Darth Momin Guide – Decoding the World of this Unusual Sith

“I am my masterpiece.”  – Darth Momin

Reading this quote, it is evident that Darth Momin, or as he likes to say, Lord Momin, is a character who thrives on art and considers himself one of his most prized creations. But these traits alone don’t even come close to describing the intricate folds and twists that shape him into one of the most feared and dangerous Sith Lords to ever exist.

Going through the Star Wars Universe, I can confidently say that this series is shaped and molded with several fascinating and unusual concepts that elevate its worth not only among Star Wars fans but also among Sci-fi enthusiasts.

And one such concept happens to be its hierarchy of power which, throughout the years, is challenged repeatedly by Sith Lords in an attempt to take over the Universe.

One such character was Darth Momin, who, for his weird ideals and love for the Dark Side, proved to be one of the most fascinating Siths of them all.

But what did Darth Momin do that made him such a feared foe and made him so eccentric amongst the rest? Don’t worry; all that will be answered in this Darth Momin guide, along with some critical details that define his personality.

Bottom Lines Up Front: The Nitty-Gritty of the Idiosyncratic Sith Lord

Darth Momin is a powerful and enigmatic character that has reigned as one of the oldest yet most feared Sith Lords during the days of the Old Republic. He is famous for his special connection to the Dark Side, which granted him knowledge beyond many Siths, including Darth Vader.

Along with that, he also has exceptional talent in the Dark Side of the Force, including his ability to design and create intricate and powerful Force constructs. Unfortunately, his story was cut short, and his goal to truly unite with Dark Side was left imperfect.

Darth Momin Key Information: Unlocking His Secrets

  • Name: Darth Momin
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Sculptor, Sith Lord
  • Related Characters: Darth Shaa, Darth Vader, Acolytes
  • First Appearance: Darth Vader (2017) comic issue #22
  • All Major Appearances:
    • Darth Vader (2017) comic issue #22
    • Darth Vader (2017) comic issue #23
    • Darth Vader (2017) comic issue #24
    • Crimson Reign 4
    • Revelations 1

Darth Momin Physical Appearance: Unveiling the Enigmatic Armor

star wars darth momin

As Darth Momin doesn’t have a main role in the Star Wars canon, his physical appearance is not quite certain. Still, he is seen in a few comic book issues as a young boy with long flowing blond hair and ashen grey skin. He also is seen having large, dilated hazel-colored eyes and pointy elf-like ears, a trait he shares with most of his species.

Growing older, he is seen as having a tall and slender build; now, he also wears full-body armor and a helmet that fully conceals his scared face except for his glowing red eyes. As far as his armor is concerned, it is made of a dark, metallic material with intricate designs etched into it. Also, his helmet is quite unique, with an eerie, skull-like mask and a smooth overall finish.

Additionally, he is also seen carrying two red-colored lightsabers with a unique curved hilt. A resurrected Darth Momin is even seen wearing a long black cape. Overall his physical appearance isn’t much special compared to most Sith Lords except for his build, which is quite a bit less defined.

Darth Momin’s Personality: Exploring the Complexities

Talking about his personality, Darth Momin is as eccentric as he can get. Throughout the series, Darth Momin is depicted as a mighty and ambitious Sith Lord with a highly sophisticated mind and a deep understanding of the Dark Side.

Along with his knowledge of the Dark Side, he also carries deep respect and love for it. He almost treats it like an entity worth praying to, something we see him frequently doing throughout his life.

Alongside that, Darth Momin is also shown as cold, calculating, and completely ruthless. A prime example of this is how he almost killed an entire city using his superweapon and stopped the flow of time just to prolong their suffering. He is also highly manipulative, controlling his allies to seek his own goals.

But his ruthless demeanor isn’t complete without his profound ego and a sense of superiority. He considers himself the perfect being, seeing himself above others and not willing to accept that others could be more powerful or have more knowledge than him; after all, not every Sith can kill his master just to prove his power.

This arrogance can also be seen when he plans to defy Darth Vader believing he can defeat him with his constructs.

Darth Momin is also seen as having a weird and twisted artistic touch to his personality. He would frequently address his sinister actions as an elegant piece of art. This trait can even be seen in a young Momin who killed his family pet and used its flesh and bones to make a piece of art.

And if that wasn’t scary enough, he is also highly secretive, meaning there is no way to imagine what he’s planning inside that twisted mind.

Overall, Darth Momin is a complex character with various personality traits, making him one of the most feared and formidable foes in the Star Wars Universe.

