of Darth Revan’s second Sith lightsaber further strengthens the fact that he remained a conflicted warrior throughout the series, and no one to this day knows if he ever fully accepted the ideals and beliefs of the Sith Order.


Darth Revan’s Sith Lightsaber


Referencing the Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic game, Darth Revan’s Sith lightsaber has a 28-centimeter-long hilt with an overall cylindrical shape. And while it is slightly longer than Darth Revan’s violet lightsaber, it is less bulky with a minimalistic design.

With only a single button in its control panel located at the center of the hilt, I have to say, this lightsaber seems like a mix of Master Qui-Gon’s lightsaber and Obi-Wan’s third lightsaber.

Revan’s red lightsaber resembles traditional lightsabers wielded by most Sith Lords. Regarding its build, the base of its grip has a distinctive curved design with a synthetical crystal inside, which gives it its crimson-colored blade.

This Sith lightsaber also has a smooth circular pommel with evenly placed ridges around its circumference for better grip. The middle of the hilt also has a raised surface that marks the start of the handgrip on the lightsaber.

And moving to the top, there is a bronze-colored area just underneath the blade’s emitter and guard, which contrasts nicely with the rest of the silver build. Not to mention, there are also intricate designs etched throughout the hilt serving as both grips and a form of elegance.

Major Fights


The Battle of Malachor V

The Battle of Malachor V was an important fight between the Jedi Order and the Sith Empire, which is one of the only fights that’s canon in the Star Wars universe.

This battle was set as a significant conflict in the Old Republic era in which Darth Revan and his army attempted to capture the hometown of Malachor V, which was where the superweapon of Malachor was kept.

During the battle, Darth Revan launched massive assaults on the planet and dueled many members of the so-called righteous Jedi Order, including Carth Onasi and Jolee Bindo. And let’s not forget that it was during this skirmish that Darth Revan had to engage the Jedi Exile in a nail-biting lightsaber duel, which he eventually lost.

The Battle of Korriban

“A warrior who doesn’t hope for battle has no hope during battle.” -Darth Revan.

The battle of Korriban was another arc in the Knights Of The Old Republic game, during which Meetra Surik had to defeat Darth Revan in a 1v1 lightsaber face-off to take back the planet Korriban.

The fight wasn’t much long as Darth Revan was immediately overpowered by the player due to the significant improvement in Surik’s powers.

This battle resulted in the defeat of Darth Revan’s army and the destruction of the Sith academy on the planet.

Duel with Malak

“Do you think Malak’s powers’ were weakened by Revan’s lightsaber?” -Darth Plagueis to Palpatine.

During the Jedi Civil War, as Darth Revan’s influence over the Sith Empire grew, his previous apprentice Darth Malak started to resent him and considered him a rival within the Sith Empire. And this resentment eventually resulted in a lightsaber duel between both.

It was a fierce fight, with both parties showing unimaginable levels of strength and skill. But ultimately, Darth Revan overpowered him by using his mastery over the Juyo form and even ended the face-off by slicing off Malak’s jaw.

After the battle, Darth Revan was successful in taking control of the Sith army, which also proved to be the decisive moment of the Jedi Civil War.

Duel with Bastila Shan

“Savior, conqueror, hero, villain. You are all things, Revan… and yet you are nothing. In the end, you belong to neither the light nor the darkness. You will forever stand alone.” -Darth Malak to Darth Revan.

In the Knights Of The Old Republic, it is revealed that during the end of the Jedi Civil War, Darth Revan had a lightsaber duel with Bastilla Shan when the latter attempted to capture him following the orders of the Jedi Council. It was a fierce battle as both Bastila and Darth Revan were experienced lightsaber-wielders.

Although at the outset of the fight, Revan is standing in his familiar Makashi form, Darth Revan has to move to Soresu when the droids join the action. Not to mention, Darth Revan can also be noticed using Jar’Kai, when he draws both sabers against Master Shan.

But this battle is cut short when Darth Malak steps in and betrays Revan by attacking him from the back, which results in the destruction of his greatest and most reliable companion, eventually leading to his capture by the Jedi Council.

