Jedi Survior Story Synopsis – A Tale of Compassion, Sacrifice, and Love

Despite being a die-hard fan of the Star Wars universe, I have always remained a strong critic of the Star Wars gaming industry. But my criticism changed into wholehearted acceptance with the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

And this guide is a tribute to the latest Star Wars video game that restored my faith in my favorite franchise’s gaming industry.

STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor ™, an epic adventure game jointly developed by Respawn Entertainment and Lucasfilm Games, first appeared in 2023. The game successfully entered the gaming industry even after facing challenges during its production during the pandemic.

Through its gaming experience, it has allowed fans to explore the depths of the Universe by depicting the true sense of the Star Wars franchise.

And speaking of its storyline, it is a perfect combination of compassion, resoluteness, love, and sacrifice – something that every young padawan desires to look for in a Star Wars production.

So, if you want to know about the struggles of the Jedi Order after the dreadful event of Order 66, let’s get straight to the Jedi Survivor Story Synopsis without further ado.

Bottom Line Up Front

Despite being highly outnumbered, Cal and his teammates tried to restore the Jedi Order and find a safe haven for them. But when they were about to emerge victorious, one of their teammates came out a traitor, resulting in the loss of many comrades.

However, after neutralizing their former acquaintance, Cal and his team finally discovered the haven, Tanalorr, for the remaining Order.

Major Characters of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Cal Kestis

cal kestis jedi survivor

Cal Kestis – a young padawan – was one of the luckiest Jedi to make it out alive during the Jedi Purge. After Order 66, he went into hiding from the Imperial Forces.

But soon after witnessing the atrocities committed by the Empire, he became defiant of the Empire and set on a journey to restore the Jedi Order and find a safe place for the remaining followers of the Light Side of the Force.


Merrin was a Nightsister who hailed from a family of magick-wielding Dathomirian witches. Just like Cal, when she was young, Merrin had to witness the massacre of her entire race. Although General Grievous and Count Dooku caused this destruction on Dathomir, she was told that the Jedi were behind this slaughter.

But when she learned the truth, she joined Cal in his noble cause to bring back the Jedi Order. Later, she not only proved to be the closest ally to Cal but fell in love with him as the story progressed.

Greez Dritus

Greez was a four-armed Latero male and the captain of the Stinger Mantis crew. His long history of adventures could be traced to many decades, but he came under the limelight when he recused Cal from the Inquisitors on Junda.

After confronting the Imperial Forces many times, Greez had to keep a low profile; thereby, he settled on Jedha and opened a saloon.

But it was not long before Greez returned to his old life when Cal offered him to command Mantis once again. And because of his flying prowess, Cal and his crew finally made it to Talanorr.

Bode Akuna

Bode was a human gunslinger and a former Jedi. He was Cal’s closest ally, and the duo went on many crusades against the Galactic Empire.

But Bode never revealed his past to Cal; not to mention, he turned to the Dark Side and became an Imperial spy when the inquisitors killed his wife and threatened to do the same to her daughter, Kata.

Bode finally revealed his true identity when he saw Talanorr as a haven for Kata, and after killing Master Cordova, he escaped with the key. However, his victory did not last long, and with Cal and his team arriving at the planet, he lost to them in a fierce battle.

Dagan Gera

dagan gera jedi survivor

Dagan was a humanoid male raider who served as a former Jedi in the High Republic Era. He was the one who first discovered the heavenly planet Talanorr in the Koboh Abyss and decided to build there a Jedi temple.

When Nihil marauders invaded the place, the Jedi Council refused to take any counter-offensive operation. This broke Dagan Gera, and he turned to the Dark Side.

Following the destruction caused by Gera, the Jedi Order put him in a Bacta Tank. But he was awakened after two centuries when Cal was searching for a key to Talanorr. Still, his revival was very short, and he was soon defeated by the Mantis Crew.


Rayvis was a male Gen’Dai legionnaire and commander of the Bedlam Raiders. He had a long history of fighting with the Jedi of the High Republic Era. Later, he joined forces with Dagan Gera to take revenge against the Jedi Order.

After the Fall of Talanorr, he was imprisoned by the Jedi, but he managed to escape. And even after two centuries, his loyalties lay with his former master, and he rescued Gera when Cal was about to kill him.

He stood with Gera in his Talanorr’s mission and managed all the preparations. However, he embraced a warrior’s death by refusing to get his life spared by Cal Kestis.

The Tale

A Covert Mission to Coruscant

Following the destruction of the Holocron – the last event of the Jedi Fallen Order – the Mantis crew went separate ways. However, Cal Kestis decided to operate on Coruscant to gather intelligence for the emerging leader of the Resistance, Saw Gerrera.