Darth Momin Abilities: Unleashing the Power

As a Sith Lord, Force user, and a former apprentice of Darth Shaa, Darth Momin is a trained killer with several abilities and powers under his belt. And luckily, we have experienced most of them in action throughout the series.

Skilled Combatant

As a former student of one of the most feared hand-to-hand combat soldiers, Darth Shaa, Darth Momin had also picked up most of her fighting style, including her attacks and dual-wielding form. This led him to even beat her in a 1v1 lightsaber duel, emerging way stronger than his own master.

Connection to the Dark Side

Thanks to his twisted and fierce mind, the Dark Side was seen favoring him and providing him with strength throughout his plans. And eventually, this connection became so strong that he could even directly communicate with the Dark Side, which guided him in his ventures.

Sith Alchemy

As a sculptor and creator, Darth Momin practiced the art of Sith Alchemy and mastered the form throughout his training under Darth Shaa, which even led him to create his helmet imbued with magical properties.

Force Construction

darth momin force construction

Force Construction was another ability he could gain due to his connection to the Dark Side. Through this, he devised advanced plans to construct elaborate buildings and weapons, including Darth Vader’s Fortress, which could literally open the door to the Dark Side of the Force.

Force Lightning

Force Lighting was another power possessed by Darth Momin through which he could use his Force to generate lighting and hurl it towards his enemies. And let’s not forget; he could also use Force lighting to project his powers into his superweapon, which allowed him to stop the flow of time in an entire city.

Force Ghost

The most fascinating ability this great Sith Lord possessed was that, because of his strong Force connection due to years of training, Darth Momin could even project his soul outside his body. But that’s not all; he could fully transfer his soul and consciousness into his magical helmet if his physical body were to burn to a crisp.

Force Manipulation

This is another Force ability that Darth Momin is seen using throughout the series. Well, this power is quite common in Jedis and Sith; in the case of Darth Momin, following his connection with the Dark Side, it is quite strong.

This ability allowed him to control others to do his bidding, and through it, he could even project his thoughts inside Darth Vader’s mind through the helmet, which almost caused Vader to wear the mask. Using Force Manipulation, Darth Momin could even take control of the bodies of several Storm Troopers and Mustafarian soldiers.

Darth Momin Complete Story

Here is the breakdown of Darth Momin’s complete story in the Star Wars Universe, which is mainly constricted to the Darth Vader (2017) comic book series.

A Freaky Childhood

We first see Darth Momin in the Darth Vader (2017) comic issue #22 in his childhood days, living on a usual planet some 1000 years before the Battle of Yavin. He is seen sitting in his room, supposedly trying to make something from bits of scrap and junk.

At that moment, Momin’s mother walks in on him and starts questioning him about their pet, Flitta, who seems to have been lost. But as Momin turns around to face his mother, something gruesome is revealed; the scraps turn out to be cut-up body parts of the very pet her mother was trying to find.

Moving forward a few years, Momin is now seen as a full-fledged sculptor in his youth. He is walking away from his most recent art piece. But unlike ordinary sculptures made of clay and rock, this piece is made of skulls and body parts of innocent animals that had fallen victim to Darth Momin’s twisted mind.

But, to Momin’s delight, this act doesn’t go unnoticed, as several witnesses of his sculpture start to question his sanity, calling him a monster.

Eventually, his actions lead to his capture and then full-blown imprisonment, with his tools stripped away from him. But that didn’t stop Momin’s artistic mind, as even without his tools, he is seen using the Force to play with his most recent victim, a wasp-like insect.

But as all this is happening, Momin’s name and weird ideals are echoed in many ears throughout the Galaxy. And among them, one realized Darth Momin’s true potential; a Sith lady named Shaa.

She broke into Momin’s prison cell, freeing him from his imprisonment, and claimed him as her new apprentice. And with this, Darth Momin’s journey to learn the ways of the Dark Side begins.

Training Under Darth Shaa

Darth Shaa started teaching him many things, including how to control his Force powers, and gave him an insight into the secrets of the Dark Side. At some point in his training, Darth Momin also acquired his crimson color daggers, which he used to shape his iconic helmet.

But as soon as the helmet was finished, he used the same blades to disfigure his face with permanent scars and hide them with the mask to show off his dedication to the Dark Side; pretty crazy thing even for Sith standards, if you ask me.

After this, his training intensified as he started to crave more power, and due to his desire, Momin’s sense of superiority quickly took over. He began questioning whether Darth Shaa was worthy of calling herself his master. And eventually, his arrogance got the best of him, and he killed his master to prove he was better.