Major Appearances of Darth Revan’s Lightsabers in Star Wars

  • Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
  • Knights of the Old Republic
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: Shadow of Revan

The Crux Of Darth Revan’s Lightsaber

Darth Revan’s Lightsaber

As a former Jedi and master of many fighting styles, Darth Revan was known throughout the series as one of the most fascinating Sith Lords to ever exist.

However, this glory of his remains incomplete without the mentioning of his lightsaber skills and technique; after all, not many Sith lords, or even great Jedis, had the capacity or caliber to master several forms of lightsaber combat.

At the start of his Sith days, Darth Revan was seen wielding a violet lightsaber, which became a clear reminder that he was a warrior of both the Dark and Light Sides.

But as his reign grew and his followers started questioning his unusual color blade, he constructed himself a red lightsaber that remained his primary weapon for years to come during the Jedi Civil War.

But eventually, he lost both lightsabers when his previous apprentice launched a surprise attack to defeat him and claim the title of Sith Lord for himself.

“You can’t lose a battle you never fight.” – Revan

Frequently Asked Questions






Question: What Were The Different Lightsaber Forms Darth Revan Used?

Answer: In the Star Wars Legends and the Knights Of The Old Republic, Darth Revan was known to be a skilled lightsaber-wielder who honed his lightsaber skills with great accuracy and speed. Some of the most common displays of lightsaber combats that can be observed in his story include:
Second Form: Also known as Makashi, for its precise, elegant, and efficient movements, it was used by Darth Revan in many of his lightsaber duels.
Third Form: This form focused on defense and tight movements, which Darth Revan used in battles where he faced multiple foes. This form was also known as Soresu.
Fourth Form: The fourth form, aka Ataru, was a famous form used by Darth Revan and was characterized by acrobatic maneuvers and powerful strikes. Darth Revan mainly used this form when fighting in open spaces.
Sixth Form: Throughout Darth Revan’s storyline, he faced many emotional conflicts, which led him to master the Juyo form, allowing him to express his random and unpredictable mindset.
Seventh Form: Formally known as Niman, this was a form that balanced all the previous forms and allowed Darth Revan to practice attack and defense simultaneously.
Jar’Kai: This is quite a rare form of wielding the lightsaber, as it was associated with wielding two sabers at once. Darth Revan used this form when using both his violet and red blade during battles.

Question: How Many Lightsabers Did Darth Revan Use Throughout The Series?

Answer: As Darth Revan first became a Sith Lord, he initially kept his blue lightsaber which he made himself during his Jedi training, but as it represented his connection to the Light Side, he didn’t wield it during his Sith Days.
However, this problem was resolved when his blue lightsaber turned violet after absorbing Darth Revan’s grief and rage. This violet lightsaber also represented his will as a soldier somewhere between the Light and the Dark Side.
He used this violet lightsaber throughout the series and even defeated his apprentice Darth Malak with this fascinating blade.
Moreover, during the same time, Darth Revan acquired another lightsaber with an entirely red blade to show off his true allegiance to the Dark Side of the Force. However, in the end, this red lightsaber was destroyed by Darth Malak when he launched a full-scale attack on Darth Revan.

Question: What Were The Difference Between Darth Revan’s And Darth Vader’s SIthLightsabers?

Answer: One of the most striking differences between their weapon was that both had very different hilts. Darth Revan’s Sith lightsaber looked like a mix of Master Qui-Gon and Kenobi, while Darth Vader’s lightsaber hilt was more rounded. Darth Revan’s lightsaber hilt was also relatively longer than Vader’s lightsaber hilt.
Another significant difference between their lightsabers was their functionality, as Darth Vader’s lightsaber had the option to change its blade’s size. In contrast, Darth Revan’s lightsaber had no such functionality.
According to other Star Wars sources, mostly Legends, both of their lightsaber crystals also had a huge difference in terms of their core element. Darth Vader’s lightsaber crystal was a natural Kyber crystal. On the other hand, Revan’s crystal was synthetic as he didn’t wholly believe in the Dark Side.

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