Bad Batch Season 2 Synopsis

After the successful release of Bad Batch season 1, season 2 finally premiered in January 2023. Just like the previous show, it also consists of 16 episodes and continues the story of the Bad Batch after they merely made it out of the drowning Tipoca City.

Although, in my opinion, the first few episodes were more like a filler and didn’t add much to the overall plot, they did lead to the character development of the Bad Batch. But, around episode 7, the storyline ushers in the most significant plot of the Empire, i.e., replacing Clone Troopers with Stormtroopers. Not to mention, at the end of the season, this release became one of the biggest cliffhangers of the Star Wars universe.

So, to give our surviving Jedi a rundown of this season, in this The Bad Batch Season 2 Synopsis guide, I will be talking about the chain of events of each episode while also discussing how these events affected the life of every member of the Bad Batch.

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Bottom Line Up Front

Episode 1 – Spoils Of War: The Bad Batch plans to gather some valuables at Dooku’s castle.
Episode 2 – Ruins Of War: The squad is confronted by the Imperial forces while escaping the castle, and they have to fight their way back to their ship.
Episode 3 – The Solitary Clone: Crosshair is recommissioned to establish Empire’s stronghold over a Separatist establishment.
Episode 4 – Faster: Wrecker, Tech, and Omega help Cid win the race against Grini Melligi.
Episode 5 – Entombed: The Bad Batch and Phe go on a treasure hunt but end up triggering off a war machine.
Episode 6 – Tribe: The Bad Bad helps Gungi and the Wookies fight off the Trandoshans and Clones on Kashyyyk.
Episode 7 – The Clone Conspiracy: The Clones start questioning Rampart’s order which destroyed Tipoca City.
Episode 8 – Truth And Consequences: Senator Chuchi and Organa expose Rampart before the Senate, but Palpatine talks the Senate into passing the new drafting bill.
Episode 9 – The Crossing: The Bad Batch loses Marauder and tries to escape getting stuck in a cavern.
Episode 10 – Retrieval: The squad gets its ship back and liberates the Ipsium miners from their cocky boss.
Episode 11 – Metamorphosis: The Zilo Beast appears again, and before it can wreak havoc, the Imperial forces capture it.
Episode 12 – The Outpost: Crosshair is sent to an Imperial outpost; however, his officer makes him change his mind about the Empire.
Episode 13 – Pabu: Phe takes the Bad Batch to her homeland, and the squad helps the villagers survive the sea surge.
Episode 14 – Tipping Point: Crosshair is taken to an Imperial facility, and Dr Hemlock repeatedly tries to break him.
Episode 15 – The Summit: The Bad Batch tries to trail Tarkin, but they get stuck while escaping Tarkin’s compound.
Episode 16 – Plan 99: Tech sacrifices himself for the squad to escape. But Cid rats on them, and they were captured by the Empire.

Main Characters Of Season 2

The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch
Image from Fandom

The Bad Batch season 2 primarily revolves around the adventures of Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, Echo, and Omega. Hunter, being the leader, continues guiding the squad as always, but his growing concern for Omega becomes evident as the story progresses. He also tries to keep his team away from the Empire and becomes more careful when choosing his missions.

Omega, on the other hand, gets stronger and becomes pretty adept with her crossbow. She also gets to learn many new things from Tech, which include flying Marauder as well. However, despite getting older, she gets more attached to her crew with every passing mission.

Wrecker, the smashing guy, also develops a closer bond with Omega, and both can be seen side-by-side in many adventures. However, unlike the first season, Wrecker gets to smash fewer objects than before.

Echo, in my opinion, gets a little cold as the story continues. Though he still cares for his squad, he starts analysing every situation more objectively, and as a result, he even parts ways with his crew when he feels the Clones need him more than the Bad Batch.

Tech undergoes significant character development in season 2. Despite being impervious, Tech displays extra care for Omega and Phe. Not only that, but when the time comes, he does the most selfless act for his crew.


