Darth Vectivus Guide – Too Good To Be A Sith Lord!

Hey there, fellow Star Wars fans! We all know the Sith lords have caused serious trouble throughout the Galaxy. I mean, who hasn’t heard of Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine? Those guys were seriously evil. But have you ever wondered if any Sith lords didn’t go down the dark path of destruction? Well, today we’re going to talk about the Sith lord who was actually a nice guy!

He is remembered by the title Darth Vectivus, but his real name is still unknown. Unlike many famous Siths, Vectivus was someone who didn’t go all crazy with the Dark Side of the Force and caused massive destruction like his Sith buddies; instead, he was more of a money-making Sith and loved to manage his finances. However, unfortunately, his credit management principles didn’t mean jack to many of the Sith lords, who, despite being his followers, never batted an eye at his such skill.

But before you start labeling him a penny-pinching lord, let me tell you that money wasn’t his only interest. He joined the Dark Side out of personal curiosity and mastered its powers purely to satisfy his inner desire to learn about the unknown. But that’s just a crux of his being, and it would not be wrong to suggest that the existence of his life with many unusual patterns makes him even harder to understand. Still, whatever his intentions, in this Darth Vectivus Guide, we will try to understand why he and the rest of the Siths were not cut from the same cloth.

Bottom Line Up Front

Darth Vectivus was a unique Sith lord in the Star Wars Legends who was notable for his unorthodox approach to the Dark Side of the Force. He was a business magnate who used his connection to the Force to accumulate wealth and power rather than seeking to conquer the Galaxy through any sort of military might or forced destruction. But let’s not forget, unlike many of his fellow Sith lords, Darth Vectivus was never thoroughly corrupted by the Dark Side and was known for his more humane tendencies.

Darth Vectivus Essential Facts

Darth Vectivus Sith Lord Star Wars

  • Sith Name: Darth Vectivus
  • Real Name: Unknown
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Director of Jonex Mines, Sith Lord
  • Home World: MZX32905 Star System
  • Year of Death: 40 ABY
  • First Appearance: Legacy of the Force: Betrayal

Major Mentions:

  • Darth Plagueis
  • Legacy of the Force: Fury
  • Legacy of the Force: Exile
  • Legacy of the Force: Inferno
  • Legacy of the Force: Betrayal

Darth Vectivus Physical Appearance

Darth Vectivus Sith Lord Star Wars

Due to the very few appearances of Darth Vectivus in the Star Wars universe, fans were mainly deprived of witnessing the Sith Lord in full glory. Still, as far as the Legends are concerned, he is often described as gaunt and skeletal; something which is in line with the stereotypical image of a Sith lord. His pale skin, dark eyes, and black hair create a chilling and striking contrast, giving him an eerie and menacing aura.

His tall and thin build also makes him appear taller and more imposing, adding to his intimidating presence. Also, his traditional Sith attire, featuring dark robes with a hood, is a classic visual for the Sith. Vectivus’ crimson Sith lightsaber is also iconic of the Sith order, and the diamond-shaped stones on its hilt showed off his impressive sense of style. Not to mention, the scar on his left cheek is a distinguishing feature that adds to his jagged and intimidating appearance.

All in all, Darth Vectivus’ physical appearance played a significant role in creating a memorable and imposing character that

Darth Vectivus Personality

Darth Vectivus Sith Lord Star Wars

Now, let’s talk about the personality of the big boss of the Jonex Mine colony. This dude was a total business genius and lived by a strict moral code that helped him rise to the top of the galactic mining game by controlling thousands of employees like they were nothing more than little Jawas!

And all this can be credited to his love for money, which also inspired him to build a fancy-schmancy estate with statues of all the peeps who were essential to him. And get this: he was into architecture from Naboo, which he used to make his place look all the more flashy and impressive.

His journey of the Dark Side started with his own dark and spooky mines, where he learned about its adverse effects and how it had affected his workers. And to counter the issue, he started to look into the mysterious power, and before you knew it, he became a Dark Lord of the Sith!

