Best Darth Vader Costume Guide – A Wayforward to Become the Mighty Sith Lord

“I find your lack of faith disturbing.” – Darth Vader

When we talk about lord Vader, I believe we all can agree that he wasn’t one of a forgiving kind, especially when it came to defiance of this mighty Sith. And it would not surprise young padawans that this attitude led to unleashing the worst of terrors the Star Wars franchise had ever seen.

If you are also too afraid to suffer the same choking as admiral Motti did, I recommend getting yourself one of the best Darth Vader costumes listed below to prove that you’re really with the Dark Side. After all, it’s always a better choice to embrace the Dark Side instead of becoming its victim.

So in this best Darth Vader costume guide, I will share some of my recommended costumes picks and fill you in on all the secret tips that will help you master the Dark Side of the Force. And as a parting gift, the last portion of the guide will also contain some popular questions that will surely clear any doubts you might have about the Dark Side of these costumes.

darth vader costume

Bottom Lines Up Front

Looking at Vader’s dark and extensive past, it is no wonder how he has grown such a massive fanbase, leading to the manufacturing of new and creative costume designs on a frequent basis. But when it comes to my favorite costume, it has to be the Jazwares JWC1275MD Darth Vader Muscle Suit Light-Up Costume.

Though I am past the age to adorn myself with this costume, I mainly like it for two reasons:

  • It’s perfect for kids who want to show off their inner Dark Side in a new and exciting way with inbuild LED lights and dazzling shiny visuals.
  • It is also one of the most affordable costumes on this list, so you can easily manage it on a tight budget.

My Top Three Darth Vader Costume Picks

While this guide contains many of my personal Darth Vader costume recommendations, here are my top three that you should definitely check out:

My Selection Criteria

When I started compiling my top picks for this best Darth Vader costume guide, I adhered to the following selection criteria to make sure I was actually picking out the best of the best from the extensive lineup.

Good Quality Fabric

Whether it comes to costumes or cosplay outfits, they usually face a lot of pulls and tugs, especially those for kids. So, in my opinion, the fabric quality must be up to the task. Therefore, most of the Darth Vader costume picks are made of strong and durable fabrics like cotton or linen to ensure they can survive the impact of the Force.

darth vader costume idea

Well Stocked

Of course, the primary purpose of making this list is to provide you with some of the best Darth Vaders in the market, but they are of no use if they are out of stock. So all of them are available and in stock.

Stretchy And Breathable Materials

To ensure all the Darth Vader outfits are comfortable to wear for long hours and allow for a full range of motion, most of my picks include some part of spandex or lycra. These materials are not only stretchy but are also breathable and less sweaty, another factor that encourages wearing them for long sessions.

Vibrant and True to the Series Shades

Of course, the central part of buying these costumes is to immerse yourself in the dark and mysterious persona of Darth Vader. So to ensure you get the deserved level of immersion, I have made sure all the costumes – their colors and accessories -share a close resemblance to the actual movies and series props.

My Top Darth Vader Costume Picks

For Baby Vaders

Babies are monsters wrapped in small cuddly packages, so why not reveal what they truly are; Mini Vaders! This category includes Darth Vader costumes primarily geared toward toddlers aged two years or below.

Star Wars Darth Vader Deluxe Plush Costume for Babies

star wars darth vader deluxe plush costume-min


Whether you’re a parent that’s a hardcore fan of Star Wars or you want something cute and comfy for your baby, then this Star Wars Darth Vader Deluxe Plush Costume would be your perfect pick. It’s made of 100% pure polyester, making the whole costume light and durable. And it also features a onesie build making it all the cozier – perfect for when your baby wants to dose off between Sith training.

The costume also comes with a Velcro cape which can be easily removed, not to mention the fasteners at the back, which offer easy diaper changes. And suppose your mini Vader ever feels a little cold. In that case, you can always pull down the included helmet-themed cap, after which your little devil would be ready to take over any snow-covered galaxies.