Crosshair Bad Batch
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In the new season, Crosshair – the fallen member of the Bad Batch – gets another chance to serve the Empire. However, he is demoted from the rank of Commander and now works under Imperial officers. Although he successfully pulls off many missions for the Empire, the Imperial officers extend a very condescending treatment towards him, and this attitude makes him grow apart from the Empire. But unfortunately, he soon gets captured, and the Empire tries to break him to extract information about his former squad.


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Cid is a perfect example of what to expect from a Trandoshan. Cunning, manipulative, and devious, Cid continues being a selfish creature in season 2. And despite the Bad Batch going out of the way for Cid many a time, she never reciprocates the same. On the contrary, it is she who leads to the capture of the squad.

Phee Genoa

Phee Genoa
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Phee is a pirate who sits in Cid’s parlour and tags along on a few missions with the Bad Batch. Despite being a buccaneer, her character is more about adventure and compassion, which is evident from the fact that she invites the Bad Batch to her homeland while knowing that they are on the top of the most wanted list of the Empire.

Vice Admiral Rampart

Vice Admiral Rampart
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After the destruction of Tipoca City in season 1, Rampart becomes less worried about the Bad Batch and focuses more on establishing Empire’s stronghold in the insurgent areas. Meanwhile, he tries to get the new draft bill passed by the Senate, but, once again, his plans are firmly thwarted by the Bad Batch.

Notable Cameos

The appearances which made this season fantastic include:

  • Darth Sidious
  • Admiral Tarkin
  • Commander Rex
  • Senator Chuchi
  • Senator Bail Organa
  • Lama Su
  • Saw Gerrera

Major Events

Sifting Through Dooku’s Stuff

Sifting Through Dooku’s Stuff
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As Tech was fixing their ship – Marauder – Hunter, Wrecker, and Echo came running with supplies. However, they were not just running but were followed by crab-like creatures. So, to make way for the rest of her team to climb the ship, Omega took out her bow and started shooting those creatures.

After returning from the mission, when the Bad Batch reached Cid’s parlor, they met a pirate named Phe Genoa, who told them about a tempting target, Castle Serenno. But there was a catch; this castle was not ordinary and belonged to the infamous Sith lord, Count Dooku.

Despite the Empire on their back, the crew decided to head to Serenno. But when they reached the palace, the Imperial ships were already clearing the castle, and thus, they had to sneak their way into a container to find something valuable.

As Hunter and Wrecker moved crates to their ship, the Imperial cargo vessels set off, and Tech, Echo, and Omega got trapped inside the container. On the other hand, as Hunter and Wrecker rushed to help their crew, they were intercepted by the trooper’s fire and had to take cover in Dooku’s palace.

With no way out, Echo and Tech ultimately set all the containers free, knowing that a vulnerable impact was imminent. But thanks to their brains, the thrusters opened in time, and they landed near a cliff. Still, unfortunately, Tech crushed his leg during the crash landing, and Omega and Echo had to drag him out of the container. Moments later, during their search for a safe place, Tech, Echo, and Omega came across a native, Romar, and they decided to spend the night at his home so Tech could rest.

As Hunter and Wrecker were escaping the forces, Omega, Tech, and Echo went back to their container and tried to retrieve some jewels; however, it wasn’t their day, and they got ambushed by the troopers shortly after. But thanks to Hunter and Echo’s impressive entrance, they saved their stranded peers in the nick of time.

In the end, when Captain Wilco informed Vice-Admiral Rampart about the Clone Force 99, which was still alive, Rampart asked the Captain to fake the report in the Empire’s best interests. However, when Wilco declined to lie to the Empire, Rampart shot him straight in the chest, throwing him right off the cliff.

Recommissioning Crosshair

Even after the end of the Confederacy, a desert planet – Desix – did not totally accept the rule of the Empire. Therefore, an Imperial Forces unit, under the command of Governor Grotton, was sent to establish the Emperor’s rule on this rebellious planet. But, when the Governor reached the castle, he was arrested, and several Imperial soldiers were killed.

