Darth Baras Guide – The Knight in Shining Armor of the Sith Order

Welcome back, fellow Star Wars aficionados! I am pretty sure you will agree with me that when it comes to the Star Wars franchise, it has introduced us to some of the most iconic and unforgettable villains in cinematic history. And, though less talked about, one such bad guy is Darth Baras, who makes it impossible to forget him for his impressive size, shining armor, remarkable mastery of the Force, and strategic brilliance that even secured a seat on the Dark Council.

So, in this Darth Baras guide, I will be taking you on a journey to uncover lord Baras’ life and legacy, while also exploring the vast network of his allies and enemies that make up his world and revealing what it really means to be a Sith Lord of his caliber.

darth baras
Image source: Star Wars Fandom Wiki

Bottom Lines Up Front

Darth Baras was a formidable figure who commanded respect and fear from his allies and enemies alike. He was depicted as a master manipulator and played a significant role in the Great Galactic War and the subsequent Cold War between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. He was also a strategic genius, as he seemed one step ahead of his adversaries.

Baras was a ruthless Sith, driven by an insatiable hunger for power and control. Furthermore, he was notorious for his cruel and sadistic nature, as he really enjoyed inflicting misery on others. His interrogations were also infamous, which allowed him to extract information from even the most defiant prisoners. Ultimately, his arrogance and overconfidence led him to his downfall at the hands of his very apprentice, the Wrath.

Key Information

  • Sith Name: Darth Baras
  • Other Names: Lord Baras
  • Home Planet: Unknown
  • Specie: Human
  • Birth: 3697 BBY
  • Death: 3640 BBY
  • First Appearance: Star Wars: The Old Republic (2011)

Major Appearances

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic (2011)
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic – Rise of the Hutt Cartel (2013)
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic – Shadow of Revan (2014)
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire (2015)
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Eternal Throne (2016)

Darth Baras Physical Appearance

darth baras appearance

Darth Baras was an imposing figure with a body that could be described as bulky and overweight and was covered by metallic armor adorned with complex designs. However, it is interesting to note that he had a thin and pale appearance before his rise to the Dark Council; after all, the Dark Side can change you in many ways.

As he delved deeper into the Dark Side, his body transformed radically, becoming broader and more muscular, which could be seen as a manifestation of the immense power he gained through his affiliation with the Sith Order. Not to mention, it is believed that the metal armor Darth Baras wore had a dual purpose, serving as both a means of protection and a symbol of his authority as a Sith Lord.

His skin also underwent unprecedented changes, almost turning grey, coupled with many facial freckles and dark spots. His eyes also displayed a red hue, further adding to his intimidating aura.

Darth Baras Power and Abilities

Darth Baras was known to possess an extensive array of Sith powers that made him a formidable opponent for his enemies. But among these, the most notable are mentioned below:

Sith Magic

Back in the days of the Old Republic, Darth Baras’ command over Sith Magic was unparalleled. He could perform various Dark Side rituals, making him a formidable adversary for the Jedi Order. During his prime, he could destroy entire cities without breaking a sweat; something that was quite evident from the history of the Old Republic.

Additionally, Baras was able to exert his will over the minds of his foes, compelling them to carry out his wishes without any second thought. This was an instrumental ability for Baras which allowed him to use many Jedi as pawns to shape his plans. Moreover, Darth Baras could obscure his Dark Side presence from other Force users, allowing him to manipulate the Force at his will.

Force Lighting and Choke

This formidable Sith Lord was also feared for his mastery of Force lightning and Force choke. With the Dark Side of the Force at his command, he could unleash bolts of lightning that caused destruction and chaos wherever they struck.

Additionally, he could use the Force to choke his enemies from afar, crushing their throats and taking their lives even if they were lightyears away. Though these powers were present in most of the great Sith lords, Darth Baras was among the very few Siths who utilized these powers to their full extent.

