Star Wars Species & People Guide

“A friendly piece of advice; assume that I know everything.” Moff Gideon

I will be honest, even though I haven’t read all the 80+ novels, I have been on a Star Wars movies and series marathon since I was introduced to this masterpiece. And its influence on my life can be well understood in the words of my senior, who always tells me I sound like Master Yoda in the memos I prepare. So, believe me when I say I know (almost!) everything about this humungous universe.

The most intriguing part about the series was the countless species that just continued to pop out of nowhere. Is it just me, or do you also remember watching the Galactic Senate on Coruscant and wondering why every senator is uglier than the former (except for some breathtaking ones)? You’d think you know them all, and boom, here’s another one.

From tough-looking Yuuzhan Vongs to cute-but-dumb little Orlotons, from hideous-looking Trandoshans to the scariest Zillo beasts, Star Wars never ceased to amaze me with its species. So, this Star Wars species and people guide is a tribute to the lifeforms that makes this series so great. Considering the data I can upload before crashing the internet, I have jotted down the major species and their famous characters I believe you should definitely know about. And after all, not everyone is worth remembering, right?

Bottom Line Up Front

The Star Wars universe accommodates approximately 20 million species. And Humans, were the most common ones, obviously. A wide range of mammals, reptiles, aquatic species, and plant species could also be seen in the series. They were usually classified based on appearance, sentience, and capabilities.

If you ask me my favorite, I would say it’s a tie between Wookies and Gungans. They both are adorable, great friends, good warriors (almost), and speak a language not easily understood by any of us (“Whaten dey speaking?”). Plus, they are cute as well, in my eyes, at the very least.

Species That Played A Major Role In The Series

As I said, there are just too many Star Wars species to fit in one guide, even if they all have distinctive and interesting features. Since it is not possible to mention all of them, I have boiled them down to the top 22 species that every Padawan must know.

  • Ardennians
  • Chagrins
  • Clawdites
  • Dathomirian
  • Dug
  • Ewoks
  • Gungans
  • Humans
  • Hutts
  • Jawas
  • Kaminoan
  • Kel Dor
  • Muuns
  • Neimoidians
  • Rodians
  • Sullustans
  • Togruta
  • Toydarians
  • Trandoshans
  • Weequays
  • Wookiees
  • Yoda Specie


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The more the arms, the more weapons they can hold! Ardenians were alien-like species from the planet of Ardennia. And if you are a fan of Ben-10, you might call them Spider-monkey. They were short in size and had 4 arms and two legs that also looked like arms. They usually had blue and grey rough skin, bulgy black eyes, and a sense of humor you couldn’t match.

Rio Durant, the crime partner of Beckett and Val and the only famous Ardennian we know of,  stole the show in Solo: A Star Wars Story. His quick wit, pilot skills, and use of weaponry (and brain) made him one of the most lovable species in Star Wars.

Ardennians would never have made it to my list if it was not for Chio Fain, who had the “privilege” to face the mighty Darth Vader, but he sadly lost it. Well, not everyone could take down Darth Vader, but it still proves one thing; Ardnennians weren’t the ones anyone could intimidate.


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There were some Star Wars species I wanted to call good, but whenever I was about to develop a soft corner for them, something would pop up saying, nope, that’s not right! And such was the case with Chagrians.

With long trunks hanging down from both sides of their cunning skull, the most appeared Chagrians in the series were the politicians who would sell honor for a few credits. However, some of them were also honorable warriors who really knew what comradeship should look like. Their calm and collected nature and even sacrifice for the Rebel cause made them a favorite specie of many Star Wars fans. But if I have to weigh them against the long-term troubles they caused for the whole galaxy, I wouldn’t call them heroes.

These blue-looking plotters played a significant role in the downfall of the Republic and the inception of the New Empire; you surely hadn’t missed Mas Amedda whispering in Palpatine’s ears. And let’s not forget Darth Wyyrlof, one of the most terrifying Chagrian and a Sith lord during the Galactic Civil War.

Chagrians could live both underwater and on the ground without any difficulty, like Gungans, but a little better looking. The male Chagrians had two pointy horns on top of their head, wore long gowns, and had bright blue eyes. They had big bulky, and muscular bodies and were considered good fighters.