Exploring the Dark Side

darth momin exploring the dark side

After killing his master, Darth Momin started his exploration and dived into the profound lore of the Dark Side, studying and embracing it to learn its secrets. During this journey, Momin recognized himself as a small pawn in the grand scheme of the Dark Side and started to worship it with all his might. This total devotion led him to seek the approval of the Grandeur of the Dark Side.

Momin then used the inherited knowledge of Darth Shaa to build a superweapon so great that it could burn an entire city to ashes. But he didn’t stop there; he tried to use his Sith powers to pour his Force lightning into his engines to stop the flow of time to freeze the population in a state of pure agony and despair.

Losing His Physical Body

Though I am not defending his actions, while his idea of burning an entire city was beyond comprehension, it necessitated a feat of total concentration, which Darth Momin greatly possessed.

However, right in the nick of time, the Jedi ambushed his ship. They easily defeated his minions and then proceeded to confront and capture this mad lord. But before that could happen, Darth Momin began to lose control over his Force lightning, eventually setting himself on fire and burning to a crisp. The only thing left at that moment was his magical mask imbued with his soul.

Not to mention, like some prized loot, this mask was then safely secured in the Jedi Archive vault on Coruscant.

The Return of the Mask

After Darth Momin falls, it takes about 1000 years to resurface his legacy, where, in 12 BBY, the Republic is overthrown by the Imperial Army, and Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious, is seen as the Galaxy’s supreme Emperor.

In this timeline, Emperor Palpatine recovers Momin’s mask from the Jedi Archive vaults and gifts it to his apprentice, Darth Vader, along with the control of planet Mustafar where he can build his fortress.

But as soon as Vader comes in contact with the mask, it starts to show its true power by killing Alva Brenne and possessing Vader’s assistant. Seeing this, Darth Vader quickly uses his Force to lift the mask and starts questioning its true identity.

At that moment, the mask project Darth Momin’s soul inside Darth Vader, revealing his gruesome past and his plans to harness the power of the Dark Side. And while doing so, it even attempts to take over Vader’s body. But fails in doing so after Vader uses his strong mind to block its influence; after all, it’s the “chosen one” we are talking about here.

Still, Vader keeps the helmet with him as he battles a fleet of Mustafarians, even allowing him to possess one of the soldiers. As soon as the mask takes possession of the Mustafarian soldier, Darth Momin’s memories return, and he starts to comment on the fallen state of Mustafar. But Vader, not interested in that, begins questioning Momin about the fortress he designed in his last body.

Here, Momin reveals that the design is the key to the locked door of the Dark Side, and through it, he can bridge life and death. Additionally, Darth Momin mentions that by constructing the key, he can bring back Darth Vader’s dead wife, Padme.

But, as expected, Vader doesn’t take that comment lightly and starts choking him with his Force, eventually releasing him after much persuasion. The scene ends with both Siths getting ready to build the fortress and Momin mentioning that this will be his greatest masterpiece.

The Hit and Trial Begins

darth momin mask

When the dust settles, Darth Momin stands with Vader in front of a massive fortress, asking the latter whether he can feel its power. But Vader just stands in awe, confirming Momin’s claims. After this, Momin starts manipulating Vader, saying that this tower will finally grant him the power he desires, and he has to use his Force to activate it.

As you might have realized by now that Darth Momin is a great manipulator, he keeps convincing Vader that his design will work perfectly. Eventually, both Siths step inside the tower and start performing a ritual to open the gate to the Dark Side.

However, the planet begins to shake as soon as they start, and red lightings appear, breaking the fabric of reality and opening the door to the other side, where Darth Momin is seen standing at the back.

But soon, things change, and the lighting throws Vader back before the duo can pass through the door. Seeing the outcome, Darth Momin comes up with reasons for the failure and starts pushing for his sixth design. On the other hand, Darth Vader doesn’t take the loss lightly; he destroys Momin’s body and then places his helmet on another soldier.

After getting the new body, Momin quickly starts preparing for the sixth design, after which a series of transitions reveals that the following three designs also fail.

And after each attempt, Momin is seen in a different body, implying Vader’s lack of mercy for the Sith. Finally, the duo is seen standing in front of the ninth iteration of the tower, where Momin gets the final warning from Vader, implying this will be their last try.