When Vice-Admiral learned about the incident, he sent Crosshair under the supervision of Commander Cody to rescue the Governor and get rid of the remaining droid army that was controlled by the locals.

After making it to Desix, the Imperial squad sneaked into the castle. Upon reaching the top, Cody and his squad found that a girl named Tawni Ames – who claimed to be the Governor of Desix – was keeping Grotton hostage.

Cody talked Ames into letting go of the Governor by promising her that he wouldn’t hurt her. But, when Ames freed Grotton, Grotton ordered Cody to kill Ames. Although Cody refused to follow the order, Crosshair shot her point black – an incident which had such a profound impact on Cody’s life that he deserted the Imperial Forces later on.

Cid’s Racing Diary

Cid’s Racing Diary
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If you are a fan of Little Anny, you don’t want to miss episode 4 of Bad Batch season II; after all, we didn’t get to see podracing after Phantom Menace.

While Hunter and Echo were on a mission, Cid proposed to Tech, Wrecker, and Omega to join her on a new task. And the crew reached a desert planet, Safa Toma, to participate in a pod-racing event.

After Cid introduced the racer, who had been winning her wagers for quite some time, Tech became a little skeptical as counting on TAY-0, the racer droid, in crucial situations wasn’t a good idea. But as Tech was arguing with the droid, a gangster and Cid’s former acquaintance, Grini Melligi, approached Cid and manipulated her to wager on her droid, which she regrettably accepted.

The race finally started, and all the racers tried their best to take the lead. But when Grini’s rider, Jet Venim, started lagging, he attacked TAY-0’s speeder and sent it spinning into a crash.

After the race, Melligi went to Cid to collect his reward. But, to everyone’s surprise, Omega made a counteroffer and asked for another race, proposing that they would double the prize if he won the second race. Although the offer was too fascinating, and Melligi obviously accepted it, he still detained Cid as a guarantee.

The race started as usual, and every racer tried to remove his competitor out of the way. But this time, Tech was driving in place of TAY-0, as it was still undergoing repairs, and while the racers were busy meddling with each, Tech made it to the finish line and earned Cid her freedom.

The Hidden Treasure

Despite many successful missions, the Bad Batch was still trying to pay Cid off and find themselves a safe soft. On one such errand, when Wrecker and Omega were scavenging for some valuables, they came across a compass and took it to Phe, who told them about a tale of hidden treasure that could change their lives once and for all.

After reaching Kaldar Trinary System, the Bad Batch and Phe went into a mountain which led to several secret pathways. And though every path was a puzzle or some booby trap, the crew made it deeper into the mountain’s core with the help of the compass.

During their last puzzle, the compass got stuck in the mountain. But this proved a blessing in disguise, and they found the treasure shortly after: a glamorous stone with a purple tint. And as they rushed to the rock and Phe removed it from its socket, the surrounding started moving, and everything lit up.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the mysterious mountain turned into a saurian-shaped war machine that started projecting powerful laser beams on the ground and demolished everything that got in its way. But fortunately, just before those deadly beams could evaporate Marauder, Phe put the treasure stone back in its place, bringing an end to this war-mongering machine.

The Wookie Chapter

The Wookie Chapter
Image from Fandom

Another great character reintroduced in the Bad Batch season 2 was a Wookie named Gungi – a Jedi from the Clone Wars. After the Bad Batch moved to a distant place to broker a deal with a criminal cartel, Vanguard Axis, Omega came across Gungi, who was being detained by the cartel. And although their deal didn’t mature at the end of the negotiations, they were successful in rescuing Gungi from those droids.

But still, Gungi was far from home, and to bring him back to his people, the Bad Batch headed toward Kashyyyk. Nonetheless, the Imperial ships were already guarding the planet, and the Bad Batch had to secretly make their way into the planet. But, they soon realized that the planet was being ransacked by the sworn enemies of Wookies, the Trandoshans.

