Galaxy’s Best Luke Skywalker Action Figures Guide

“I’m Luke Skywalker, I’m Here To Rescue You.”

When it comes to Star Wars, not all characters enjoy the same fame as Luke does. A bit brash and impulsive, he played a major role in the Original Star Wars Trilogy and Sequels and remained the most influential protagonist of the Galaxy.

More specifically, in my opinion, there could have been no better poetic justice for Darth Vader’s deeds than the life of Luke Skywalker.

Playing a significant role in a number of movies, series, video games, and novels, Luke Skywalker enjoys a massive fanbase in the Star Wars universe.

To satisfy the needs of such an enormous audience, not only the officially licensed items swarm the Luke Skywalker merchandise, but the fan-made products are also quite popular in the market.

And we all know no merchandise, especially the likes of Star Wars and Star Trek, can ever be complete without action figures. Thus, this article is dedicated to those Luke fans who are looking for their favorite action figure.

In this best Luke Skywalker action figures guide, from product reviews to my buying hacks, I will try to cover everything I believe a Luke fan should know in order to successfully purchase their favorite action figure. So read on to find more figures from Luke Skywalker’s daring rescues to bold attacks and lucky escapes.

You’ll Find I’m Full Of Surprises.” – Luke Skywalker.

Bottom Line Up Front

My top favorite Luke Skywalker figure has to be the Star Wars Vintage Special Cave of Evil Action Figure 3-Pack. With Luke, Yoda, and Darth Vader in one pack, this set offers a lot of options for exciting and creative playtime.

The two lightsabers allow you to duel Luke and Vader or even put this father-and-son duo against the Grand Master Yoda.

Not to mention, including three iconic figures in one set, this pack is a great deal for its price.

My Top Picks

  1. Luke Skywalker (Snow speeder Pilot). A tribute to Luke’s destruction of the Death Star and the success of the Rebel cause.
  2. Star Wars: The Black Series Hyperreal Luke Skywalker. A photorealistic Luke Skywalker action figure – a perfect pick for avid collectors.
  3. Star Wars Vintage Special Cave of Evil Action Figure 3-Pack. Recreate the legendary duel between father and son, or should I say, the duel between the Dark Side and the Light Side.

My Selection Criteria for these Action Figures

luke skywalker action figures

Great Memorabilia

Most of these actions figures relate to some critical events — Battle of Hoth, Destruction of Death Star II, Luke’s training on Dagobah — that shaped the Star Wars universe. Therefore, they not only serve as great memorabilia for Luke fans but also for Star Wars fans in general.

Vintage Items

Luke isn’t only famous among Gen-Z but had been and is still quite popular among millennials and Gen-X Star Wars fans. Keeping in mind these experienced padawans, I have also covered vintage figures in this guide.


The Star Wars fan community comes from diverse backgrounds. Therefore, though some lifelike figures cost an arm and a leg, I have also included some of the most affordable action figures — ranging from $15 to $20 —  for those Luke fans who are shot on a budget.

A Crux of My Buying Experience

Avoid Ordering Luke Skywalker Action Figures Online when You Can Buy from a Physical Store

While online shopping is convenient, it is also very inconsistent and can sometimes be unreliable. For example, you might get an Anakin Skywalker action figure when you order a Luke Skywalker figure. Trust me; this happened to many of us Luke fans.

Moreover, the figure may also be delivered damaged or defective. Although this does not happen very often, you can never deny the odds, especially when you are not that lucky with the Force.

Therefore, buying from a physical shop can be the best option. In this way, you can easily identify any problems in real-time rather than waiting for a delivery and then having to return it for a replacement.

Confirm that the Action Figure You Want to Purchase is not a Simple Figure

Luke Skywalker, being a popular character, has numerous figures that may resemble action figures, but they are, in fact, decorative collectibles that lack any form of articulation. This may result in quite a disappointment when you are looking for action figures that you could play with and place in different poses.

And let us not forget that some online sellers also use the wrong title for their “action figure,” which is no more than a simple immovable figure. So, don’t forget to go through the product description and pictures, and make sure that the figure is an action figure with bendable joints before purchasing it.

Make Sure to Check the Ratings

luke skywalker action figure

Before hitting the order button, go through the review section of a product; after all, it is one of the best places to check if the action figure is worth it or not.