Expert Interrogator

In addition to his intimidating Force abilities, Darth Baras possessed a great talent for interrogation. He was an expert at extracting information from even the most loyal captives. And let’s not forget, he even took great pleasure in causing pain and suffering during his interrogation.

Being notorious for his sadistic tendencies, Darth Baras would push his victims to the brink of madness, using various forms of torture, and had a great success ratio in extracting the exact information that he wanted.

baras tortures grik sonosan
Baras tortures Grik Sonosan. Image source: Star Wars Fandom Wiki

Skilled in Lightsaber Combat

Darth Baras was also considered a master of lightsaber combat, which might be surprising considering his extra-wide stature. He displayed his mastery in various battles, including his intense face-off with fellow Sith Lord, Angral, as well as his confrontations with a Jedi Knight, Satele Shan.

Force Scream

Darth Baras’ unsettling arsenal of Force abilities also included the power to unleash a devastating Force Scream. With this power, he could create a shockwave of energy that would send his enemies flying. He particularly used it in close combat situations to gain a strategic advantage over his adversaries.

Darth Baras Personality – A Weird One at Best!

Maybe, the most surprising trait about Baras’ personality was his peaceful demeanor, which is not a trait commonly associated with those who have embraced the Dark Side. Even the Jedi Knight, Satele, confirmed this fact by sensing his level of calm during unfavorable circumstances. However, this calm demeanor was merely a facade, as Darth Baras was a manipulative individual who tried to sway many Jedi to the Dark Side, including Satele and Dar’Nala.

Darth Baras was also a loyal follower of his master Darth Vengean, but his thirst for absolute power led him to betray and kill him, an act that gave us a good idea about his true nature, which made him unstoppable unless his goals were achieved.

Additionally, Darth Baras was a pretty confident guy. He also possessed a sharp mind capable of devising quick strategies and making calculated decisions; after all, not every Sith could force the Galactic Republic to accept their demands by capturing Coruscant and using it as a bargaining chip.

However, his rationality was not limited to politics; he carefully processed every plan, ensuring that every move he made served his ultimate goal. This allowed him to give no second thought to abandoning his acquaintances after they were no longer useful to him.

Darth Baras Complete Story

Although Lord Baras was introduced in a webcomic series for the very first time, I will try to cover both the events of Star Wars: The Old Republic issues and the SWTOR game. However, before I get started, you should know that the aforementioned fan-favorite RPG focuses mostly on the later years of Lord Baras’ life, wherein he trains his new apprentice and uses him to further his scheme.

lord baras

Early Life

Regarding Darth Baras’ early life, many details are still unknown, and the truth regarding his birth and childhood is still as mysterious as his personality. But in The Old Republic: Threat of Peace issue, we are introduced to a version of Baras who is already part of the vast Sith Empire and, thanks to his skills and mastery of the Force, also stands as a high-ranking individual in the Sith council.

At that time, Baras had a relatively young and pale-looking figure which signified his weak involvement with the Dark Side. Be that as it may, after his brief face-off with a Jedi Knight, which was no more than a draw, Baras confronted his weakness and began to build a network filled with spies and pawns to infiltrate and start a war with the Jedi Order, a scheme that he was building with his master that even the Dark lord of the Sith of the time didn’t know about.

However, unfortunately, not long after this diplomatic mission, he met a defeat at the hands of Jedi Master, Nomen Karr, which nearly resulted in Baras’ death. Though he managed to escape his fall, a never-ending rivalry set off between the two that substantially impacted Baras’ life for the years to come.

Role in Sith Politics

Baras attracted quite some audience in the political sphere when he brokered a treaty between the Dark Council and the Jedi on Alderann, wherein he represented the Sith Empire, signifying his deep involvement in Sith politics.

But before the negotiations could be completed peacefully, the treaty was abruptly interrupted by the Supreme Chancellor Brooken, who warned the Jedi expedition of the Sith’s actual intent to attack Coruscant. This news sparked a sudden chaos in the meeting and Jedi Knight Satele suddenly struck at the Sith lord. Though Baras fend off the attack, he soon made the Jedi delegation realize that they were not in a bargaining position, leaving the Jedi with no choice but to sign the treaty on Sith terms.