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I don’t know why George Lucas always planned to kill Princess Amidala. She was the one who kept me hooked on the show, but it seemed like someone was after Padme’s life all the time. And that was where I was introduced to Clawdites, the shapeshifting monsters who taught me that it’s not all about what it seems.

Despite being monstrously ugly, Clawdites had the power almost every one of us dreamt of; they could change appearance. But there was a catch, they could only change into humans/humanoids of their own size.

In their original forms, Clawdites were reptilians with average stature and grey/green scaled skin from the planet Zolan. They weren’t a tight-knit clan and did not even use to trust each other. Maybe they did not like their “beautiful” looks themselves.

Considering their specialty, they made for extraordinary bounty hunters and spies. Even Jango Fett, one of the best Bounty Hunter of his time, trusted a Clawdite, Zam Wessel, enough to do his dirty job. And let’s not forget Cato Parasitti, who almost got every Jedi youngling killed.


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The galaxy was never short of scary villains. And Dathomirians from the planet Dathomir were an example of that.

The male Dathomirian was red or yellow-skinned, with pointy spikes all over their head. The female had different skin colors, tattoos on their body, and, thankfully, no spikes.

Dathomirians were tall and slender, with athletic bodies. The females were called witches, Nightsisters, and were skilled with primitive weapons, like arrows, blades, and swords.

Dathomirians were revengeful, Force-Sensitive, tactical, and a tight-knit clan with a higher tendency to turn to Dark Side. Their specialty in using the Dark side of the Force was very efficient, an ability that served them a lot. The contradictory Clone Wars almost proved to be the end of this warrior specie; their survival skills made them stay in the picture.

Asajj Ventress was the most disliked Dathomirian female in the Star Wars universe. Although she was not always the “villain,”  tough times, slavery, outcasting, and betrayal made her turn toward the Dark Side.

Another infamous Dathomirian without whom this section would have been incomplete was Darth Maul. Albeit cut in half, literally, by Obi-Wan for killing Master Qui-Gon, Maul miraculously survived with half of his body, confirming the fact that Dathomirians were the toughest and most terrifying specie of the Star Wars universe.


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The notorious and “unbeatable” podracer on the planet Tattooine, Sebluba, was our first encounter with the Dugs. This weird species in the racing goggles could even scare Wesa warrior, Jar Jar Binks, but not the feisty Anakin.

The Dugs’ distinction was their four hands, or feet. Whatever they were, they used two of them to walk up straight. Dugs had a bony structure and almost looked like they would collapse at any moment. They hailed from the planet of Malastare and definitely weren’t the most honest species you’d come across.

When it comes to Dugs, I cannot forget the Clone Wars episode The Zillo Beast. Well, the introduction of Zillo beasts was one thing, but I almost believed Dugs weren’t actually that bad. The Dugs leader, Doge Urus, was a weird character. His negotiation skills seemed good initially. But when all of the Dugs went for a ruthless attempt to kill the last surviving Zillo beast, I became certain that these selfish, camel-faced, purple creatures were one of the most self-centered species that inhabit the galaxy.


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Well, short help is better than no help at all.” –Han Solo.

Can’t disagree with Solo on that!

Don’t judge a book by its cover, or you could say, don’t judge a Star Wars species by their looks. You might find these tiny little fuzzballs, reaching about one meter, cute, but if I am being honest, which I definitely am while writing this guide, their faces were pretty hideous to look at.

Still, they might be the jittery little things, as Princess Leia said, but they are anything but harmless. Ewoks were a warrior tribe from the moon of Endor. Their bodies might be tiny, but they could be the most fierce and ruthless enemy you’d face in a battle.

These spear-wielding creatures surely knew how to protect themselves, but they weren’t necessarily the evil ones. They helped Rebellion against the Galactic Empire, so it’s best to cut them some slack.

Although they weren’t a technology-oriented specie, used primitive war tactics, and mainly lived in jungles, they were some of the most resolute and intelligent species that Star Wars offered.