A positive score will help you ascertain whether the action figure has good quality with no major hidden defects. And as far as the low rating is concerned, avoid purchasing such figures, as most buyers might have experienced problems with them.

Go Through Different Vendors Before Purchasing Your Luke Skywalker Action Figure

Before settling on a particular store or vendor to buy your Luke Skywalker figure, ensure that you have taken the time to compare prices and options that are offered by different sellers. Doing this makes it much easier to spot good deals, and you might even get lucky to come across a rare variant of the action figure you are looking for.

My Top Picks

Kid Friendly Figures

These figures have a cute look that quickly finds its way to children’s hearts. Not to mention their smooth finish and soft texture make them best for kids. However, this makes them a little less detailed.

Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, and Grogu Action Figure Set

luke skywalker, r2-d2, and grogu action figure set

I have to say, I was quite satisfied and even surprised to see Luke and Grogu united in the Mandalorian. So, this action figure set is for all the Star Wars fans who felt the same.

This action figure features my favorite Star Wars characters, R2-D2 and Grogu, both depicted masterfully. Luke Skywalker’s face, however, could have been made better as, in my opinion, it lacks some realistic detail. Still, I love Luke’s black outfit as it resembles his father’s, Darth Vader, armor.

This set gives me flashbacks of the time Yoda was training Luke on Dagobah. And now, with this set, Luke is training young Grogu – a perfect reminder of how history repeats itself.

Grogu’s figure also looks cute but has very limited limb movement; the same is the case with R2-D2. On the other hand, Luke’s figure is the only one that has fully bendable limbs and arms. Still, for the price tag of under $30, this set of three action figures is well worth the price.


  • This set features three action figures of famous Star Wars heroes.
  • It has a very fair price.


  • The face of the Luke action figure lacks detail.

Luke Skywalker Action Figure by Hasbro – Star Wars: The Black Series – 6”

luke skywalker action figure by hasbro – star wars - the black series – 6inch

It’s hard to forget that Luke Skywalker was nothing but a simple moisture farmer before Empire came looking for R2-D2 and 3CPO and turned his life upside down. This action figure perfectly shows the accounts of his early life.

With a white coat to reflect Tatooine’s scorching heat and a pair of solid brown boots to walk on the sand safely, this simple farmer’s attire is a testament to Luke’s struggle and contains a hidden message that success has nothing to do with those born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

I love how they used the cloth to make the coat, adding a little flair to this action figure. The waist belt on this figure’s waist looks quite realistic. But to be honest, what really attracts me is the level of finish on the lightsaber. The shine of its hilt and the way its blade gradually fades to a dark blue shade at the end, it’s just glamorous.

Available at a reasonable price, get this piece of Star Wars history while the stock lasts.


  • This action figure uses real cloth for the white coat.
  • The lightsaber offers exquisite looks.


  • This figure attracts dust.
  • The wrinkles on the torso look unreasonably excessive.

Life-like Figures

The Luke action figure collection has some well-detailed and realistic options as well. Although they offer an array of articulations and have a great finish, most of them come at a high price.

FigureLuke Skywalker (Snow Speeder Pilot)

figureluke skywalker (snow speeder pilot)

Luke Skywalker was known to be an excellent pilot, just like his father, and this action figure captures him in a bright-orange Rebel Starfighter flight suit along with a helmet having a yellow visor and red markings.

I love the tremendous detail on this figure. From the black and thick thermal gloves to the flak jacket carrying life support and having minute buttons, everything is just perfect.

Not to mention the flares that are lined above the ankles on his dark black boots are pretty accurate, while the hanging gray straps on the flight suit are also depicted nicely.

This figure reminds me of his iconic flight to Death Star and his successful maneuvers leading ultimately to its destruction.

A Luke Skywalker figure is not complete without a lightsaber, so this figure comes with his iconic lightsaber. Plus, a blaster is included as well so that Luke can protect you if his lightsaber ever gets out of order.


  • The figure offers ultra-photorealistic detail.
  • This action figure also serves as a perfect collectible for Rebel fans.


  • The blaster gun included in this figure lacks a holster to hang it on.