  • The back of the outfit has clips and fasteners for easy and quick diaper changes during galactic wars.
  • The costume also comes with a pair of booties.


  • The outfit comes with a relatively high price tag especially considering it’s only made for toddlers.

Star Wars Darth Vader Costume PJ PALS for Baby Size 0-3 MO Multi

star wars darth vader costume pj pals for baby


When it comes to picking a Vader outfit for your little one, no one wants to compromise; still, everyone also wants to get the best deal possible. Well, with this Star Wars Darth Vader Costume PJ PALS for Baby, you will be killing two Porgs with one lightsaber.

This costume comes at a highly economical price while still having everything you need to transform your baby into the Sith Lord. The whole costume is lined with gray strips on a black background to show off Darth Vader’s excellent choice of dressing. Moreover, even the print on the bottom of the trouser looks like boot covers, so you don’t have to spend extra on long shoes to look like lord Vader.

And don’t forget, the costume also features a stitched cape along the back and a belt printed on the front of the shirt, adding more value to this already affordable costume.


  • The costume comes with a highly affordable price tag.
  • An officially licensed costume.


  • The cape on the back is stitched and can’t be removed.

Star Wars Darth Vader Baby Fleece Zip-Up Cosplay Costume Coverall

star wars darth vader baby fleece zip up cosplay costume


This Star Wars Darth Vader Baby Fleece Zip-Up Cosplay Costume Coverall is another excellent costume option designed for babies under 24 months. The whole costume comes in a onesie built with Darth Vader’s theme stretched all along with no disturbances in the Force.

The front features Darth Vader’s iconic chest plate with his life-support controls. Moreover, the grey strips on the shoulder help complete the look of Vader’s armor. However, I should mention that the lack of Vader’s belt might make it difficult to control your baby’s body temperature if you are wondering.

The costume is made of a mix of cotton and polyester, providing a sweet spot between comfort and flexibility. And alongside that, the material is also pretty much stain-free, but if it ever does get dirty, you can throw it in the Imperial washer for a quick wash.

The costume also features the words “LITTLE VADER” and a print of the Dark Lord’s helmet, which are enough to make anyone wonder that the Sith lord might also have been a baby once.


  • The costume is machine wash safe making it easy to clean and dry.
  • The overall build is relatively thick, making it perfect for winters or late-night Intergalactic strolls.


  • The included flaps along the cap kind of resemble Baby Yoda’s ears, taking away the dread of the Sith Lord.

For Junior Vaders

This category includes Darth Vader costumes that are mainly designed for kids and teens under 14 to 15 years of age. All these options are also relatively cheap and mostly come under the $100 range. And alongside that, most are suitable for both boys and girls. So whether you’re a teen or planning to buy a Darth Vader costume for your teen, these costumes would definitely be your best bet.

Lego Star Wars Boy’s Deluxe Lego Darth Vader Costume

lego star wars boy’s deluxe lego darth vader costume


Experience the merge of two massive franchises in one with this Lego Star Wars Boy’s Deluxe Lego Darth Vader Costume. And don’t forget, you don’t have to worry about stepping on it.

The front of the costume features a print of an electronic board with multiple buttons, as seen on Darth Vader’s chest. And alongside that, the tunic also offers the impression of Vader’s belt in case you want to adjust your body’s temperature or respiratory control sensors.

I also like how the inside of the Lego-shaped hands have cutouts so you can get a good grip on your lightsaber without worrying about dropping it in your rematch with Luke Skywalker.


  • The inside of the costume is padded, making it perfect for longer fights.
  • The included mask has an elastic strap, making it easy to remove between lightsaber duel breaks.


  • The cape of this outfit is attached with tiny hooks, making it really hard to secure, especially without a mirror.

Boy’s Darth Vader Battle-Damaged Halloween Costume

boy’s darth vader battle-damaged halloween costume


Everyone knows how Darth Vader looks with the mask, but not everyone knows who is the person behind the mask. A face filled with cuts and bruises and a body destroyed at the hands of his master and most trusted friend, this Boy’s Darth Vader Battle Damaged Halloween Costume perfectly captures the tragedy Anakin went through.