Cal and his friends hatched a plan to hand him over to Senator Sejan; therefore, Cal’s crew put binders on him and disguised themselves as CSF officers as they reached Coruscant.

When Cal was surrendered to Senator, he asked Cal to reveal the location of the remaining Jedi. But while Senator was busy boasting off, Cal freed himself in a flash and knocked down all the Senator’s guards.

In the meantime, Senator tried to make an escape. But when his ship was about to take off, an EMP device placed by Cal’s droid, BD-1, took it down. After taking Senator into custody, Cal rendezvoused with his team on the ship’s deck and forced Senator to gain access to the terminal.

To their utter surprise, Cal and his team realized that the Empire’s presence had already stretched across the Galaxy, and it would not be child’s play to bring Empire down to its knees. Downhearted, Cal and his team decided to head back; however, as they stepped out of the ship, they were confronted by the Inquisitors.

And while Cal and his team were still processing the situation, the Inquisitors killed Senator on the spot, and a shootout began between them and the Imperial Forces.

During their face-off with the Stormtroopers, Gabs – a Rebel fighter – sacrificed her life while saving Cal from a gunship shot.

Watching his teammates losing their lives in his hands, Cal decided to take his shot against the intimidating Inquisitor, and a deadly lightsaber duel broke out between Cal and the Ninth Sister.

Although both the Force-wielders used their Force abilities at their best, it was Cal who emerged victorious against all the odds and put an end to the life of Ninth Sister.

Following their victory, Cal, Bode, and Bravo were the only survivors. But on their way through the portal, they were intercepted by the TIE fighters, and at the end, only Bode and Cal were lucky enough to escape the deadly Imperial chase.

Discovery of an Ancient Droid

During the escape from Coruscant, Mantis’ gyro malfunctioned, and Cal had to go to the Koboh System to seek help from Greez, the ship’s former captain. As he approached Pyloon’s Saloon, he was confronted by Bedlam Raiders who were about to execute Turgle – a Koboh resident – for selling a counterfeit relic.

Turgle then led Cal to Doma, who told him about Greez’s location. And shortly after, Cal paid a surprise visit to Greez, and after a small reunion, he left for the smuggler tunnel to find the gyro for Mantis.

But on their way through the tunnel, Cal and BD-1 met an accident and fell into the crevice, where they came across an ancient droid with a tuner called Zee.

Soon after meeting Cal, Zee told him she was on a mission from a Jedi named Santari Khri, who ordered her to activate a Force Array facility that led to Talanorr. Hearing about Talanorr intrigued Cal, and after finding the gyro, he brought Zee to Greez’s saloon to learn more about her mission.

Reviving Dagan

jedi survivor

Cal left Zee at the saloon for repairs, and after bidding farewell to Greez and Bode, he went on a mysterious journey to find the key to Talanorr – a hidden planet lost in the Koboh Abyss.

During his search, he came across an old Jedi facility where he found a Bacta Tank. But as he touched the tank, Cal had a vision about the Jedi Knights of the High Republic, Santari Khri and Dagan Gera, who were having a discussion about the place they had just discovered.

Meanwhile, Cal realized that Dagan was still alive inside the tank. So, he hurried up to set him free and gave Dagan his lightsaber that was there beside his tank.

As Dagan caught his breath, he told Cal about how he got betrayed by the High Republic. While Cal tried to make sense of the situation, Dagan started bleeding his Kyber crystal and turned to the Dark Side of the Force right before Cal’s eyes.

Though Cal made an attempt to talk sense into Dagan, it was too late; on the contrary, Dagan attacked Cal with his lightsaber. But lucky for Cal, Dagan was too weak to land any serious blows. So, he had to escape the scene with the help of the leader of the Bedlam Raiders and his true devotee, Rayvis.

A Reunion at Jedha

Following his trip to the Jedi facility, Cal, along with Bode and Greez, decided to head for Jedha to meet Cere, who, he thought, could tell him about the mysterious planet of Talanorr.

During their travel, an Anchorite told them that an escort would lead them to their location. So, after landing on Jedha, Greez and Bode stayed with the ship, while Cal searched for his aide in the desert planet.

As he reached the rendezvous point, Cal was confronted by Stormtroopers, who opened fire from all sides. But right after he was totally pinned down, Merrin came out of the blue and took out every trooper one after the other.

After facing the Imperial Forces, the couple went for Merrin’s speeder. However, the Stormtroopers were already there, and they had to fight their way to their ride.

Although Cal and Merrin successfully took care of the Imperial Forces on their back, their speeder was not lucky enough to survive the fight, and they had to ride on a desert creature to reach their safe point.

