Sabine Wren Bio

Many have walked away from the Empire, but Sabine Wren is no ordinary defector. She comes from a prestigious Mandalorian clan and sacrificed everything, including her family and closest friends, to fight the Empire. Sabine is one of the stars of Star Wars Rebels and one of the most talented artists in the galaxy. While […]

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Commander Wolffe Bio: The Clone Leader With A Big Heart

Commander Wolffe was one of the first clone troopers introduced in the TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Initially featuring in the second-ever episode (Rising Malevolence), he was a strict disciplinarian and tactician. Firm but fair. Sure, we’d already met Rex and Cody, the soldier’s soldiers, but Wolffe was a clone leader with a personality

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Luminara Unduli Bio

Although Luminara Unduli is one of the lesser-known Jedi in the Star Wars universe, she stood out to me most when I first watched Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. When the group of 200 Jedi infiltrated the Geonosian arena, Luminara igniting her green lightsaber and taking a firm stance signified what, at

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