This costume features the Sith lord in his final yet most feared form while also reminding me of the time he truly spoke with his son without any grudge or hatred after returning to the Light Side.

The costume comes in a few different pieces, including the headpiece, which is filled with an impression of several cuts and bruises and imprints of pale complexion to show how sick he actually was.

The rest of the costume includes a 3D -printed chest plate with an accurate-looking control on the front and a thorn-up cape at the back, signifying his struggles from the Dark Side to the Light Side. And how can I forget the imprinted metallic leg with a worn-out finish which makes the whole costume all the more authentic?


  • The matt finish of the costume and its slightly textured surface give it an authentic look, making it a perfect cosplay outfit.
  • It comes at a relatively affordable price tag, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to join the Dark Side.


  • The color of the mask fades after a few washes.

Northwest Comfy Throw Blanket with Sleeves, Being Darth Vader

northwest comfy throw blanket with sleeves being darth vader


This Northwest Comfy Throw Blanket Darth Vader costume is another unique and fun design that should be on your bucket list if you plan to get blessings from the mightiest Sith lord. This costume features a complete blanket-like design with added sleeves to ensure you can use the Force whenever you plan to unleash your wrath. Although it is technically not a costume, its detailed print makes it nothing short of the outfit Darth Vader would have gone into bed with.

The front of the throw blanket is printed with Darth Vader’s classic costume. And the design is made even more authentic with the slight reflection, giving it a metallic look. But unlike solid steel, this costume is exceptionally comfy to wear, and you can always put it on for your next Star Wars binge-watching session.


  • The overall build of this costume is pretty lightweight, making it perfect for smaller kids.
  • The material is relatively elastic, meaning you can retain a full range of motion without compromising your next pillow


  • The finish is sensitive to bleach, so you have to wash it separately in the

Jazwares JWC1275MD Darth Vader Muscle Suit Light-Up Costume

kids light up star wars darth vader costume


This Jazwares JWC1275MD Darth Vader Muscle Suit Light-Up Costume is an excellent choice for Star Wars fans who want to look like the Sith Lord while also experiencing the Force in the most affordable yet immersive way possible. But being an inexpensive costume, you should not expect any real buttons on its armor or belt.

The costume also has a vibrant design, but remember that it’s not machine wash safe, and the foam build tends to grab stains quickly. But at least it does feature a velcro-lined cape and Velcro-lined zippers, making it easy to wear. And let’s not forget the molded Darth Vader helmet with a glossy finish giving it a mesmerizing look.


  • The Velcro along its back makes it easy to wear.
  • One of the affordable options on the market with a detailed mask.


  • The costume must be washed with cold water, or its print can wear off.

For Female Sith Lords

This category includes a few options designed explicitly around female bodies so they also can show off their love of the Dark Side in full glory. Alongside that, the costumes in this category are available for both kids and adult women; after all, it’s never too early or too late to join the Dark Side of the Force.

Star Wars Women’s Darth Vader Costume

star wars womens darth vader costume


Who said Darth Vader couldn’t be a woman? We haven’t seen his face since he got in his suit anyway. I know that this analogy has a lot of flaws, but it doesn’t hurt to believe it, right?

So, celebrate this new idea by putting on this beautiful Star Wars Women’s Darth Vader Costume. It comes with a tight-fit black colored jumpsuit; best of all, you don’t have to buy the boots separately as a pair of boot covers also come bundled with the costume.

The front of the suit also features Darth Vader’s iconic grey stripes and electronic menu, together with a fully decked-out belt. Of course, no Darth Vader is complete without a cape. Therefore, this costume also offers a black cape to showcase how committed you are to rule the Galaxy. Moreover, the outfit comes with long black gloves, so you can accurately imitate having the Force on your side.