The Final Show Down

Luckily for Momin, the ninth attempt proves to be the charm, and they successfully open a stable door to the Dark Side. But before they can enter, Vader is disturbed by the noise outside the tower. And as Vader inspects the root of the fuss, Momin starts to open the portal himself.

And in the ending scene, Darth Momin is seen standing in his original body with his two crimson lightsabers in his hands, implying he was successful in his reincarnation.

On the other hand, upon returning to his castle, Vader sees Darth Momin in his original form, quickly realizes he was betrayed and gets ready to kill him.

But while any other Sith would be cowering in fear, Darth Momin is seen prepared in his battle stance, ready for a fight to the death. In this way, both Siths face each in a highly gruesome fight sequence where Momin keeps imposing his ideals and superiority on Vader.

As the fight progresses, Darth Momin seems at an advantage by addressing several fatal blows to Darth Vader, even cutting one of his cybernetic arms in the process. But this doesn’t go on for long as Darth Vader quickly gains his balance and uses his Force push to sandwich Momin with a pillar of the fortress.

But even being stuck between the pillar doesn’t stop Momin, as he keeps rambling about his power. And in the final shot, Vader crushes Darth Momin until he breathes his last breath, with his final words being:

But I am Lord Momin.”

Darth Momin Famous Quotes

darth momin famous quotes

Here are some of the most famous quotes sung by this fallen Sith that best piece together his surreal and twisted personality:

“If people feel nothing when encountering something you have created, then you have created nothing.”

“The name Momin had come to mean something to anyone who heard it. Difficult Truth and uncompromising vision.”

“The Dark Side asks for more the mere Death in tribute.”

“What purer agony for the artist than to be forgotten.”

“I am my Masterpiece.”

“The Dark Side does not serve us. We serve the Dark Side.”

Darth Momin Guide: A Final Look

Alright, so wrapping up this Darth Momin guide, it is safe to say that he is one hell of a character with unique powers and strange ambitions. He was really smart and had a deep understanding of the Dark Side. But along with that, his personality also showed bits of secretive and ruthless traits, further adding to his complexity.

I have to say, his ambitions were also pretty wild; after all, trying to become one with the Dark Side was something I have never heard of by any other Sith. However, unfortunately, he couldn’t fulfill his wishes when he was killed by Darth Vader. Still, seeing how far he could come and how much effort he made to achieve his goals just adds a level of respect for the Sith, at least in my eyes.

Even though his presence is constricted to a few comic issues, the impact his character bestowed on the Star Wars universe is edged into the hearts of many. And even after death, his spirit still lives on, serving as an eternal reminder of the unimaginable power of the Dark Side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Darth Momin a Canon Character?

Answer: Darth Momin was first introduced in the Star Wars universe through the (2017) Darth Vader comic series. These comics are considered canon within the franchise, as they are officially recognized and released by Lucasfilm and Disney. Therefore, being a character of this series, Darth Momin is also considered a canon character.

Question: What is the Significance of Momin’s Mask?

Answer: Darth Momin’s mask holds significant importance in the Darth Vader (2017) comic book series, especially in volumes 22-24. There it was depicted as a powerful and historic Sith relic that was given to Darth Vader as a gift from his master Emperor Palpatine. It was said to be created by Darth Momin himself using Sith Alchemy and imbued with the Dark Side of the Force.
According to the comics, Darth Momin’s mask could preserve his spirit after death by transferring it inside its body, allowing Momin to survive death and continue interacting with the physical world.
The mask also gives Momin the ability to project his Force powers outside the mask, through which he can use move objects, sense Force users, and even possess others as he did with the Mustafarian soldiers.
And let’s not forget, in the comic book series, Darth Momin’s mask was also described as one of the most powerful Sith artifacts. All in all, it serves as a symbol of Momin’s power, ambition, and mastery over the Dark Side.

Question: How Did Darth Momin Accomplish His Goals?

Answer: Darth Momin’s main goal revolves around becoming one with the Dark Side and being the most powerful Sith Lord ever. Although to accomplish it, he did go through several phases; growing up, he mainly wanted to show his art to the people around him and wanted to prove that fear was the only genuine emotion.
But, after coming under Darth Shaa’s wing and learning the way of the Darth Side, his goals shifted towards proving himself the best. And to do so, he did some horrific feats, including killing his master and almost destroying an entire city.
To further his ambitions, Momin even worked with Darth Vader to build a fortress that could connect and open the door to the Dark Side. He believed that by achieving this, he would finally be able to unite and become one with the Dark Side. However, his ambitions were cut short when he was defeated by Darth Vader.

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