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“Gungans no dyin’ without a fight. Wesa warriors. Wesa got a grand army”. – Jar Jar Binks

Gungans, the underwater residents of planet Naboo, were sentient humanoids having an average life span of 65 years. They had tall stature, muscular legs, and small hands with protruded mouths, small eyes, and long-flexible tongues.

You can easily say they live underwater just by looking at them; those long flappy ears weren’t for nothing, after all. The first interaction of a Gungan, Jar Jar Binks, with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon almost made me think they were just another dumb-but-cute addition to the Star Wars species. But they proved to be anything but that. They were courageous beings who joined hands with the people of Naboo when their homeland was threatened. And let’s not forget, they were good with technology too.

And now, as we are discussing Gungans, it would be wrong not to say a few more words about Jar Jar Bings, who even became the representative of Naboo, although politics wasn’t his strong hand. Even if he represented the gawkiness of every Gungan, he really added colors to his specie by, somehow, always ending up saving the day.

Gungan’s language was their distinctive feature as well, and you can’t say you didn’t enjoy it. They were helpful, kind, and loved to make weird gurgling sounds, not to mention some even became Jedi Knights. All in all, they were the most likable creatures in the Star Wars universe.


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If this guide made it to readers in Outer Rim, my list would have remained incomplete without including the specie responsible for creating the most mess.

Humans were the most common and powerful specie in the galaxy, obviously. They were also believed to be the oldest surviving specie. And we could not have imagined Star Wars without them.

No matter what, humans always come out to be the winners. They won wars with the help of other species and created superior technology above and beyond one’s imagination.

For my alien readers, this bipedal specie reached an average height of 1.80 meters and offered a lot of variation in terms of their skin color. The origin of these Humans is disputed. Still, most of them were believed to be from Naboo and Coruscant, one of the most advanced planets with flying cars, floating buildings, and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Humans also became the greatest Jedi to ever exist. However, this Force-sensitive specie turned to the Dark Side and became the Sith Lords as well.

The heroes and the saviors like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon, Master Windu, Han Solo, and our Padme were all humans. Not to mention the worst of the villains were also humans, such as Chancellor Palpatine, Darth Vader, and Count Dooku.


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Known for running crime cartels and being one of the galaxy’s most notorious gangsters, Hutts were slug-like creatures from the planet Nal Hutta. They stank, made weird noises, were ruthless, and just not pleasant to look at. And they were found everywhere in the galaxy, unfortunately.

They were born criminals and power seekers who could even betray their families for something valuable. For instance, Ziro, a Hutt, almost got his grand-nephew, the only cute Hutt in my view, killed for power.

Hutts had wide mouths, short hands, humongous bodies, and an average life span of almost 900 years. The bigger the criminal, the longer he lives (no offense to Wookiees and Yoda). These Hutts enjoyed suffering, with a hell-like Sarlacc Pitt being their sight of amusement.

Jabba, one of the cruelest members of the galaxy, was the most infamous Hutt you’d come across. He cared about money and money only; pay the price, and he is on your side. But I have to be honest; I never believed Hutts could produce anything good before I saw Anakin rescuing Jabba’s stinky, yet cute, kidnapped baby.


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“I can’t abide those Jawas. Disgusting creatures.” -C-3P0

Well, his friend R2-D2 didn’t have a first good encounter with these tiny evil thieves, so Threepio’s hate is justified in my eyes. Covered in maroon robes from head-to-toe, with only tiny bright red eyes peeking through, this specie belonged to the desert planet of Tattooine. Nobody knew what lay under those robes, whether they were little humans, humanoids, or rodents. Their existence was questionable, just as their business was.

Jawas were tiny little mischievous species who weren’t very intelligent or trustworthy. They used to collect, or should I say steal, technology junk and sell it. They stayed away from locals on Tattooine and usually kept to themselves. And it’s hard to categorize them as good or bad, as they even stole from the infamous bounty hunter, Boba Fett.


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These Kaminoans keep to themselves.” ―Dexter Jettster.