  • The costume includes a complete 3D helmet, not just a mask.
  • The included cape is relatively short, so you don’t have to worry about it getting dragged behind your heels.


  • The costume is pretty expensive and could be hard to fit into a tight budget.

Kids Darth Vader Dress Cosplay Costume Darth Vader Dress

kids darth vader dress cosplay costume darth vader dress


Now, this Kids Darth Vader Dress Cosplay Costume Darth Vader Dress is for all the junior Darth Vader fans who also want to show how much being a female Sith lord actually means to them. The best thing about this costume is that it doesn’t have a very over-the-top design making it perfect for casual and formal gatherings while still having the Darth Vader theme means you can wear it to any Star Wars-themed party.

It is also very light, making it easy to store, and its 100% cotton build makes it all the easier to wash and dry. It also has a relatively smooth surface for sensitive skin, so you don’t have to worry about looking like Darth Vader under the mask after wearing it for only a few hours, something that, added to its already affordable price and free shipping, makes it an easy gift for any Darth Vader fan.


  • The costume is relatively open, so you don’t have to worry about sweating in your fight against the rebellions.
  • The costume comes at a relatively low price, making it easy on the pocket.


  • The costume is made of thin fabric that can tear with time.

Star Wars Darth Vader Costume Dress, Large

star wars darth vader costume dress, large


If you’re a girl and want something stylish and equally dark, then this Star Wars Darth Vader Costume Dress would be the perfect pick for you. The costume dress has a skirt with red lace along its edges for all those Sith Lords who are a bit fashion freaks; not to mention, this red strip is a perfect reminder of Darth Vader’s iconic Sith lightsaber. Also, this costume is made of pure polyester and is relatively light and flexible, so you take on any Rebel without worrying about damaging it.

The costume also comes with a black hood that can be as a cozy version of Darth Vader’s helmet, and let’s not forget the included knee socks, which are enough to make any footwear fear the Dark Side. Not that Sith lords have to worry about funds, but if you’re not convinced, a costume of this quality still comes at an affordable price tag.


  • The costume includes a removable belt.
  • The open design of the costume makes it relatively breathable.


  • The print fades after a few washes.

For Fully Grown Darth Vader Fans

This category includes pretty detailed Darth Vader costumes made especially for adults, which are available in both large and extra-large sizes. One thing to remember is that these costumes are pretty expensive and usually contain extra accessories that add to their weight.

Darth Vader Costume for Men Adult Halloween Cosplay

kylo ren mask darth vader costume for men adult halloween cosplay


There is nothing better than seeing yourself as one of the most intimidating Sith lords the Galaxy has ever seen. And with this Darth Vader Costume for Men Adult Halloween Cosplay, you can do that without any regret.

The costume comes in several parts, including the jumpsuit, gloves, and even a full-length cape. Another unique thing about this Darth Vader costume is its shoulder pads that lift up the cloak slightly, giving the whole outfit another level of depth.

The costume is mainly made of polyester and leatherette, stitched together using expert craftsmanship. It also comes with a plastic belt colored with acrylic paint, making it both light and flashy, a perfect option for cosplay.


  • A mix of polyester and leatherette makes the costume light and comfortable.
  • The costume comes in several sizes ranging from medium to double XXL, making it perfect for even plus-size Darth Vader fans.


  • The costume doesn’t come with a helmet which is unexpected, seeing the cost.

Rubies Angry Birds Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Pig Adults Halloween Costume

angry birds star wars darth vader adult costume


Nowadays, it is tough to find a Darth Vader costume that is not only made for adults but also brings a childish vibe to this otherwise horrific character. But this Rubies Angry Birds Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Pig Adults Halloween Costume checks all the boxes as it merges two of the biggest franchises together in a fun and amusing way.

Talking about the design, it features Darth Vader’s helmet in a pig format, as seen in Angry Birds. But remember, don’t get too close to it; it can blow up any minute.