This gives us a rough idea that Vectivus, unlike most of our favorite Sith lords, Darth Zannah or Darth Vader for instance, didn’t suffer loss or live a rough childhood that forced him to turn to the Dark Side. But instead, it was partly his worrying nature and curiosity that forced him to learn the secrets of the Dark Side. But his compassion doesn’t end there, as before going to the Dark Side and becoming a Sith Lord, he also found new jobs for all his workers; maybe, good employers do exist in this universe.

And to continue with his curious nature, he kept testing Dinn, a Jedi Knight, by enticing her to kill him, but she wasn’t cut out for any such thing. In the end, he basically gaslighted her by telling her that she was too weak to be a Jedi and should leave the ways of the Light Side of the Force. A crafty Sith advice if you ask me.

After becoming a Sith, Vectivus wasn’t trying to take over the entire Galaxy or execute some sort of Order 66. He just wanted to live his life in luxury with his loved ones. But don’t let that fool you. This guy was still ruthless and would do whatever it took to succeed, just like he did in his business. Be that as it may, he was so into money that he made his own Holocron about it.

But here’s the funny part: even though he was ruthless, Darth Vectivus had a soft spot for baby animals! More specifically, when it came to the ships of the Tatooine, Banthas, he considered them the most adorable creatures in the Galaxy, a fact that I am unable to reach any logical conclusion for.

To put it short, if I were to state his personality in concise words, I would say that he possessed an eccentric mind with a curious heart that still had traces of compassion in it.

Darth Vectivus Powers And Abilities

Darth Vectivus Sith Lord Star Wars

When it comes to Darth Vectivus, he wasn’t recognized for his overwhelming aura or extreme strength; instead, he was almost a Sith scholar. A title that he got after completely engrossing himself with the Sith culture and learning the hidden ways of the Dark Side.

So, some of the unique abilities he was able to master during his ventures are produced below:

Shape Shifting

As a Sith, Darth Vectivus possessed many abilities that helped him explore that Galaxy and satisfy his inner curiosity about the Dark Side. And one such ability was shape-shifting, through which he was able to impersonate a fellow Sith or Jedi, changing his appearance for a short period. Being a Sith nerd, using this ability, he infiltrated many Sith and Jedi temples to gather any sort of information that he ever wanted.

And let’s not forget, while this wasn’t a combat ability, it required plenty of control of the Force and was not something that was common among every great Sith lord.

Force Phantoms

Force Phantom was another unique ability possessed by Darth Vectivus. It allowed him to produce a Force-based spectral projection of himself that could interact with the physical world, making it similar to a Force ghost in its appearance.

The Force Phantom was more than just a simple apparition; it was a tangible presence that could be seen, heard, and touched by those who encountered it. Moreover, it was also compatible with Force, allowing Darth Vectivus to use his Force Phantom to gather information and communicate with his followers throughout the cosmos.

One notable example of Darth Vectivus using his Force Phantom was during a confrontation with the Jedi Knight Nelani Dinn. After Vectivus’ death, he sent his Force Phantom to confront Dinn in an attempt to scaring her into submission.

Another unique thing about Vectivus’s Force Phantom ability was that each of his phantoms was linked to a living being somewhere in the galaxy. So if anyone tried to hurt the Phantom, the innocent attached to it would feel the pain; a win-win situation if you ask me.

Force Ghost

According to the Star Wars Legends, Darth Vectivus had a sick ability to show up as a Force ghost even after he kicked the bucket. This meant he could appear to other Force users, share his knowledge, and help them in battles, like when he assisted Nelani Dinn.

Well, a Force Ghost is a little different from the Force Phantom; a Force Phantom can interact with the physical world, on the contrary, a Force Ghost can only appear and talk. Also, unlike Force Ghost, the Force Phantom was specifically a Sith Ritual. Darth Vectivus figured out how to balance the Light and Dark Sides of the Force, which allowed him to keep his Force Ghost even after his death.

Darth Vectivus Complete Story

Darth Vectivus Sith Lord Star Wars

To further understand Darth Ventivus, let us dive into the life of the Sith and reveal the real reason why he became a Sith in the first place:

The Mining Unusual Operation

The tale of Darth Vectivus starts on the planet Jonex Eight Eleven B, where he lives with his family and some close friends – if you are wondering, then yes, the concept of “friends” also exist in the Star Wars universe.