After the Bad Batch successfully took out some Trandoshans with the help of the young Jedi, the Wookies came out from the bushes and took them to their hideout. While on the other hand, Trandoshans teamed up with Imperial Troopers to wipe out the Wookies to take their revenge. But they forgot it was the Fur balls they were going against. And with the Bad Batch and Wookies fighting side-by-side, the Trandoshans soon regretted their decision.

The Kamino Mystery Unveiled

The most significant event in The Bad Batch season 1 was the annihilation of Topica City by the Imperial Forces. Not only did it take many lives, but the Senate was also kept in the dark about it. In season 2, the clones started speaking out about the actual event, but they were silenced one by one before their words could reach any ear.

As the Empire was planning for a new force to replace the Clones, a bill was proposed in the Senate. But before the voting could take place, Senator Chuchi and Organa came to know that the destruction of the Cloning facility on Kamino was not an accident and was actually ordered by Vice Admiral Rampart.

Senator Chuchi, with the help of Commander Rex, made contact with the Bad Batch and asked them to help her get the information about Topica City’s destruction. However, this information was only available on Rampart’s Venator, and the squad had to clandestinely make their way into the ship stationed at the repairing bay and retrieve the information before the voting could begin.

And finally, when the session in the Senate commenced, Chuchi accused Rampart of bringing down Tipoca City and diverting cloning funds without Senate’s approval. But just before she could be rebuked for her allegations, the Bad Batch handed over the drive obtained from Rampart’s ship to Chuchi, revealing Rampart’s role in the destruction.

Bad Batch

While the whole Senate gasped at what they just saw, before anyone could say any word, the sirens rang, and Chancellor Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious, entered the building in his Repulsorpod. After making an intimidating entry, he ordered Rampart’s arrest and thanked Senator Chuchi for such a revealing discovery.

However, contrary to what anyone could have thought, Palpatine blamed the Clone’s unconditional obedience responsible for the destruction and convinced the Senate to vote for a new army of Stormtroopers.

After the apparent victory, which turned into a significant loss, Chuchi vowed to be the voice of the Clones. Also, before the Bad Batch could take off, Echo stayed behind with Rex to help her brother in need, a news that became too hard to digest for Omega.

The End Of A Despot

After Coruscant, the Bad Batch went on a mission to retrieve Ipsium – a highly explosive substance – from a mine. Omega, however, missed Echo at every moment and found it hard to overcome the fact that he had left them.

When Hunter and Tech completed the extraction, a poacher stole their ship, and with no transport left, they decided to go to the nearest village. However, on their way back, they found themselves stuck in a sandstorm and decided to take shelter in a cavern. But unfortunately, the strong winds threw the Ipsium cases at the cavern, resulting in an explosion and blocking the entrance.

After making it out of the cavern, they proceeded to the abandoned spaceport to find their ship. With food getting short and no clue of Marauder, Omega tried to locate their craft by tracing the Binary Reference Code of the power droid of the ship – Glonky. Meanwhile, Benny, the poacher, took the vessel to their leader, Marco, who became a bit skeptical that the craft could draw attention.

The location led them to a hideout, and after reaching there, the Bad Batch interrogated Benny, the poacher, who also had the droid in his possession. Benny led the squad to the Ipsium mine where their ship was being held; however, when the Bad Batch reached the hangar, they discovered that the ship’s hyperdrive was missing.

While Hunter, Wrecker, and Tech stayed on the ship to install the hyperdrive, Omega and Benny went to the control tower to lower Ray-shields. While Omega was busy lowering the shields, Benny tattletaled on the Batch Bad, and Marco detained the whole squad. However, shortly after, Benny confronted Marco in front of all the miners, and a brawl broke out in the facility, ending Marco’s life. After that, the squad got into their ship and set off on their journey back home.