Well, they surely did. Responsible for almost every war in Star Wars, Kaminoans were tall, lean, pale-skinned, small-headed, alien-looking sentient species residing on the aquatic planet of Kamino. With almond-shaped eyes and elongated necks, they were the masters of genetic engineering and clone formation. They supplied the Clone army to the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, and we all know how that went.

Kaminoans were not combatants, although a female Kina Ha became the Jedi Master. But she stayed away from the Jedi Temple for most of her life; they were tough, just not in the field.

They had an average life span of 80 years and lived on the planet located on the Outer Rim. You might be fascinated with the all-white interior of their above-ocean cities, but that’s not how it appeared to them. They had white pupils that allowed them to see colors beyond normal human vision. Pretty exciting, right?

And how can I not talk about Prime minister Lama Su, the Kaminoan who frequently appeared in the series? It was he who switched sides with Sith Lords during the Clone Wars to destroy the Jedi Order and became the reason why I started hating this specie.

Kel Dor

Image from Wiki Fandom

“When you ask for trouble, you should not be surprised when it finds you.” – Master Plo Koon.

If you are a fan of the Batman trilogy like me, you must have wished for the breather that Bane used to wear. Well, we might not get a hold of that mask, but Kel Dor surely did.

Kel Dor was a strong warrior clan from the planet Dorin. They were tall orange-skinned specie who covered their faces with a mask, however, not for the oxygen, but instead to prevent inhaling any. And now you know how Master Plo Koon survived outside his pod in the Clone Wars.

Kel Dors didn’t appear much in the Star Wars series, but legends described them as peace-loving creatures who were pretty Force-sensitive. Still, the reason to include Kel Dor in my list is because of Master Plo Koon, who is even considered the best Jedi to ever exist. A man of honor who brought three-year-old Ahsoka to the Jedi temple, held a strong position on the Jedi Council, motivated his subordinate to keep fighting for survival, and was ready to sacrifice himself to save his associates, conveyed us a message that there still were some wholesome species in the universe.


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If you have trouble managing your finances or want to clear off a debt, you might need to call a Muun. After all, they are founders of the Intergalactic Banking Clan.

These tall, slender, chalky white bankers with long fingers and even longer heads hailed from the planet Scipio. Muuns had “big brains,” literally, and always looked like they were calculating something in their heads. But that’s not it; they also had the biggest heart, or technically, more hearts. But before you start to develop any good feelings for them, let me tell you that those three hearts were not meant for emotions but to keep their body temperature normal.

Muuns were typically not the warrior kind but somehow the reason for every war that ever existed in the Star Wars. The infamous Sith Lord Darth Plagueis, who trained Darth Sidious to create all the mess, was also a Muun. Couldn’t have asked for a better surprise!


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If you watched Star Wars in chronological order, you might have said Eww within minutes into Episode-I. The noseless, ugly-looking green species in their fancy robes and headpieces that you saw were the Neimodians from the planet Neimoidia. Influenced easily by money and power and switching loyalties in the blink of an eye, they joined hands with Darth Sidious to occupy the peaceful Naboo, which didn’t end well, rather dragging them into the never-ending war. And even their loyalty to Dark Side didn’t serve them any good.

Owing to how they were raised on Neimodia, they became very manipulative and greedy. Neimoidians would easily trade honor if any powerful position was promised. Maybe that was the reason they were the leaders of the Trade Federation.

They weren’t the warrior kind and depended solely on technology to fight their wars. Unfortunately, being the leaders of the Trade Federation, they held an influential position in the galaxy and always exploited it to their benefit.

It does not matter how intelligent they thought of themselves; these coward Neimoidians were basically the pawns used in politics to get what the Sith Lord wanted.


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Another Star Wars specie that I believe was not stereotypical was Rodian. If you were looking for bounty hunters to do your dirty tasks, these Rodians were just the right option. And if you were looking for the most selfless person in the entire galaxy, there would not have been a better match than a Rodian either.

These big-round-eyed green-skinned reptilians were from the planet Rodia. They had pointy ears with two antennas on their head and were Force-sensitive. Another interesting fact was they had a vast diaspora spread across the universe and were almost as common as humans.