During their tedious journey, Cal and Merrin decided to spend the night in a cavern. However, this proved a blessing in disguise, as they got a chance to confess their feeling for each other and talk about how much they missed each other.

Pursuit of the Devices

Greez, Merrin, Cal, and Cere finally reunited at the facility. As Master Cordova welcomed them, Cere told them about Hidden Path – an underground network providing safe passage to the Jedi survivors and Force-Sensitives – and they all learned about Cere and Master Cordova’s plan of maintaining the Jedi archives. At the same time, Cal also introduced Bode as a new member of their team.

After learning about Santari Khri’s facility on Shattered Moon, the team decided to go to the facility to look for any Key that could lead them to Talanorr; meanwhile, Bode gifted Cal a blaster for his protection.

As Cal disembarked Mantis, he was attacked by the facility guards. Still, although he did not expect this welcome, he quickly overpowered the guards like a seasoned Force-wielder.

During his search, he came across a cylindrical-shaped device, and after taking that device, he set his course to the Koboh system to search for any additional leads on the Talanorr.

As Cal reached the Bedlam Raiders’ facility at Koboh, he faced a whole army of raiders during his search. But ultimately, after pinning down their Lieutenant, Cal found another similar device he came across on the Shattered Moon facility.

However, as he touched the device, he had a vision in which he saw how the Jedi destroyed the device when Degan approached them.

This vision not only showed that the device was already broken but also made Cal realize that, by massacring his fellow Jedi in rage, Dagan had already been corrupted by the Dark Side long before he had met him.

Retrieving Contact Codes and Building Trust

jedi survivor game

Upon reaching Jedha, Cal handed over the devices to Master Cordova; however, to Cal’s dismay, Cordova told him that they were beyond repair. Meanwhile, an Anchorite of Hidden Path broke the news that the Imperial Forces were barging into a safe house where the contact codes containing essential information were being held.

In the wake of the Imperial strike at the safe house, Cere assigned Cal and Merrin a mission to retrieve the contact codes and escort the Anchorite back to their hideout.

However, as they reached there, the safe house started falling apart, and right after they collected the codes, the Anchorite lost his life by getting crushed under a big rock.

Still, their mission did have a happy ending when Cal showed complete trust in Merrin while escaping the Imperial Forces, as, after sharing his first kiss with Merrin, he jumped after her into a vortex she made with her magick.

Rescuing ZEE And Learning About The Compass

After retrieving codes from Jedha, Cal and his team paid a visit to Greez’s cantina, where Turgle told them about Zee’s abduction by the raiders. Consequently, Cal and Bode went to rescue Zee while Merein decided to stay with Greez.

As they arrived at the raiders’ base, Cal confronted Rayvis. But when Ravis was about to kill him, BD-1 forced a huge metal box onto Ravis, allowing Cal to escape. In the meantime, Cal also heard Rayvis and Dagan talking about the Compass, suggesting that it was still on the facility of Shattered Moon.

Success at Last

Following their search for the Compass, after rescuing Zee, the team set off for the Shattered Moon facility once again. To their surprise, there was an Imperial blockade around the Moon, and Merrin had to hide the ship using her abilities.

When they reached the surface, Cal came face-to-face with Rayvis for another time. And although Rayvis couldn’t survive the face-off this time, he told Cal about the compass’ location on Santri Khri’s Observatory before closing his eyes.

With the longed-for lead in his hand, Cal went to the Observatory to get hold of the key. Upon his arrival, he faced Dagan once again, but just like their previous interactions, Dagan could not stand a chance against Cal. And after neutralizing this former Jedi for good, Cal finally retrieved the Compass and headed back to Jedha.

The Betrayal

After Cal gave the Compass to Master Cordova, he quickly got into repairing it; after all, it was the only repairable Compass. With their hopes getting up, the team breathed a sigh of relief and went outside to enjoy the evening.

And shortly after, as the rest of the members went back inside, Cal opened up about his emotions for Merrin, and Merrin reciprocated the same by giving her a passionate kiss.

But just when Cordova finished the Compass, they got the news that the Imperial Forces had attacked the facility. And while they were still trying to make sense of the situation, Bode betrayed them by killing Master Cordova and stealing the Compass.

Although completely baffled, Cal tried to confront Bode, but he learned that Bode was a Jedi just like him, and he escaped by pushing Cal off the cliff.

Back at the base, Cere told Merrin to stay with the Mantis while she went into their hideout to get the archives. However, Darth Vader stormed the compound, and Cere had to enter a lightsaber duel with him.

Even though, for a moment, it felt like she had pinned down this great Sith Lord, Darth Vader wielded his lightsaber across her chest and ended her life.