Return Of The Beast

While transporting the Zillo Beast to Mountain Tantiss, the new cloning facility developed after the destruction of the Tipoca City of Kamino, the Imperial Forces lost their ship, and a search party was sent after them. Meanwhile, the Bad Batch received a tip from Cid about a lost ship that might have had some valuables on board. However, after reaching the ship, they discovered that the whole crew was devoured by the energy-eating creature, which was now heading toward the village.

The Bad Batch tried their best to restrain the beast, but after consuming energy from the village’s power grid, it had become exponentially bigger and was impossible to stop. Nevertheless, luckily, the Imperial Forces arrived on time and got hold of the beast.

During this mission, the Bad Batch learned that the Zillo Beast was a clone set to be used in developing the Imperial weaponry. At the same time, the Imperial scientist, Dr. Royce Hemlock, who was having a hard time convincing the Kaminoan chief scientist, Nala Se, sent for the Kaminoan former prime minister Lama Su, who, in lieu of his freedom, revealed that the only way to persuade Nala Se to join the research would be through Omega.

The Defiance Of The Marksman

The Defiance Of The Marksman
Image from Fandom

After his first successful mission, Crosshair traveled to an Imperial depot on Barton IV, The Outpost, to secure some high-value cargo until it was transported.

After reaching the planet, they were briefed about the loss of troopers’ lives due to the frequent raids on the facility. While they were still discussing the security measures, the depot was attacked again, wherein two cargo crates were stolen. As a result, Lt. Nolan ordered Crosshair and the Commander of The Outpost, Mayday, to retrieve the stolen crates at all costs.

Soon after going into the wilderness, Mayday and Crosshair successfully found the cargo, which was nothing but Stormtroopers’ armor. While Mayday was still contemplating the Empire’s disregard for the Clones, an avalanche came down their way, causing severe injury to Mayday, and Crosshair had to drag him all the way to The Outpost.

After they made it to the post, Mayday was really struggling to breathe. However, the lieutenant blatantly refused to offer any help, which consequently led to Mayday’s death. Out of anger, Crosshair killed the lieutenant with his blaster and was taken prisoner before he passed out.

A Surviving Safe Haven In The Galaxy

Phe Genoa, Omega, Hunter, and Wrecker, were trying to broker an artifact deal with some criminals. But the negotiations did not go as expected, and a shoot-out set off in the bar. After making a successful escape with the help of Tech, the Bad Batch received a message from Cid, inquiring and threatening about their prolonged absence. Phe didn’t know about the squad’s current relationship with Cid, but after hearing her message, she took them to Pabu.

On Pabu, they were greeted by the island’s mayor, Shep Hazard, and his daughter, Lyana, who invited them to dinner. While the Bad Batch was having the best dinner of their lives, Omega and Lyana went on a boat ride. However, shortly after, the island started experiencing tremors, and Tech warned the mayor about the imminent sea surge ahead.

As the tremors started intensifying, Shep told everyone to reach the upper part of the island. Meanwhile, Hunter went after Omega and Layna, who had already crashed their boat in the water.

Fortunately, right before the sea surge hit the island, everyone made it safely to the top, including Omega and Lyana. Still, the sea surge did much damage to the property, and it was estimated that it would take several rotations to fix things. As a result, the Bad Batch, being the Good Batch, decided to stay there and help people until they got back on their feet.

A Distress Call

Unlike the first season, this season was pretty harsh for Crosshair. As he was taken to Doctor Hemlock, the doctor told him that if he wanted to see the outside again, he would have to help the Empire find Clone Force 99, who possessed some Imperial property, i.e., Omega.

And as we know, Crosshair had a change of heart after the destruction of Tipoca City; he did not cooperate with Doctor Hemlock. On the contrary, he sent his former squad members a transmission to initiate Plan 88 and warned the Bad Batch about the incoming danger.