And if his life wasn’t already perfect, he was also the chief officer of the mining facility on Jonex Eight in the MZX32905 system. Not to mention, he was also an adventurous explorer who loved learning new things and practicing his newfound knowledge as a savvy businessman.

Talking about one of his eccentric business ventures, one day, Darth Vectivus stumbled across an asteroid belt near planet Bimmiel. He soon discovered that the asteroid was packed with some of the rarest minerals in the galaxy! Soon after he learned the news, he didn’t even think twice to establish a headquarter there.

The Dark Side Started to Seep In

What Darth Vectivus had come across during his expedition was far more valuable than any matter in the Galaxy. The asteroid was brimming with Dark energy, which Darth Vectivus soon discovered after running into the remains of an extinct Mynock – a bat-like Star Wars specie – society. But if that wasn’t weird enough, Vectivus’s workers started to get sick, and the Force-sensitive amongst them, including Darth Vectivus, even began to get visions of the Mynock societies that inhabited the place.

Darth Vectivus saw this as a final draw, and he completely halted the mining operation for the safety of his own workers. But despite the adverse effects, the unusual happenings were enough to intrigue the Sith into further exploring the matter. And eventually, his curiosity led him to find the truth about the Dark Side; as they say, Curiosity killed the cat!

The Pursuit of the Truth

After learning about the existence of the Dark Side, Darth Vectivus wasted no time and started planning to venture into the galaxy to discover more about the Dark Side. But he didn’t leave before finding new jobs for his former crew; if you ask me that’s one of the reasons why I consider him so compassionate.

After leaving his home planet, Darth Vectivus actively sought a Sith Lord who could teach him the secrets of the Dark Side. This quest proved promising as he soon found a Master who trained him to become what he is known for today. And upon completing his training, he also claimed the title of Dark Lord of the Sith with the title Darth Vectivus.

But this is where his story deviates from any other Sith seen in the Star Wars franchise. Darth Vectivus, unlike any previous Sith, while adopting the ways of the Sith, didn’t move away from his actual goal of seeking knowledge. Many believe this is also why Vectivus wasn’t entirely enveloped by the Dark Side and could harness its power without corrupting his own soul. Not to mention, unlike other Siths, he was also not actively seeking ways to destroy the Galaxy, but Instead, he further researched lost Sith knowledge, leading him to discover many ancient Sith rituals.

The Return

Darth Vectivus Sith Lord Star Wars

After quenching his thirst for knowledge, Darth Vectivus returned to his homeland as the lord of Sith. To show his gratitude towards the Dark Side, lord Vectivus built a giant mansion in the center of the asteroid, which almost even led him down the rabbit hole of power.

Additionally, Darth Vecticus made a personal Sith Holoron filled with all his experiences and knowledge of the Dark Side. And just before dying, he also compiled his business ideals inside the Holocron for future generations.

The Resurrection of the Soul

Though Vecticus was not immortal like Darth Plageuis or Darth Vitiate, his connection with the Dark Side had grown so much that his soul bound itself to his mansion. But after centuries of lurking as a Force Phantom, he was eventually found by another Sith, Lumiya, who used her own Force Phantom technique to effectively resurrect the Sith to his former glory.

After resurrecting Vectivus, Lumiya revealed her ultimate goal of ruling the Galaxy. And to do so, she first started off by luring three Jedi Knights into Vectivus’s mansion, and it was here that Vectivus encountered the Jedi for the first time.

Vectivus first came in contact with a young Jedi, Nelani Dinn, whom he tried to manipulate into killing him by impersonating Palpatine. But he didn’t succeed as Dinn wasn’t ready to give up her morals just yet.

Darth Vectivus could be seen again lurking as a Force Phantom in his mansion. There he also made contact with another Sith, Alema Rar, who also wanted to learn the Force Phantom technique. Unfortunately for Rar, Vectivus’ mansion was infiltrated by the members of the Sith Order which was afraid of losing the secrets of Vectivus’ Dark Arts to the Jedi Order. Consequently, the brothers-in-arms planted bombs inside the legendary Sith temple, bringing an end to Vectivus’ legacy for good.

Darth Vectivus Famous Quotes

Here are some of Darth Vectivus’ famous lines that perfectly capture his compassionate but weird nature:

“Even as I speak, I am unaware of myself. Of thinking, of decision making. Could I, in fact, be nothing?”