Star Wars: The Black Series Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony)

star wars - the black series luke skywalker (yavin ceremony)

If you are new to Star Wars, I bet one of the most annoying things would be references to BBY; after all, what was wrong with A.D. or B.C., right? An acronym for Before the Battle of Yavin, BBY makes reference to Rebel’s decisive battle, wherein Luke Skywalker managed to shoot directly into the Death Star’s main core, resulting in its obliteration.

This action figure is a tribute to Luke’s heroic efforts. Wearing a gold medal of bravery on its chest, this action figure shows our hero, Luke, in an open brown jacket with a black shirt underneath.

If you are looking for a Luke figure that also comes with a lightsaber, this action figure is not the thing for you. It only includes a single blaster. Still, the holster that hangs down its brown pants looks pretty badass. I have to say this figure is one of the hottest Luke action figures that exist out there.


  • The gold medal looks regal and stunning.
  • This figure captures Luke’s expressions very nicely.
  • The medal is also removable.


  • This blaster is weirdly big, almost the length of the figure’s arm.

Luke Skywalker Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure

luke skywalker deluxe sixth scale figure

Now talking about the G.I. Joe look of Luke Skywalker, this action figure is based on the movie Return of the Jedi. With a shiny black shirt, pair of pants, and shoes, the only thing that is not ninja-based is his metallic belt buckle and green lightsaber.

Standing 12 inches tall, this action figure has a nice shine. Moreover, the lightsaber is of perfect length. With his Jedi training complete, this figure reminds me of Luke’s dramatic escape from Jabba the Hutt, ultimately rescuing Han Solo and Princess Leia.

I have to say, for its iconic black outfit, this action figure is a must-have for those Luke fans who want to celebrate Luke’s courageous step to confront his father by surrendering to Darth Sidious.


  • With excellent attention to detail, this action figure is a great addition for any collector.
  • This figure has a number of accessories.


  • This action figure is a little heavy to play with.

Star Wars: The Black Series Hyperreal Luke Skywalker

star wars - the black series hyperreal luke skywalker

If you are looking for an exceptionally sculpted Luke action figure, you do not want to overlook this recommendation.

For me, this action figure recalls the dark memories of Luke Skywalker’s first duel with his father, Darth Vader, wherein he lost his original blue lightsaber after a brutal blow that severed his hand.

With five pairs of interchangeable hands in different poses, this figure is a constant reminder that Luke is going to need some “extra hand” very soon.

With photo-realistic detail, this figure is a marvel to look at. I would not be exaggerating if I say, from head to toe, everything is crafted in such perfection that it takes you to the world of Star Wars, and you feel like you are standing face-to-face with Luke Skywalker.

To recreate the iconic duel between the father and his son, the metal grate where they fought is included in this set. All in all, this 8” action figure is one of the most premium and detailed Luke figures available in the market.


  • This set comes with five pairs of hands in different positions.
  • An extra head with a different facial expression is also included.
  • The blade of the lightsaber can be detached from its hilt.


  • This action figure can be quite expensive.
  • The standard packaging might have some flaws.

Star Wars the Black Series Luke Skywalker and Yoda (Jedi Training)

star wars the black series luke skywalker and yoda (jedi training)

Yoda, the Jedi master of sheer power and wisdom, was first introduced on the swamp planet of Bespar, where Luke crash lands with his X-wing fighter in a try to search for him. And thanks to his great training, we know Luke Skywalker as one of the greatest Jedi to ever live.

This action figure set includes the master and his padawan, Yoda and Luke Skywalker. Luke’s figure is shown in a faded green khaki vest and trousers, which are stained with dirt; a perfect reminder of the fact that Jedi training is never too easy, especially when Master Yoda is your teacher.

Similarly, the Yoda figure also uses real cloth to give a more premium feel to the action figure. But, apart from the material, I am a big fan of how master Yoda’s face was sculpted. Every wrinkle and furrow is meticulously crafted, which gives this figure an almost real-life look.

Another interesting thing about this set is the blue backpack, which can be used to mount Yoda on top of Luke’s back, just like in the movies. The only bummer is that this set is pretty expensive compared to its other counterparts.


  • The cloth used in these figures gives them a premium feel.
  • This set offers one of the most detailed figures of Master Yoda.


  • This action figure set costs almost double than an ordinary pack.