Rodians played various roles in the Star Wars universe. From bounty hunters like Greedo to the most innocent Jedi, Master Bolla Ropal, who was trusted with the Memory Crystal containing the data of the Force-sensitive infants, Rodians shared many characteristics with humans.


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If you want to get your Spaceship repaired or reach exactly where you want to go, you might need a Sullustan by your side. These brown sloppy-skinned with black-as-charcoal eyes and not-so-tall creatures hailed from the planet of Sullust. Except for their face, they resembled closely to humans, and I can’t say I wasn’t impressed by Nunb’s jacket.

These notorious arms dealers and pretty skilled pilots rose to fame during the Resistance movement. These innocent-looking beings might feel like some filler specie in the Star Wars universe, but if you ask me, Sullustans weren’t good for nothing. The Resistance and the destruction of the second Death Star definitely wouldn’t have been successful if it wasn’t for them.


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From planet Shili in the Expansion Region hailed multicolored white-striped sentient humanoids called Togruta. Their skin was usually orange and white, but green, red and yellow Togrutas also existed. They had huge skulls and two large montrals in the shape of honks sliding down the length of their waist. The women had longer montrals than men and usually used them for sensory purposes.

Togrutas had an average height, with a life span ranging from 90 to 100 years. They were skilled combatants and even had a full-fledged military to defend themselves.

The Togruta women were a force to reckon with. They were beautiful, smart, and intelligent warriors. They held high positions in the Galactic Republic, with two becoming the Jedi Masters and one even becoming the Supreme Chancellor.

And while discussing Togruta, how can I forget “Snips?” Ahsoka Tano, a snippy padawan of Anakin Skywalker, played a crucial role during the Clone Wars. This courageous and caring Togruta never failed to remind us that Torgutas could not be intimidated and were the warriors you could always count on.


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I’m a Toydarian. Mind tricks don’t work on me -Matto.

If I were to name the specie that I was wrong about for quite some time, it would be Toydarians. I always believed these greedy floating species from the planet Toydaria were anything but generous. With their large bellies, facial tusks, and pointy wings, they definitely weren’t among the most loved specie to inhabit the galaxy, even if they surely knew how to do business.

But watching the Clone Wars and seeing King Katuunko, the King of Toydarian Tribe, covertly helping the starving people of Twi’leks, I really started to respect Toydorains for the morals they stand for.

In my view, Toydorians played one of the most significant roles in the Star Wars universe. If it was not for Mattoo, the resident of Tatooine and a spaceship spare parts shop owner, we would never have been introduced to Anakin, and there would be no Darth Vader. I am sure you never thought about such a momentous role of these ugly creatures, have you?


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If there’s one person who gave me nightmares from the Star Wars series, it was Bossk, a Trandoshan.

Trandoshans, the hardened alligator-cum-snake looking reptilians, were one of the scariest and most feared species across the Star Wars Universe. With their yellow eyes and greenish-brown skin, they had an aura of terror only a few could match. Although they lived on the planet called Trandosha, which was filled with deep forests and jungles, they were found almost everywhere in the galaxy. What else do you expect from such ugly creatures?

Trandoshans really loved hunting, and they were surely made for it. Their hardened skin could heal faster, and nothing and no one could take them down in a fight. They had tall, muscular bodies, although some were short as well, with three-fingered pointy hands and feet. They were known for their hunting skills, rage, aggression, efficient use of advanced and conventional weaponry, and martial skills.

Bossk wasn’t the only infamous Trandoshan. Others, like Garnac, had their fair bit of fear and skills to display as well. But let’s not bad-mouth all of them; one of the Trandoshans, Sskeer, even became a Jedi Master.


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“…if one hostage is good, two are better. And three, well, that’s good business.” – Hondo Ohnaka.

Who could disagree with that? In the Outer Rims, pirates definitely had a crucial role to play. And who could make better pirates than these treacherous Weequays, who played dumb but still got the job done with flattery?

These tall, skinny, scaled bounty hunters were native to Sriluur. Considering they lived in deserts, their bodies were hardened to make them adaptive to the rough and hot weather. They were primarily involved in doing dirty jobs in the galaxy, be it kidnapping for ransom or intimidating poor and weak farmers for their so-called share. Money and survival floated their boat, and they couldn’t care less about anything else.