Still, there was someone who wasn’t happy with the outcome of the treaty, Darth Angral, the Sith lord leading the attack on Coruscant, who cursed Baras for not holding the meeting any longer so he could have killed more Jedi on Coruscant.

Nevertheless, this pillage of Coruscant had a profound impact on the Galaxy; after all, the universe was not accustomed to witnessing a peace treaty between the Sith and the Jedi, and Darth Baras’ role in it further cemented his position as a central figure in the ongoing conflict between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic.

Another Battle Ensues

After successfully forcing the Jedi to sign the peace treaty on Alderaan, Baras was quickly sent on another mission to Korriban. After his arrival, an attempt was made at his life at Sith Temple. Though he survived the attack, Baras alleged that it was Darth Angral who was not only after his life but also wanted to start a war with the Republic against the Dark Council’s will.

In the meantime, Angral also became suspicious of Baras’ spy network and the clandestine activities it was conducting, which were anything but peace-keeping – something that was not in line with the Ideology of the Dark lord of the Sith. Therefore, Angral left to have a word with Baras.

Though their encounter was expected to wreak havoc as a result of powerful lightsaber blows from both sides, surprisingly, Baras talked some sense into his fellow Sith and told him that they have a common objective, i.e., to go to war with the Republic.

Shortly after, following Baras’ plan, both Sith lords went to Dantooine, where they came face to face with another Jedi Master, Dar’Nala, and her padawan, Satele Shan. And it was not long after that Baras started to convince Satele that her master was the true architect behind the attacks and was there to kill the Sith lords which was an utter violation of the peace treaty.

But despite Baras’ attempts to sway Shan – who Baras believed had a blood tie with the infamous Sith lord Darth Raven – she was not corrupted by the Dark Side. Be that as it may, though Shan stood her ground, her master, Dar’Nala, lost it and attacked one of her own team members when he did not follow her orders to take lord Angral’s life; however, she was not successful and lost her life instead.

In the end, to make his point that the Jedi, like Dar’Nala, were the real traitors who never wanted peace, Baras let Shan and his remaining team leave in peace.

darth baras's blue face

Rise of the Emperor’s Wrath

Darth Baras, under the supervision of his Master, Darth Vengean, never wasted a single minute placing hidden sleeper agents within the Republic to break its hierarchy from the inside.

Following the year 3644 BBY, Baras also sought out a new apprentice, for which he traveled to Korriban. Upon his arrival, his keen observational skills made it clear that there was something wrong with the Force. He discovered that an acolyte, the Warrior – later known as Emperor’s Wrath – had killed a Terentatek, a Force-sensitive-creature predator, in the tomb of Marka Ragnos.

Intrigued by his potential, Baras devised a series of trials to test the aspiring Sith’s strength and commitment to the Sith Code, which included killing Tremel, the Sith Overseer who brought the Warrior to Korriban, and collecting tablets from Tulak Hord’s Tomb. And as a final test, Baras sent the disciple to retrieve an ancient lightsaber from the tomb of a Sith alchemist.

To Baras’ wonder, despite the difficulty of the tasks, the acolyte emerged victorious and even managed to defeat Vemrin, another wannabe Sith lord and Warrior’s rival, who had disobeyed Baras’ orders. Therefore, seeing his success and commitment, Baras finally took this acolyte under his apprenticeship.

The Rise of a New Padawan

With his new apprentice by his side, Darth Baras began to take steps to secure his power and eliminate his enemies. He knew that the Republic and the Jedi Order were always watching and waiting for the opportunity to strike. Thus, when he received the news that a Republic agent held information that could compromise his network of spies, Baras sent his apprentice to bring that recently caught prisoner for interrogation.

Despite Baras’ best efforts, which involved striking this Republic soldier several times with Force Lightning, the agent proved too strong-willed to break – an experience that was new for the Master Breaker.