Star Wars: The Black Series Archive Collection Luke Skywalker (Hoth Gear)

star wars - the black series archive collection luke skywalker (hoth gear)

No Star Wars fan can ever forget the nail-biting scene of the series when Luke Skywalker, in a bid to examine a crashed meteor shower on the ice planet of Hoth, gets cornered by a tall and wooly Wampa, who had nothing but some vicious temper.

This action figure shows Luke in a winter suit. With a beige scarf to ensure proper insulation, a warm hat with snow goggles is also there to help Luke travel his way through the harsh snowstorm. And let’s not forget the ice boots, without which even a single step would remain impossible.

This figure also includes Luke’s iconic lightsaber and his blaster, which led him through many victories. Standing 6” tall, this action figure is a perfect pick for any Star Wars fan building their Hoth collection.


  • This action figure also comes with a belt clip to attach the lightsaber hilt.
  • Luke’s blaster is done in great detail.


  • The facial features of this figure do not share any resemblance with Luke.

Vintage Figures

The Star Wars community has fans from different age groups, and not all of them share the same taste in action figures. For all OG Luke fans, this category includes figures from the late 90s or the ones that are based on early versions of Luke action figures. These figures might look cheap, but they are quite a collectible.

Star Wars Princess Leia & Luke Skywalker Action Figure 2-Pack

star wars princess leia & luke skywalker action figure 2-pack

When it comes to Princess Leia, we all know she is as courageous as Luke Skywalker. After all, sending blueprints of one of the most intimidating weapons of the Galaxy, Death Star, while still on it, is a feat not all dare to perform.

This action figure pack is perfect for those who want to rejoice at the adventures of these beautiful siblings. The Luke action figure shows him in a blown brown coat with a black shirt underneath, dressed for the Yavin ceremony. The figure also includes a blaster gun on its waist belt hanging on a holster.

Talking about Princess Leia’s figure, it comes in a pure white dress that covers her whole body. This figure shows her with the royal emeralds on her neck and includes the gold medal she gifted to Luke after the destruction of the Death Star.

Before you make fun of their weird expressions, let me say that, with poor attention to detail, these figures are better off as toys instead of collector’s items.


  • The use of original cloth for these figures gives them a soft feel.
  • This figure set commemorates one of the iconic moments of Star Wars history, the Yavin ceremony.


  • The detailing on these figures is a bit bland and uninteresting.

Star Wars Vintage Special Cave of Evil Action Figure 3-Pack

star wars vintage special cave of evil action figure 3-pack

The training of Luke Skywalker under Master Yoda is one of the most iconic events of the Empire Strikes Back. After all, it was through this training on the swampy planet of Dagobah that Luke was able to confront his father, lord Vader.

This action figure set includes all three major characters of Episode V, Luke, Yoda, and Darth Vader. Luke is shown in a white vest and lime green pants, with brown boots. At the same time, Yoda’s figure adds a nice touch by using fabric for his cloak, not to mention his musical instrument, Blissl, hanging around his neck.

Talking about Darth Vader’s action figure, it offers the iconic black armor he wore after his defeat at Mustafar. Despite using real cloth for the armor to give it a premium feel, this figure still channels the Dark Side of the Force.

With two lightsabers included, you can duel Luke against Darth Vader, or by using the blue backpack, you can replicate Luke’s training with Yoda on his back. And don’t forget, a blaster, Yoda’s walking staff, and two pairs of Luke’s replaceable hands are also included in this set.


  • This set contains three iconic figures from Star Wars.
  • Includes lightsabers for both Luke and Darth Vader.


  • The elbow joints of Luke’s figure look pretty lame.
  • The Yoda’s cloak is made very baggy.

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper) a New Hope Action Figure

star wars the vintage collection luke skywalker (stormtrooper) a new hope action figure

One of the unique moments in Star Wars was when Luke Skywalker donned a Stormtrooper’s suit to rescue Princess Leia, who was stranded on Death Star. This one-of-a-kind figure is a perfect reminder of such a heroic feat.

Not only does the white armor shine brightly on this action figure, but the level of detail – the grooves on the arms to the detailing of different gadgets carried along the waist belt – is simply remarkable.

The figure also offers a removable helmet, allowing it to reveal the detailed face of young Skywalker underneath. I would say that the hair in this figure seems a bit out of place, but again, this further adds to the minute details; after all, helmets do mess up hair.

