Darth Vitiate Guide – Uncovering the Secrets of the Eternal Sith Emperor

“You are mine. Servants. Slaves. Weapons. And you will obey….” Darth Vitiate.

While these words were meant for the Jedi Strike team, they will give you a good idea of what to expect from an immortal Sith Lord. So, my fellow padawans and young apprentices of the Dark Side of the Force, if you are ready to get close to one of the baddest villains in the Galaxy, allow me to introduce the Eternal Sith Lord, Darth Vitiate.

Simply put, this guy was no joke. With an attitude that commanded attention and an unstoppable drive for power, it’s no wonder he’s earned such a massive following and respect among Star Wars fans, including yours truly.

In this Darth Vitiate guide, I’ll take you through Vitiate’s journey, from his early days as Tenebrae to his reign as the Emperor of the Sith Empire. I will also dive into his depiction in the Star Wars universe and explore the events that shaped him into one of the most merciless leaders to exist in the Star Wars franchise.

So, if you want to uncover the mysteries of one of the most captivating characters in the Star Wars universe, here is your chance.

darth vitiate

Bottom Line Up Front

Darth Vitiate, also known as Tenebrae, is one of the most formidable and mysterious Sith Lords in the Star Wars universe. He is characterized by his insatiable desire for power, ruthless ambitions, and lack of empathy for others, including his own children.

From his early days as a lowly Sith Lord to his ultimate rise as the Emperor of the Sith Empire, there is no end to his vast story. Not to mention, his complex actions and supernatural beliefs significantly impacted the Galaxy and its future. All in all, his legacy is filled with fear, manipulation, and domination, which even leaves many questioning his true motives and ultimate goal.

Darth Vitiate Quick Facts: The Essentials of the Emperor’s Story

Sith Name:

  • Darth Vitiate
  • Valkorion

Birth Name: Tenebrae

Home Planet: Medriaas

Specie: Sith Pureblood

Born: 5113 BBY

Died: 3630 BBY


  • Senya Tirall (wife)
  • Vaylin (daughter)
  • Thexan (son)
  • Arcann (son)

Major Appearances:

  • The Old Republic: Revan
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  • The Old Republic, Blood of the Empire Act 1: Shades of the Sith

Darth Vitiate Physical Appearance – Exploring the Visage of This Sith


Darth Vitiate, a Sith Pureblood born on the planet Medriaas, was easily recognizable for his red-skinned complexion. In his youth, he stood tall with a slender build and long dark red hair. Not to mention, Vitiate also had glowing red eyes, an expression of his mysterious personality.

In his early years, Vitiate had long dark hair with pointy ears and multiple tentacles hanging from his face. During this time, he was often seen shirtless with purple wrist-sleeves and a dark cloth around his waist.

As he grew older, he became much more muscular and adorned himself with golden artifacts, including a headpiece around his face, golden sleeves on his wrists and triceps, and also a golden robe around his waist. Each piece was also etched with intricate and elegant designs to reflect his status as the ruler of Tenebrae.

But as Darth Vitiate started to delve deeper into the Dark Side of the Force, his physical appearance underwent significant changes. He became increasingly gaunt and emaciated, with deep wrinkles building up on his face. His eyes also deepened in color, and several tattoos and marking also started to develop all around his body, signifying his more profound connection to the Dark Side.

The Complexities of Vitiate’s Personality

Darth Vitiate was a ruthless Sith consumed by his undying lust for power. He lived his life with a single goal, i.e., to become the most dominating being in the Galaxy. And it would not be wrong to say that this relentless pursuit of dominance led him to achieve his most significant accomplishments, including committing some greatest atrocities as well.

One of the best examples of his lust for power is demonstrated by a Sith ritual he performed, during which he nearly wiped all the Siths in the galaxy. Vitiate didn’t think twice about sacrificing the life force of his entire species, nor was he deterred by the cost or the consequences. And I wouldn’t be lying if I said nothing mattered when he was up to something.

