Best Star Wars Cosplay Ideas

The Star Wars cosplaying community is enormous, so I had a huge pool to choose from when selecting the best Star Wars cosplay ideas. If you have a convention or costume party coming up, then it’s time to start thinking about your costume early so you can get every detail to be exactly what you want.

Whether you’re a beginner cosplayer or an experienced pro, I’m going to show you ideas for everyone that I’m hoping will spark your own creativity. Let’s check them out!

Bottom Line Up Front

Oh. Em. Gee. I’m definitely going to try making the Mandalorian Family Cosplay idea with my husband and kids for next Halloween. We’re all die-hard Mando fans, and these costumes are out of this world.

Top 3 Picks

Out of all the Star Wars cosplayers I’m going to show you today, I think these die-hard fans did the best. Look at these ideas for some quick inspiration before I go into detail about what makes all the costumes I have to show you today unique. You might find your perfect cosplay design right away.

The Best Star Wars Cosplay Ideas

Let’s jump right into the 30 best Star Wars cosplay ideas! Whether you want a solo costume or costumes you can wear in a group, I’ve got you covered with creative ideas I found from pros and amateurs on the internet who did a fantastic job. Who’s ready for an intergalactic transformation?

Highly Detailed Boba Fett

Highly Detailed Boba Fett
Image from Instagram

I mean, if I saw this person walking through the desert, I’d believe they were Boba Fett. I like that the costume looks worn intentionally because it makes the armor seem lived-in and realistic.  My best advice for recreation? Check out your local thrift stores and find pieces of clothes with the shapes and colors you want for the outfit.

The Nefarious Darth Talon

I’m absolutely loving how seamless and detailed this Darth Talon cosplay looks. Making parts of this Twi’lek’s armor look scratched up (like her badge and shoulder guards) gives her the appearance of having just come from a fight. I hope you aren’t allergic to face paint, because you’re going to need a lot of it for this look.

Ahsoka Tano with Her Lightsaber

Ahsoka Tano has been a fan favorite ever since her debut, so I wanted to show you someone who did the cosplay right. Those arm guards can be made out of foam and textured with paint. Unlike some other aliens, Ahsoka’s face is fairly easy to do with straight-forward lines. If you can, definitely invest in some blue-colored contacts, so you have Ahsoka’s piercing stare.

Selfie Time with Mando

Bounty hunters need to keep up public appearances, too, ya know? I think this replication of Mando is great, even though it’s simple. You can buy replicas of Mando’s gloves and helmet online, so there is no need to try and recreate those yourself if you aren’t the craftiest. Again, foam is going to be your best friend when it comes to making arm guards.

Mando Cosplay for Women

Maybe you want to give Mando a feminine makeover. Wearing a sweetheart neckline and waist-cinching bodysuit will show the galaxy Mando’s got killer instincts and curves. This look reminds me of something fun you’d wear to a Halloween party. The only complaint I have is that I wish she was wearing a helmet. A Mandolorian helmet is a big part of who Mando is.

Pink Twi’lek Warrior

You don’t have to cosplay as a particular twi’lek warrior from a show or movie. Instead, you can get creative and come up with your own interpretation of a twi’lek warrior like isabella.amidala did. Bold colors like hot pink and deep purple make this costume stand out even though this twi’lek OC (original character) won’t be instantly recognized like a canon character.

Casual Cosplay

Despite what people might say, you don’t need to buy expensive wigs or wear colored contact lenses to cosplay. I like that this picture shows off a casual way you can dress up with friends. By picking up a few pieces of clothing at the thrift store and buying a few character-specific accessories, you can give your favs a relaxed makeover. Sometimes, the more casual the look the better when you’re going to be walking around a convention all day, and you want to be comfortable.

How to Be a Zabrak

Greetings from Iridonia! With a white wig, black cape, some foam pieces for the face, plus white and black makeup, you’ve got yourself a zabrak costume. This is another Star Wars OC that was created from a fan’s imagination, and I’m obsessed. Again, I love the idea of imagining yourself in the Star Wars universe and creating a look based on that.

Eleni Has Joined the Battle

Who could forget Eleni, the brave twi’lek who fought alongside her husband so that her daughter may have a better life? If you can sew, I suggest sewing together your own costume like this one. Making your own looks will allow you to be as detailed as possible and create something that fits you perfectly. You’ll have total control over the finished product.