Meanwhile, Echo had a reunion with the rest of the Bad Batch on Pabu, and Tech helped him decode the data he retrieved from an Imperial ship that was transporting some clone prisoners. They learned that the Clones were being transported to a clandestine Imperial research center, and Crosshair was also among them.

Crossing Paths With Gerrera

Crossing Paths With Gerrera
Image from Fandom

To find Crosshair, the Bad Batch decided to track Doctor Hemlock, who was traveling to Tarkin’s compound where an Imperial summit was taking place. Hemlock proposed at the meeting that if the decommissioned Clones were handed over to him, they could be used as test subjects for his advanced research. This would not only aid in his scientific research but would also solve the Clone problem for good.

After clandestinely making it to the Tarkin’s compound, the Bad Batch headed toward Hemlock’s ship to place a homing beacon on it. During their search, Hunter and Tech came across Saw Gerrera planting bombs in the compound to target the high Imperial officers attending the summit. And while they were arguing with Gerrera not to blow up the facility, as one of the Imperial officers could lead to the secret Clone’s prison camp, Stormtroopers ambushed them.

During their escape, Saw Gerrera and his team made it to the hangar and took a ship off the compound, while the Bad Batch got on the railcar going toward the forest where their spacecraft was stationed. However, just after they left in the railcar, Saw Gerrera set off the bombs, which substantially damaged the compound and caused power loss, and the Bad Batch got stuck in mid-air.

Losing A Brother

To be honest, the end of season 2 proved to be an emotional roller coaster for the Star Wars fans. As the Bad Batch was still in mid-air, Stormtroopers started firing, and Tech had to proceed to the power terminal to reboot the system to get the railcar going. However, on his way back to the railcar, Tech was left hanging by a cord after he lost balance due to the Imperial fire. And after a while, Tech shot his cable so the rest of the crew could escape.

Bad Batch

After making it safely to Cid’s parlor, while they were discussing the loss of their brother, Cid ratted on the Bad Batch, and the Imperial Forces came rushing in, and except Echo, all were captured by the Empire.

As Omega was carried to Hemlock’s ship, Echo confronted the troopers escorting Hunter and Wrecker and set them free. But before they could make it to Omega, Hemlock’s vessel took off for Tantiss, and the remaining Bad Batch had to fly away in Marauder to save their lives.

My Take On The Bad Batch Season II

Frankly, when I started watching season II, I became very disappointed at the filler content, which wasn’t adding much to the main plot, and I had to take a hiatus from a Star Wars show, which I don’t usually do. But thankfully, when some spoilers from the later episodes caught my attention, this season made its place in my list of most binge-worthy series.

And I would not be lying if I say, with some famous cameos, like Sidious and Gerrera, this season brought back many nostalgic memories; on top of that, the cliffhangers also speak for the fantastic direction Star Wars is famous for.

All in all, this season is another masterpiece of Dave Filoni, and like every Bad Batch lover, I am counting the days until its last season is released.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When will Bad Batch season III be released?

Answer: Though no specific date has been announced so far, season 3 will be coming at the start of 2024. And as Lucasfilm, now Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC, is now owned by Disney, this season will most probably be premiered on Disney+.

Question: What happened to Tech at the end of season 2?

Answer: While the Bad Batch was escaping from Tarkin’s compound, their railcar was derailed by the Imperial Forces’ continuous fire. Tech, who was held by a cord, shot his rope with the blaster to get rid of the extra weight which was keeping the railcar off the rail. And although this heroic act saved the Bad Batch from the Imperial Forces, it resulted in the loss of Tech’s life.

Question: Why did Crosshair send a distress call to the Bad Batch?

Answer: After their last interaction in Tipoca City, Crosshair had a change of heart. Following the killing of his officer, when he got captured, Dr. Hemlock coerced him to share the location of the Bad Batch. And although he was captured by the Imperial Forces while trying to escape, he sent a distress call to the crew so they could know what was coming for them.

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