During his life, Darth Vitiate was also portrayed as a conqueror and a megalomaniac. After all, he wasn’t satisfied with ruling over a few planets or systems; he wanted to subjugate entire worlds and civilizations to further expand his empire. But despite his irrational desires, he was a good strategist. He would often wait and plan out each move for centuries to ensure his victory, which is a significant reason for his exceptionally prolonged rule.

Moreover, he was also a master manipulator. Well, manipulating one’s own son into killing his brother is a feat not even the evilest father could pull off. And let’s not forget, Vitiate also had a knack for knowledge. He would often dabble in forbidden Dark Side knowledge, even going as far as making deals with Dark Side entities.

Darth Vitiate Powers and Abilities

Darth Vitiate was a formidable Sith Lord whose power and abilities made him one of the most feared individuals in the Star Wars franchise. Some of these skills and abilities are mentioned below.

tenebrae master to all siths

Force Strength

Even as a young child, Vitiate possessed great Force strength, partly thanks to him sharing the same bloodline as Lord Dramath. And getting older, this immense strength continued to grow even more. By six, he was already powerful enough to overpower his stepfather by breaking his neck with just his Force.

But his show of power didn’t stop there; after killing his mother, he began executing the neighboring villages while feeding on their grief and fear. By age ten, he was powerful enough to challenge and beat his birth father, who also happened to be a Sith Pureblood. Not the mention, he was only thirteen when his strength was recognized by the Sith Emperor of the time, Marka Ragnos.

Amazing Defense

Alongside his incredible strength, Vitiate was also a pro as far as his defensive stats are concerned. He could whip up serious Force barriers, quickly blocking T3-M4’s flamethrower and deflecting his son’s, Arcann’s, Force lightning-based attack. He could even create a Force bubble around him when he required extra protection from incoming Force assaults.

Sith Sorcerer

Being a Sith, Darth Vitiate, unlike me, had a craze for knowledge, especially when it came to the Dark Side and Sith Alchemy. His skills in both fields were unparalleled, and he used his prowess on the Dark Side to develop new Sith rituals, which were practiced by many Siths to come.

One such worth-mentioning ritual includes his sucking the life force of almost every Sith and lifeform present on Planet Nathema and absorbing it to extend his own life force, even to the extent that he almost became immortal.

Mind Control

Thanks to Darth Vitiate’s mastery over the Dark Side, he also got the ability to manifest and dominate the minds of others, bending them to his will. He showcased his power on some of the most stubborn individuals in the galaxy, including Revan and Malak, by influencing them to join the Dark Side of the Force. His mind control was so strong that he could even influence thousands of Sith Lords’ minds at a time, forcing them to participate in his deadly ritual.

Transfer Essence

Darth Vitiate’s constant experimentation took a toll on his body, but to counter this, he had a solution up his sleeve: Transfer Essence. Using this technique, he can transfer his soul and consciousness from one body to another, allowing him to seemingly live forever, something you might have observed in the case of Darth Momin.

As an extension of this power, he could also imbue parts of his consciousness into infants, which he did to form his own army of mind-controlled assassins. These children were entirely loyal to Vitiate, with suppressed personalities and powers making them the perfect sleeper agents.

Force Ghost

This was another badass technique the Emperor had mastered through his extensive knowledge of the Dark Side. Using his Sith magic, he could create multiple physical bodies of himself during battle. He was most prominently seen using it while battling the hero of Tython. Using the same technique, he could also transfer his soul to other beings around the Galaxy, using them for his bidding.

Force Lighting

Darth Vitiate was also a prodigy when it came to Force lightning. Firing bolts of energy, aka Force lightning, and creating massive lightning storms all by himself were feats mundane to him. And let’s not forget his Force lighting attacks were so powerful that he could easily break Revan’s defense and seriously hurt him in the process.