Elegant Rei Cosplay

Rei’s an incredible Jedi loved by the Star Wars community, so of course, I’m going to show you how to pull off her iconic hairstyle and subtle gear. Even though Rei doesn’t wear much makeup in the movies, you can choose to wear some if you want to give her an even more elegant look. The good news is that this costume could easily be made yourself or bought online. I love the choice to include Rei’s new yellow lightsaber instead of her old blue one, too.

Bo-Katan Kryze In Action

Mandalorians are enigmatic, brutal, and loyal to their own. Carlos_adama put that concept into practice when they created their take on Bo-Katan Kryze. Fake guns, toy arm guards, and foam armor don’t have to be expensive to look realistic. I recommend taking a trip to your local craft store and picking out items that you can turn into your own space warrior look.

Dark Side Rei

I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with this cosplay idea. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who likes to imagine what Rei would be like had she chosen the Dark Side of the Force. This awesome look features Rei holding a red double-bladed lightsaber. Her outfit looks similar to the style of the one she wore in the movies, but with a darker twist.

Flawless Kylo Ren

This Kylo Ren cosplay look is flawless, and I’ll bet you have some of the materials to make it sitting around your house. The pants are just regular black jeans. The black boots can be any plain black boots with a few straps and no loud accessories. Got a pair of black gloves somewhere? I told you, you have half this costume at home.

The Honorable Padme Amidala

Here’s a tip if you’re cosplaying for social media posts: Pick a background that looks like a background the character would be standing in. For instance, this cosplayer dressed as Padme chose some beautiful scenery to stand in that looks like it could be Naboo. If you’re dressing as someone from Tatooine, you’d want a less beautiful and less lush backdrop.

The Clone Wars with Friends

Anakin, Padme, Ahsoka, and some enemies look great together in this group photo of characters from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. If you’re doing a group cosplay theme, it’s a good idea to have everyone settle on one TV show or movie to pick characters from so that the theme is cohesive. Make sure you’re picking the right lightsaber color for the time period you’re going for, too! Notice how Anakin’s lightsaber is still blue here.

Hoth Planet Group Cosplay

Want to get the whole family involved? If you want to totally recreate one of the best movies in the Star Wars franchise that took place on the icy planet called Hoth, then try taking inspiration from this. One person can be Luke, another Han, and another a deadly wampa with sharp claws and horns. You get bonus points if you include a tauntaun.

Slave Leia

Maybe this isn’t how Princess Leia would like to be portrayed, but hey, we’ve all got to come up with something for a sexy Halloween party. The good thing about this outfit is the lack of outfit. This has got to be one of the least expensive cosplay ideas I’ve shown you because you don’t need many pieces of foam, modeling clay, or fabric to pull off the look. If you don’t think you can recreate the intricate lines yourself, it’s okay. They sell tons of variations of this costume online.

Chewy Is Ready to Fight

Chewy Is Ready to Fight
Image from Instagram

You can’t go wrong with a full-body wookie suit when it comes to dressing up like a beloved Star Wars character. Unless you come across someone who’s lived under a rock, Chewbacca is going to be instantly recognizable to everyone you meet. Buying a full wookie suit online is going to be expensive, but I still say it’s preferable to painstakingly attaching a bunch of fake hair to a bodysuit.

Anakin and R2-D2 with an Upgrade

This will never not be hilarious to me. If you’re skilled with crafty projects like creating costumes, then I challenge you to make this upgraded R2-D2 with fascinating details. Who ever could have guessed what R2-D2 would look like if he stood up like a Transformer? Not me. Now I’ll never get the image out of my head…

Homemade Battle Droid

This look is incredible, if not seamless. A B-1 series Battle Droid can be a daunting costume to create, because you aren’t going to be working with soft materials. Instead, you’ll want to use hard, beige plastic like foodandcosplay did. Even though not every sharp line is flawless, I like this one because of the creativity. You don’t usually see people dressed as Battle Droids, so it opens the door for you to get creative and make something no one’s ever seen before.

Simple Princess Leia Look

By far, this is one of the simplest looks to recreate. All you really need to recreate Princess Leia is a white, bell sleeve turtleneck dress and some bobby pins to secure your hair (or wig) into buns. Makeup is always optional, as some people have allergies or can’t wear makeup for other reasons, but if you do opt for some glamor, make sure you’ve got top liner like Leia wears.