But I really appreciate their courage, or recklessness if you call it. Weequays did not even flinch while detaining Count Dooku, Anakin, and Oni-Wan at the same time, taking both Separatists and Republic head-on.


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I’m telling ya, you will never have a deeper sleep than curled up in a Wookie’s lap. – Rio Durant

Although I won’t disagree with Durant on this one, Wookies were more than a giant fuzzball covered in black and brown hair. They were tall, almost 2.23-2.54 meters in height, humanoids from the planet Kashyyyk. They spoke a language only a few could understand (thankfully, Han did) and possessed physical strength a few could match.

Trust me, you do not want to upset a Wookie. Well, you can if you want your arm displaced from its socket. Wookies were fierce in battle and one of the most robust specie to occupy the Star Wars universe. Also, they were among the species with the longest life span, ranging from 300 to 400 years.

Wookiees had claws that they used for “only climbing.” They were intelligent, skillful bow casters, shared a strong feeling of brotherhood and were always there for their fellow Wookies. And talking about the most beloved Wookie, Chewbacca, he went on a whole expedition with Han to save his enslaved fellows.

A true representative of Wookies, Chewie, the closest friend of Han Solo and a co-pilot of the Millenium Falcon, was the epitome of friendship, loyalty, and trust. He always reminded me that Wookies might have fleas and bugs in their fur, but they had a good heart that only a handful of species possessed.

Yoda Specie

Yoda Species
Image from Wiki Fandom

“When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good you will not.”- Master Yoda.

Well, he looked old, but you can’t say he didn’t look good for a 900-year-old tiny Master. Master Yoda has to be the best character to ever exist. It isn’t clear what specie he belonged to or where he came from, but one thing is sure, he was here for a long time.

Yoda’s specie had green, rough skin with sloppy, big eyes and big pointy ears. Their small stature was their identity, which was around 0.7 meters. But as Master Yoda said, Size matters not; their Jedi Skill could put anyone to shame; after all, you do not see most species with a mid-chlorian count of above 15000!

Apart from Jedi Skills, they were considered one of the wisest creatures. And that was why two of their species, Jedi Master Yaddle and Grand Master Yoda, served in the Jedi Council before the fall of the Jedi Order. And don’t forget Master Yoda even sensed the anger and tendency in Anakin to turn to the Dark side when he was still a kid.

And how can you expect me to forget our cutest Baby Yoda, Grogu? His love for fast rides, building great friendships, and effective use of Force made the Yoda’s specie one of the most beloved species among Star Wars fans.


Question: What Was The Most Common Species In The Star Wars Universe?

Answer: The answer is obvious; humans were the most common specie in the galaxy. They were found on most of the planets and were considered the most powerful beings with a wide range of physical and mental capabilities. They also made up some of the most powerful Jedis and Sith Lords as well.

Question: What Was The Oldest Living Specie In Star Wars?

Answer: The Yoda’s specie was believed to be one of the oldest living species in the Star Wars universe and had an average life span of 900 years. Two famous Jedi Masters, Yoda and Yaddle, served the Jedi Council for centuries.

Question: Which Star Wars Specie Became Extinct?

Answer: Considering the never-ending war that had always been there, a lot of species inevitably went extinct. Some of them include the Alderaan beach snail from planet Alderaan, Mantabog from Malastare, Marsune from planet Naboo, and Mythosaurs from Mandalore, among many others.

Final Thoughts

The universe of Star Wars is beyond comprehension. You can never say you know it all or have seen it all. And there’s always something waiting to surprise you.

Billions of species inhabit the Star Wars universe; some are pretty ugly, and some are scary. Some serve a purpose, and some are there just for the sake of being there. But one thing is for sure, they make the universe a much more fascinating space.

The species that top my list of favorites are Wookiees, Gungans, and obviously, Yoda’s specie. Their presence was always intriguing and meaningful. And they really introduced me to certain values I wished humans also had. Anyway, putting it short, the Star Wars universe never failed to amaze its fans with a variety of interesting creatures.

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