Darth Vitiate Complete Story

darth vitiate story

Here is a complete walkthrough of Darth Vitiate’s entire life, from his early childhood to his reign as the supreme Emperor of the Dark Side

Fierce Childhood

Vitiate, aka Tenebrae, had a rough childhood, to say the least. At six years old, he discovered that his birth father was the ruler of his home planet, Medriaas. This news made him so angry that he killed both his stepfather and real mother for hiding his identity and truth from him.

But that was just the start of Vitiates path to the Dark Side. After he was done with his parents, he ushered in taking over his home planet, and by age ten, he had control over several towns and trade routes.

However, these feats didn’t go unnoticed, and he soon faced the ruler of the planet, Lord Drammath. But luckily, Vitiate was too powerful, and he easily overpowered Drammath. After this showdown, the ten-year-old Vitiate claimed his fathers throne as the new ruler of Medriaas.

After some time, his remarkable feats caught the attention of the current Sith Lord, Marka Ragnos, who invited him to Korriban. Ragnos witnessing Vitiates power and potential gave him the title of Darth, also changing his name from Tenebrae to Vitiate.

Ultimate Goal

After getting back from Korriban, Darth Vitiate really started to focus on his personal goals. He changed the name of his home planet to Nathema and became a bit of a hermit, really diving into the Dark Side and figuring out all its secrets. And fortunately, or unfortunately, he did come up with something big.

Fast forward a hundred years; the death of Marka Ragnos has all the other Siths in an uproar, fighting over who gets to rule the Galaxy. But Vitiate wasn’t interested in all that fuss. Instead, he kept himself busy perfecting his master plan.

And then the Great Hyperspace War broke out, and all the other Siths were getting their butt kicked by the Jedi. But not Vitiate. He saw this as the perfect opportunity to make his move, and sent out a message to all the surviving Siths, promising them revenge and inviting them to Nathema for a great ritual.

But little did they know, Vitiate was using them. He manipulated them into participating in a ritual that would grant them immense power, while in reality, it just absorbed all their life force and made Vitiate even stronger.

Rebuilding the Sith Empire

With no Sith in his way, after his horrific ritual, Darth Vitiate headed to Ziost, where he assumed the role of the new Emperor of the Sith. During the next century, Vitiate began rebuilding the Dark Empire in absolute darkness claiming many worlds and planets to advance his influence in the universe and to prepare for the eventual battle with the Jedi.

But let’s not forget, this guy had bigger Mon Calamaris to fry. He wanted to be the ultimate symbol of power in the whole Galaxy. And he knew that even though he was immortal, the Force could still find ways to defeat him. That’s why he had a master plan to consume the universe and gain even more power.

However, before he could finalize his plan, he had to think about saving his body from all the possible dangers. So, he studied the Dark Side to transfer his essence into different bodies. After acquiring a new body, he moved most part of his soul into his original body and hid it in a remote part of the universe, just in case.

valkorion speaking to vaylin

Getting Mixed Up with Revan

When Vitiate was done securing his real body, he ushered in the dominance of the rest of the Galaxy, and in the act of absolute genius, he persuaded the ruler of Mandalore to wage war against the Republic. However, with Jedi Revan and Malak defeating Mandalore, it didn’t go as he had planned.

Still, Darth Vitiate didn’t let this narrow defeat stop him from his ultimate goal. He used an undercover agent to lure the Jedis to Dromund Kaas, where he was waiting in the shadows. Upon having these powerful Jedis in his reach, he used his mind control to twist their minds, forcing them to attack the Republic with the powerful Rakatan Star Forge.

But let’s not forget that we are talking about Revan and Malak. When Vitiate thought that he was about to subjugate them, he lost control of both Revan and Malak. Although Darth Vitiate had to witness his plan going down the drain, someone had to be the scapegoat. This time it happened to be his Dark Council members, as he suspected them of plotting against him.