Little Han and Chewy

You can get your littlest Star Wars fan in on the cosplaying action, too. The little Han costume for the child is downright adorable, and the crossbody tactical belt for the dog makes a perfect Chewbacca. Another plus? It’s easier to make clothes for small kids rather than adults, so even if you aren’t an expert sewer, this project won’t be brutal.

Iden Versio Is Ready for Action

Iden Versio has been captivating all of us recently in Andor. While her tactical gear may look daunting to put together, I promise it isn’t as complicated as it looks. Take your time creating each piece and don’t stress over every tiny detail if this is your first homemade cosplay. While there are lots of details, the shapes that go into each piece are simple and easy to cut out.

Adorable Jawa Look

Jawas have a special place in my heart, so I had to include this one. The good news is that the base of a Jawa costume is super simple. All you need is an oversized brown hooded garment with long sleeves. Oh, and here’s a pro Star Wars cosplay tip: you can get tactical belts with lots of pockets pretty cheaply at some military surplus stores. Voila! Your Jawa look is complete.

Cara Dune Is Back In Black

Everyone who watches The Mandolorian knows Cara Dune. A look like this might be for more experienced cosplayers unless you plan to buy the look online, only because of the sheer amount of different textures and minute details. If you do want to take on the challenge of making your own Cara costume, a fun idea is always to make armor that looks worn. The aesthetic fits Cara to a T.

Feminine Stormtrooper

Your version of a stormtrooper doesn’t have to be blocky. She can have a cinched waist and pronounced breastplate to give your trooper a more feminine look. To be honest, I have zero idea how to make a stormtrooper costume at home look as seamless as this one. Your best option may be to pay for a custom stormtrooper look.

Stormtrooper Squad

If you want the classic stormtrooper style and don’t want to go to the trouble of shaping all the pieces, there are tons of uniforms you can buy online. If you get your friends in on the action, you’ll have a whole unit of stormtroopers and an easy group convention theme. By looking closely, you can see that small details make each of the costumes slightly different.

Anakin and Padme – The Cursed Couple

Just because Anakin and Padme didn’t exactly work out doesn’t mean they weren’t a cute couple while they lasted! You, too, can relive this cursed couple’s glory days if you’re willing to put some elbow grease into Padme’s look. She’s known for her beautiful, eccentric outfits, and shaping that headpiece is going to take effort. Still, the shape of the dress and the garment laying over it follow a fairly simple design.

Anakin Heading to the Dark Side

Uh-oh! Looks like Anakin’s about to become Darth Vader! This is a cool idea for a cosplay commemorating Anakin’s last moments with a blue lightsaber before it’s stained blood red forever. A bulky black hood is fairly straightforward to make yourself. For the clothes underneath, a neat idea could be to wear 2 karate gis over top of each other.

Mandalorian Family Cosplay

If you and your fam-jam are more interested in the bounty hunters than the Jedis and Sith Lords, then this last idea is for you. Mando, Bo-Katan, Boba Fett, and The Armorer are the stars of the show in this group costume. What I love is that the look is cohesive, with everyone wearing Mandalorian garb, but everyone will look different with contrasting color schemes for their armor.


Before you go, I’m going to answer your most frequently asked questions about Star Wars cosplay.

Question: Where Can I Get Materials for Cosplay?

Answer: You can find Star Wars cosplay materials everywhere and anywhere! My best suggestions are to check out your local thrift stores and craft stores for the fabrics, foams, and other small materials you’ll need for details.

Question: Who Is the Best Star Wars Cosplayer?

Answer: That’s up for debate. There are so many Star Wars cosplayers all over the planet, and many of them are very popular within the Star Wars community. It would be impossible to decide on one clear winner.

Question: Can Anyone Do Cosplay?

Answer: Of course anyone can do cosplay! You don’t have to look exactly like the character you want to cosplay as. The point is that you get the details of their costume right, or add a creative spin of your own. Just have fun with it.

Suit Up, Stormtroopers

I hope you had fun learning about the best Star Wars cosplay ideas! Do you have any ideas for your next convention or costume party? Did one of the cosplay ideas I showed you inspire you? If you want a group or family project, try the Mandalorian Family Cosplay idea. Let me know who you plan to cosplay as. If you’d like to see even more fun Star Wars ideas, then come check out our website!

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