Baras knew that he needed to find a way to overcome the agent’s defenses, so he sent his apprentice to planet Dromund Kaas to recover a powerful Dark Side device called the Ravager, which he successfully did.

Baras finally made the agent speak the truth when he placed the Ravager on his forehead which slowly froze his brain. The prisoner, before passing away, revealed that Jedi Master, Nomen Karr, had found a new Padawan who could reveal the real identity of any individual and that she had already unveiled many of his spies.

Recruiting a New Sith to the Force

Baras knew he needed to act quickly to neutralize the threat posed by Karr’s Padawan. He dispatched his apprentice to draw the Padawan out by targeting the people close to her, which proved to be a successful trick. While Baras initially planned to kill her, his apprentice suggested turning her to the Dark Side and using her power to their benefit. Although Baras was a little skeptical of seducing this Jedi to the Dark Side, he ended up taking the risk.

While Darth Baras was after the Padawan, Karr challenged Baras to a duel, which he did not pay any heed to; after all, he was no fool to take any chances to compromise his mission. On the contrary, he sent his apprentice to defeat Karr and seduce the Padawan to the Dark Side.

Execution of Plan Zero

Another important phase in Darth Baras’ life was his execution of Plan Zero, which comprised a series of elaborate killings in the ranks of the Republic. The first target was General Karastace Gonn, who had been one of the biggest impediments to the Empire’s rule. Baras sent his favorite apprentice after the General, who was successful in bringing down this revered Republic General. After this mission, Baras sought Darth Vengean’s approval to carry on with what they started.

The next target was a group of the Republic’s top military leadership stationed on the planet Taris of the Outer Rim territories. These key figures were in the process of developing a new power source for the upcoming war when the Emperor’s Wrath attacked them and got rid of them once and for all.

The last target of the plan included silencing Jedi Knight, Xerender, who was on his way to planet Hoth of the Outer Rim territories to rescue his master Jedi Master Wyellett – the Jedi who stole Bara’s Sith lightsaber in the Great Galactic War.

After ascertaining Xerender’s movements, with the help of an Imperial Commander, Lanklyn, Emperor’s Wrath called upon the emotional get-together of the padawan and his master. However, unlucky for them, Darth Baras’ apprentice put an end to their life after burying them under a load of ice.

Although Plan Zero was apparently completed, Baras still had one trick up his sleeve. He tasked his apprentice to rescue lord Draahg from his own master, lord Vengean, and bring the life of his master to an end.

darth vengean plan zero

Manipulating the Sith Empire

After the death of his master, lord Vengean, Darth Baras achieved a powerful position in the Galaxy when he was offered a seat in the Dark Council, but it was not enough for him. With the Emperor’s physical existence unknown to many, the Emperor talked through a Sith lord, Voice of the Emperor, and Baras wanted to be that the Voice.

After detaining the Voice, Baras pronounced to be the new Voice of the Emperor, manipulating the Dark Council to follow his every command. Though many Sith lords acquiesced to this new Voice, lord Vowran openly defied Baras as the Voice.

The Betrayal Begins

At this stage, Baras had two major problems: lord Vowran, who was a constant thorn in his side, and the Warrior, who was getting more powerful with every passing day. To bring them down, Baras sent many assains after them, which even included lord Draahg. However, at the end of the day, it was these rivals who emerged victorious.

Moreover, after realizing the fact that Baras could never be trusted again, they teamed up and went after one of the greatest power sources of lord Baras, the Entity, who had enhanced Baras’ Sith magic to a great deal and was also a tool for his future visions.

The Final Showdown

After the recent betrayals, Baras had no other choice but to confront the Dark Council on Korriban in order to make his claim official as the Emperor’s Voice; however, his former apprentice and Darth Vowraan also arrived there to never let that happen.

The Warrior alleged that lord Baras had been scheming all along and was the real enemy of the Empire, and his claim to being the Voice was nothing more than a bunch of lies. On the other hand, Baras asserted that the Warrior was an imposter, and that’s why he kicked him out of his apprenticeship. Baras also attempted to convince the Council that Vowrawn was seeking power and that the Emperor had asked him to destroy the so-called Emperor’s Wrath.