The Jedi-Sith story doesn’t end there; little did Vitiate know Revan was coming for him. Some time after their face-off, Revan showed up at Vitiate’s throne room with a few allies in tow who were ready for a showdown. The two of them engaged in a fierce duel, with Revan even pushing Vitiate back a few times.

Still, in the end, Vitiate was too powerful to be overcome, and Revan was finally defeated. However, instead of doing away with Revan, Vitiate took him captive and started experimenting on him to uncover the secrets of the Light Side. As they say, keep your friends close and enemies closer.

Advancing for War

During his struggle, Vitiate took control of a handsome guy named Valkorion on a planet called Zakuul and started his secret empire called The Eternal Empire. He posed as the Immortal Emperor and even started a family with Senya Tirall and had three kids, one of his other eccentric experiments.

In 3681 BBY, Vitiate ordered to make his presence known to the rest of the Galaxy and started taking over Korriban, spreading his rule to the Outer Rim. This time he had the help of the Dreadmasters, a group of human Sith Lords who loved fear, madness, and depravity.

To have direct control over his Empire, Vitiate started planting Dark Side seeds in newborns around the Galaxy, who were to be used as his sleeper agents. During all this, the war with the Republic was at a stalemate, but Vitiate didn’t care; he was feeding off the death and chaos of the war and becoming stronger every day. And unexpectedly, after 28 years of feeding, he decided to end the war and brokered a peace treaty with the Republic, which he actually forced on Jedis by attacking their temples.

Even though the peace treaty was signed, the battles between the Sith and the Republic raged on. But the Emperor Valkorion, or Vitiate, as you may know, kept a low profile. At one point, a Jedi Hero named Tython tried to stop Vitiate by reasoning with him in his fortress on Dromund Kaas. But the Emperor wasn’t having it and quickly overpowered him and forced him to retreat.

The Return of Revan

After his prolonged battle with Jedis, Vitiate was left drained, so he transferred his essence into a new host on Yavin IV and rested in his old temple. On the other hand, the Jedi thought they had finally taken him down and threw a big ol’ Jedi-party to celebrate. But little did they know, this gave Vitiate the peace and quiet he needed to focus on his plans.

Meanwhile, one guy wasn’t ready to let Vitiate go – Revan. Even after the Sith Army took down Revan and he turned to the Dark Side, this new Sith lord was still obsessed with putting an end to Vitiate. Revan, now Darth Revan, started building his own army to force him out of hiding. However, Revan’s plan failed when the Republic and Imperial troops teamed up and defeated him in the Revanite war.

But who knew all this fighting would prove a giant energy boost for Vitiate? The dormant Emperor woke up from his nap after soaking up all the fallen souls from the war, and Revan finally had his ultimate prey out in the open.

revan vs vitiate

The Revival of Darth Vitiate

After Vitiate’s revival, he immediately moved his essence to Ziost, controlling several thousand people and forcing them to wreak havoc on the planet. When Darth Vitiate had gathered a sufficient number of people on Ziost, he once again performed the gruesome ritual to absorb the life force of every living being to become an even stronger Valkorion.

As Valkorion, Vitiate started rebuilding Nathema, the planet that housed his top-secret technology and his personal vault. During the same time, Darth Vitiate also sent his two sons to raid the Republic empire, and just like their father, the two wrecked absolute havoc on every planet they set their feet on.

Still, being a terrible father, Vitiate ruthlessly denied their achievements and considered their brotherly bond a weakness. At this moment, one of his sons, Arcann, blinded by his father’s hatred, charged Darth Valkorion with his lightsaber but accidentally killed his brother instead.

The Rise of a New Power

Now, the story takes another twist, and we see the uprising of another cruel Dark entity, the son of Vitiate, Arcann. But without going deeper into his son’s arc, let me just focus on how it impacted Darth Vitiate’s life.

To put an end to the uprising power, Darth Vitiate offered to help the Outlander, commander of the Eternal Alliance, to defeat his son Arcann. However, the tables turned, and following a betrayal, Vitiate physical body was destroyed. But lucky him, his essence successfully transferred into the Outlander, and he survived again.