“Yes, it is. To goad you into the action you need to perform. By killing one, whoever it is I’m attached to at the moment—you’ll save scores. Hundreds. Thousands. What you think of as the evil of my Dark Side teachings will not spread so far. So kill me.”

“Strength that is never touched by ruthlessness is touchingly irresponsible.”

“Every Phantom you see here, everyone you encounter, is connected to something that is distinctly real, distinctly alive—though possibly far, far away. Every time you struck my nock, a living being somewhere suffered the pain and injury you inflicted.”

Darth Vectivus: Parting Thoughts

So, to sum up, Darth Vectivus can be considered a unique character in the Star Wars universe due to his eccentric but weird ideals that force him to stand out among his fellow Sith lords. His pragmatic and patient approach to the Dark Side of the Force was also quite remarkable, as it allowed fans to witness a Sith that wasn’t just drowned in anger and hate.

Another peculiar thing about Vectivus was that he wasn’t all that interested in conquering the galaxies and definitely didn’t condone aimless violence; instead, he used his connection to the Force to accumulate wealth and knowledge. And let’s not overlook the fact that despite being a Sith lord, he had bits of kindness and compassion throughout his personality, especially for his employees.

So, if you’re a fan of the Dark Side but also plan to dabble into unorthodox territories, the life of Darth Vectivus may be your best bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Were There Any Good Siths Other Than Darth Vectivus?

Answer: Being a Sith usually means blowing up planets, wiping out entire civilizations, and, generally, being a huge jerk. Still, with the likes of Darth Vectivus, not all Sith lords are complete villains in the Star Wars universe.
Some of these Dark Force warriors tried to balance good and evil, or at least that’s what they claimed to do. For instance, a Sith Lord named Darth Traya, who happened to live during the Old Republic era, was an absolute master of manipulation and played both the Jedi and the Sith like puppets to fulfill her own agenda. But while she wasn’t exactly a “good” Sith, she had some complex motivations beyond just wanting power and domination.
Another example is Darth Revan, a virtuoso Jedi Knight who turned rogue. Though Darth Revan did not strictly adhere to the Jedi Code, even after turning to the Dark Side to bring an end to the war-mongering Mandalorians, he still had a thing for innocents. And it would not be wrong to say that a lot of people, who otherwise would not be spared by some other Sith lord, owed their lives to Darth Revan.

Question: Why Was Darth Vectivus Called A Good Sith?

Answer: Darth Vectivus was considered a “good Sith” because, unlike other Sith Lords, he was not obsessed with power or causing destruction. He didn’t seek to dominate the galaxy or kill innocent people for fun. Instead, he was more interested in using the Dark Side to increase his wealth and influence, but only if it didn’t cause any undue harm to others.
In fact, he was known for being a compassionate and considerate leader, treating his employees with respect and allocating them new jobs before leaving on his quest to learn more about the Dark Side. Not to mention, he felt wrong about some of the stuff he did to gain power, and to make things right, he donated his wealth across the galaxy to help the needy.
So, even though he wasn’t all pure and might like the Jedi, he was still considered a good guy because he found a way to harness the power of the Dark Side for his own benefit without hurting others.

Question: Who Would Win A Fight Between Darth Vectivus And Darth Vader?

Answer: It’s difficult to precisely say who would win in a hypothetical fight between Darth Vectivus and Darth Vader, as many factors could influence the outcome. However, we can make some educated guesses based on their respective abilities.
Darth Vectivus was focused more on accumulating money than fighting. He was really good at manipulating the Force and using Sith magic. Plus, he had a charming business empire going for him.
Meanwhile, Darth Vader is like the superstar of the Sith lords. He’s known for being a total beast in combat and for using the Force to crush his enemies. He’s got some insane lightsaber skills and can even choke people from across the room with the Force.
So, in a one-on-one battle, it’s possible that Darth Vader’s combat prowess and Dark Side powers would give him an edge over Darth Vectivus. But let’s not count Darth Vectivus out just yet. He’s a master of Sith Arts and has hidden knowledge, so he might be able to overcome Vader if given sufficient time to prepare.

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