Chasing the Traitor

jedi survivor star wars

Furious and devastated at Bode’s betrayal, Cal and his team reached the Empire’s II-0810 Satellite Station at Nova Garon System by tracing Bode’s ship’s beacon signal.

At the station, Cal confronted the facility commander, Denvik, and came across the awful news that Bode was working for Denvik the whole time. After making Denvik unconscious with his Force Choke, Cal disguised himself in a commander’s dress to search for Bode.

While searching the rooms, Cal came across Bodes’ daughter named Kata. In the meantime, Bode arrived and started talking about how he survived the purge. Then all of a sudden, Bode hurled a table at Cal and escaped with the Compass in his hand.

The Revenge

When everyone had lost hope in finding the safe haven for the Jedi, Cal and his crew learned from Santari’s hologram that there existed an alternative way of reaching Talanorr.

But for that, they were supposed to activate the Forest Arrays and align the coordinates in the message. Therefore, Cal told Zee to start the Forest Array while Greez aligned Mantis to the coordinates to jump into the vortex.

As nobody knew if they would make it alive out of the vortex, while Greez was screaming, Merrin leaned forward to give Cal a kiss. But luckily, they made it to Talanorr and landed their ship near the ruins where they expected Bode might have gone.

At the entrance, they met Kata, who brought them to her father inside the old temple. Although seeing Cal and Merrin accompanying his daughter surprised Bode, he was more than prepared for a fight.

And after pushing Kata away from them, a fierce battle kicked off between Bode and the Cal-Merrin duo.

Merrin used her Dathomirian magick while Cal used his lightsaber to engage Bode. But despite making several strikes, Bode successfully fended off every attack.

And when everyone was almost exhausted, Bode started Force-chocking Merrin, and Cal had to step in for a quick draw. But as luck would have it, Bode’s blaster malfunctioned, and Cal killed him with the very gun Bode gifted him.

Following Bode’s death, Merrin consoled her daughter and told her about the wrong choices that her father had made.

In the end, Cal and his crew organized the funeral of the three Jedis, Cere, Cordova, and Bode, and pledged to make Tanalorr a safe place for followers of the Light Side, away from the Galactic Empire.

My Take on the Jedi Survivor

jedi survivor game

If I talk about the Survivor storyline, though some people might call Bode a backstabber, in my opinion, he was a good father and a true friend. There were times when he was Cal’s only resort, and if it weren’t for him, Cal would not have made it this far.

Not to mention, he kept his identity secret and worked for the Empire to protect his only family, Kata; something, I believe, any father in his shoe would do.

Another thing that fascinates me about the game’s storyline is the character development of the antagonists and the way they uphold their ideals; like Ravyis, who always remained loyal to his master, Degan Gera, and demanded a true warrior’s death when his time had come.

All in all, the Survivor story is not merely an action-packed tale. But it has a perfect mix of character development, compassion, sacrifice, and respect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why did Bode join the Dark Side?

 Answer: After the fall of the Jedi Order, the Jedi were facing a holocaust. Many Jedis were mercilessly killed, and those who were lucky enough had to go to hiding. And being a Jedi, Bode Akuna had to leave the Order to cover up his Force signature.
But despite going into hiding, it wasn’t long before the Imperial Forces came hunting for Bode. After they killed his wife Tayala, he was given an ultimatum to join the Empire or face the wrath of Darth Vader. As a result, with no other options left, Bode entered into the Dark Side to save his only daughter, Kata.

Question: Who was Zee in Jedi Survivor?

Answer: ZN-A4, also known as Zee, was a service droid of Santari Khri, a Jedi from the High Republic Era. During the fall of Talanorr, her former master saved the route to Koboh Abyss in her memory bank. Also, Santari gave her a tuner and told her to activate the Forest Array when the time came.
After the attack of the Nihil raiders, she was trapped under the Koboh surface but was awakened by Cal after two centuries. After Gera found Zee’s true potential, he droid-napped her for the memory bank.
But after getting rescued by Cal, she completed her former master’s uncompleted mission by activating the Force Array for the mantis crew.

Question: Why did Dagan Gera Fall to the Dark Side?

Answer: Degan Gera was the one who actually discovered Talanorr in the Koboh Abyss in the High Republic Era. He built a temple there and decided to make it a training center for young Jedis. But soon after, the place was invaded by Nihil raiders, and his dream could not come true.
Although Gera defended his ground against the enemies, when the Council decided not to initiate a counter-offensive plan, it broke Dagan’s heart, and he felt betrayed.
As a result, he revolted against the Order and killed his fellow Jedi in rage. And despite Santari Khri trying to bring him to the Light, his obsession with Talanorr had already made him fall for the Dark Side.

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