The Emperor’s Final Act

After its consumption, the Outlander’s body was stuck in stasis for five years. Be that as it may, Vitiate finally revealed his existence to the Outlander and started to groom him to put an end to what he started. Consequently, he allowed the Outlander to use his powers and even defeat Arcann, who had taken over the Empire. However, the Galaxy had enough of him, and Vitiate’s plan to move his essence to a new body and take over the throne proved to be the final nail in the coffin.

Before Vitiate could reclaim his throne, he was stopped by the enigma of the Holocron, which the Outlander got from Nathema. And at last, owing to its power, the Outlander was finally able to destroy Vitiate’s essence, putting an end to his evil reign for good.

final death of vitiate

Darth Vitiate Famous Quotes

“The future is not a river to carry us. It is the ocean in which we drown if we are not prepared.”

“My life spans millennia. Legions have risen to test me… My ascendance is inevitable. “

“A man can have anything if he is willing to sacrifice.”

“There is no death; there is only the force- and I am its master.”

“I hold the patience of stone and the will of stars.”

Darth Vitiate: The Dark Lord’s Legacy

It’s not that easy to precisely abridge the story of Darth Vitiate. Still, in a nutshell, Darth Vitiate, aka The Eternal Emperor or Tenebrae or Valkorion, was an absolute powerhouse and one of the most intimidating Sith Lords that ever lived in the history of Star Wars.

With centuries of experience, he was a master of the Dark Side and even gained immortality through crazy rituals that were beyond the approach of any other Sith Lord of his time. He also had several Force-based abilities, including Force Ghost, mind control, Force lighting, and many more, making him a formidable Sith lord of the Star Wars universe.

I would also argue that his strength, tyranny, and lust for knowledge and power further make him one of the most intriguing characters of Star Wars. Not to mention, although being a Legend, his legacy is still a substantial part of Star Wars’ expanded history, making him someone worth learning about.

the powerful darth vitiate

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Darth Vitiate Really Immortal?

Answer: Darth Vitiate is indeed considered immortal in the Star Wars universe. He achieved immortality through a ritual that consumed the life force of almost all the Sith present on planet Nathema. The Knights Of The Old Republic describes this ritual as the “great ritual,” which made him one of the most long-reigning Siths in the Galaxy.
The Star Wars Legends also establishes that Vitiate is able to maintain his youth and vitality for centuries, for which a lot of credit can be given to his ability to transfer his essence into new bodies. Not to mention, he is also seen surviving and regenerating from injuries that would otherwise be fatal to other Siths.

Question: Question: Is Darth Vitiate Stronger Than Darth Sidious?

Answer: In Star Wars Legends, Darth Vitiate is considered one of the most powerful Sith Lords in the Galaxy, and some accounts even make him stronger than Emperor Palpatine.
Vitaite strength comes from his immense connection to the Dark Side of the Force, which he has honed over centuries. He also gains tremendous power by performing rituals through which he can absorb the life force or transfer his essence to new bodies.
Emperor Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious, on the other hand, also displays a solid connection to the Dark Side. And he possesses almost the same powers as of Vitiate, for instance, telekinesis, mind control, Force-lightning, etc. When it comes to immortality and transferring essence, though it was believed that Sidious learned the secret of immortality from his master Darth Plagueis and could even transfer his body, he is not able to efficiently use these powers on his own.
So, it would not be wrong to suggest that Darth Vitiate is more powerful than Darth Sidious.

Question: How Did Darth Vitiate Die?

Answer: In the Knights Of The Old Republic game, Darth Vitiate was defeated by one of the game’s main characters, the Outlander. The Outlander fought with Darth Vitiate in a final battle on planet Voss, where Vitiate’s stronghold was located. The Outlander was able to defeat him with the help of Lord Drammath, who informed him about the Holocron, which was Vitiate’s only weakness.

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