While the Council was still perplexed that who they should listen to, the Emperor’s Wrath incited Darth Baras to duel him and decide it once and for all. And lord Baras with all eyes on him, accepted the challenge.

During this fierce single combat, Darth Baras not only showed great feats of lightsaber combat but also used Force-lightning against the Emperor’s Warth. But to his dismay, all of his attacks were fended off, and in the end, his powers completely drained out.

Being unable to make sense of what had happened to him, Baras called many Sith lords out to bring Emperor Wrath down, but everyone had known by then that who was the imposter. And then in a swift move, the Warrior put his lightsaber through Darth Baras’ body, bringing an end to the never-ending history of lies.

darth baras's defeat

Darth Baras’ Famous Words

  • “Mind your tongue, or I will cut it out!”
  • “I will never relent! You will all succumb to me!”
  • “You think you’ve won? You think you can silence the Emperor’s true Voice? Deliver the death blow, then. From beyond darkness, I shall strike at you! Someday, vengeance will be mine!”
  • “With all due respect, my ambitions go no further than my current role.”
  • “From beyond darkness, I shall strike at you! Someday, vengeance will be mine!”

My Take on Darth Baras’ Life

All in all, Darth Baras was a fearsome figure, both physically and intellectually. And his imposing size matched his mastery of the Force and strategic brilliance. His manipulative skills were unparalleled, which he often used to control those around him.

Moreover, Darth Baras was obsessed with gaining power and domination, which fueled his ambition to overthrow his peers in the Dark Council and assume command of the Sith Empire. He even took on an apprentice, the Wrath, and trained him to be a powerful tool in his bid for supremacy. However, this didn’t go as planned, as his arrogance and overconfidence blinded him, ultimately leading to his downfall.

In the end, I would say that Darth Baras’ legacy is a cautionary tale for all those who seek to control others for their own gain. And his story is a constant reminder that a lie has no legs and even the most skilled and cunning individuals can be brought down by their own ambitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who Was Darth Baras’ Sister?

Answer: Darth Baras’ sister was named Darth Ekkage, who, much like her brother, was also a Sith lord; however, unlike her brother, she had more of a human appearance.
Overall, Darth Ekkage was a formidable Sith Lord, renowned for her exceptional control over the Force – telekinesis and mind manipulation specifically – and her combat prowess. Moreover, Ekkage’s meteoric rise through the ranks of the Sith Order led her to become a member of the Dark Council. Still, the origins of her journey to becoming a Sith Lord remain unclear, although it is widely believed that she received her training on Korriban.

Question: Why Did Darth Baras Not Kill Jedi Knight Satele Shan?

Answer: When Darth Baras and Angral were almost pinned down by the Jedi group on Dantooine, Jedi Master Dar’Nala asked her team member to kill Darth Angral, to which he did not listen. This led the Jedi master to lose her head and attack her own team member with her lightsaber. Watching her master going crazy, Satele Shan had to step in to fend off her attacks.
In the meantime, lord Baras tried his best to bring Satele to the Dark Side of the force, which could not happen. However, when Dar’Nala was killed by one of her own and the Sith lords got back on their feet, Darth Baras let the Jedi Knight escape believing that she was the descendant of the infamous Sith lord, Darth Raven, and had a great affinity for the Dark Side of the Force.
Moreover, Baras was also under the impression that Satele had seen the Jedi treachery and might leave the Jedi Order in the near future.

Question: How Did Darth Baras Die?

Answer: When Darth Baras confronted the Wrath in single combat in front of the Dark Council to prove that he was the real Voice, he was overcome by his former apprentice.
This fight proved very tedious for him and he was left with no powers at the end of the face-off. Still, trying hard to accept his defeat, when lord Baras called out to other Sith lords for help, no one stepped in, and Emperor’s Wrath shoved his lightsaber through Baras’ body, putting a quick end to his life.

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