Moreover, this figure includes an Imperial blaster that Stormtroopers often used to hit almost nothing. While Stormtroopers’ accuracy leaves something to be desired, this action figure is a great memento for any fans of the original trilogy. But remember, this action figure does not include a lightsaber.


  • A unique piece – you don’t see Luke Skywalker being a Stormtrooper every day.
  • Has a detachable helmet.


  • The action figure does not offer Luke Skywalker’s iconic lightsaber.
  • Smudges are clearly visible in this figure.

Luke Skywalker Action Figure Blaster Rifle & Electrobinoculars

luke skywalker action figure blaster rifle & electrobinoculars

Another action figure to honor the humble beginnings of Luke Skywalker. This 1998 Luke Skywalker action figure by Kenner is a rare find.

And the fact that it is still selling for under 15 dollars means you should not wait any longer if you are into vintage figures. After all, I am pretty sure you would never want it to go out of stock or its price to become exorbitantly high.

Featuring Luke’s first outfit, when he was still at Tatooine, this figure has a creamy white top with Luke’s signature waist belt. I really love the blaster rifle that comes with this figure. It reminds me that even with no Jedi training, Luke still knew how to protect himself.

With electro binoculars included, you can help Luke scout his surroundings for any Tusken Raiders. This figure might not be the first choice of Gen-Z Star Wars fans, but if you are an OG collector, the back cover of this figure’s packaging, featuring both young Anakin and Luke, will be sufficient for you to go for this vintage piece.


  • This figure includes a flashback photo of Luke Skywalker in the box.
  • This set is a vintage find.


  • This figure has little to no attention to detail.

Star Wars Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker (Endor) Action Figure

star wars vintage collection luke skywalker (endor) action figure

The destruction of Death Star II at the hands of Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca ultimately led to the fall of the Empire. However, every Star Wars fans know that if it weren’t for Luke, none of this would have happened.

This Luke action figure is an absolute delight and comes with real cloth-based apparel, making it a perfect choice for realistic playtime. With vintage Kenner packaging, which might interest some collectors, this figure also comes with the helmet that Luke wore during his dizzying chases on a speed bike on Endor.

In terms of accessories, this figure definitely remains in my top charts. It not only has a blaster and a lightsaber, but it also includes an extra lightsaber hilt, all of which do not even cost $15. What more to expect from an action figure of such a price tag? Indeed a great memento of the last chapter of the original trilogy!


  • This figure includes real cloth for Luke’s cloak.
  • This figure comes at a very affordable price.


  • The lightsaber blade is pretty enormous, which does not fall in line with the size of the figure on the whole.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are Vintage Luke Skywalker Action Figures Still Available?

Answer: Yes, some vintage action figures from the original Kenner Company from the ’70s are available to this day. However, most of them are available at very high prices and are also very rare to find.

Question: Can I Buy Luke Skywalker Action Figures from My Local Store?

Answer: Yes. Luke Skywalker figures are one of the most popular categories of Star Wars action figures, and it is very likely to find them at most retail stores. However, the availability of different variants varies from place to place.

Question: Do All Luke Skywalker Action Figures Come with a Lightsaber?

Answer: Most of Luke Skywalker’s action figures contain his iconic weapon, the lightsaber. But some of them only include his blaster or even nothing at all. Therefore, checking the accessories offered in the pack is always a wise call.

Wrapping Up

Luke Skywalker is one of the most influential and widely known Star Wars characters. This Jedi was definitely among the ranks of the most powerful people connected to the Force, making him a challenge to both Emperor Palpatine and his father, Darth Vader.

The fame of Luke Skywalker also led to a massive spread of his action figures. So, if you want to purchase a Luke action figure, getting it at a physical store instead of waiting for online delivery is not a bad option.

But ensure that the figure you want is an action figure, not some fixed statue collectible. And don’t forget to go through different vendors and sellers to get the best deals for your favorite Luke Skywalker action figure.

If I have to pick one favorite Luke Skywalker figure, it will be the  Star Wars Vintage Special Cave of Evil Action Figure 3-Pack. This set recreates Luke’s Jedi training under Master Yoda and includes the figure of his father, Darth Vader, as well.

With several accessories included for an immersive playtime, this set stands out from other figures for the quality and price it offers.

“See You Around, Kid”Luke Skywalker.

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