The base of the costume is made of foam, which is quite comfy, and its synthetic build makes the overall thing very light. Who knew Darth Vader could be so soft and huggable? And let’s not forget, this affordable costume is also officially licensed by the creators of both Angry Birds and Star Wars.


  • The costume foam build is pretty light, making it comfortable to wear for long hours.
  • The sizeable hands and leg holes allow for a full range of motion.


  • The costume isn’t machine wash safe, so you must clean it by hand.
  • Needs a lot of stuffing to get it in shape

Men’s Supreme Star Wars™ Darth Vader Costume – Extra Large

men's supreme star wars darth vader costume - extra large


And finally, allow me to introduce the last costume on this list which also happens to be the most expensive one, but not costlier enough than missing your chance of becoming the true Sith lord.

The front of the costumes contains a fake circuit board with visuals so impressive it’s hard to believe it’s not the real deal. And even the guard on the shoulders comes with a metallic finish, adding a nice reflection to the whole thing.

The costume even has a massive belt with a proper guard and small controls on either side, making the outfit all the more authentic. And let’s not forget the faux leather build, which has a smooth finish while also giving a premium feel. But that’s not all, as it also features a shiny helmet, which makes it a complete and perfect costume for any die-hard Vader fan.


  • The faux leather build makes the costume durable and gives it a smooth finish.
  • The costume comes with injection-molded shoulder guards, which add attention to detail.


  • The costume is really going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Are All Darth Vader Costumes True To The Series?

Answer: In most cases, the Darth Vader costumes available in the market are pretty accurate to the series, with shiny black visuals and a robot-like interface on the chest. Not to mention, most of them also include Darth Vader’s iconic helmet, sharing the same metallic look, and a black cape worn by the Sith lord throughout the series.
However, on the other hand, these costumes do have some differences, like not having the needles that Darth Vader used to effectively control his robot limbs, which, to be fair, weren’t much needed in the real world anyway. Also, the costumes are not made of Durasteel, which, owing to its availability, would probably make them a lot heavier and unsuitable for most kids.

Question: Are All Darth Vader Costumes Suitable For Adults?

Answer: The Darth Vader costumes available in the market are mostly made of a mix of foam and fabric, with some parts like the helmet and chest plate even made of hard plastic. And while these materials are pretty light, they don’t give the costume too much of a childish look and would be suitable for adults to wear.
The only drawback is that finding them in larger sizes can be pretty challenging; after all, the ones specifically made for adults can be quite expensive.

Question: Can Darth Vader Costumes Be Worn As Night Suits?

Answer: Most Darth Vader costumes do come with plastic bits like the chest plates and belts, and this, together with the overall tight fit that these costumes usually exhibit, makes them less ideal for night suits. Plus, these suits can also have some sharp corners on parts of the outfit, which can make them all the less comfortable to wear in bed.

Moving Back to the Meditation Chamber

With the amount of success, the Star Wars franchise has gotten over the years and new fans joining the Dark Side each year, there is no surprise that the demand for Star Wars-themed costumes is also increasing. And amongst these costumes, the one that gets the most attention is that of the commander of the Imperial forces, lord Vader.

Being one of the most feared characters in the franchise, many fans want to experience the powers of this mighty Sith lord by donning his costume. However, getting one’s hands on such an appealing piece of clothing isn’t as effortless as it may seem; after all, this journey is filled with many downers like poor quality fabrics and even bad sellers.

But, if you are determined to buy a Darth Vader costume, I recommend you pick a trusted marketplace, fix a budget, check the size beforehand, and avoid overseas sellers.

If I talk about my favorite Darth Vader costume, it would be this Jazwares JWC1275MD Darth Vader Muscle Suit Light-Up Costume. It’s relatively affordable and offers a pretty close resemblance to lord Vaders armor suit. The costume also has a velcro-lined cape and a plastic helmet to complete the dark vibe.

Hope this guide has provided you with all the information you need to buy a perfect Darth Vader costume. “Don’t fail me again, Admiral.

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