Aayla Secura Bio – A Noble Jedi Master During in the Clone Wars

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Aayla Secura was a background Jedi character in the prequel Star Wars movies. While she never had any dialogue, the scene where the clone troopers kill her during Order 66 was heart-wrenching. Her character gets expanded on a bit more in the Clone Wars TV series, and we see her serving as a Jedi General in the war.

In this bio, we’re going to look at her storyline and explore a few thought processes regarding her character. She was one of the only Twi’lek Jedi at the time, making her quite intriguing to many people.

Bottom Line Up Front: Aayla Secura was a female Twi’lek Jedi Master. She served most prominently during the Clone Wars, starting as a Jedi Knight and gaining the rank of Master as the war progressed. She was involved in several skirmishes and her leadership abilities shone through in all of those. She formed a very close relationship with Commander Bly, the clone commander who led the 327th Star Corps that she was the general of. Her clone troops shot her down and killed her when Order 66 was given by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.


Early Life

Aayla Secura

Aayla Secura was born on Ryloth, the planet of the well-known Twi’lek race. She was a Rutian Twi’lek, meaning she had blue skin. She had a rough childhood as she lived on the rougher side of the planet. A Jedi by the name of Quinlan Vos came to Ryloth and saved her, recognizing that she was Force-sensitive.

Secura became the Padawan of Vos, and they trained together until Secura became a Jedi Knight. They did many missions together, and Secura saw Quinlan Vos as a father figure. This was because she was rescued by him at such a young age. However, they parted ways when she became a Jedi Knight, and she had to let go of her attachment to him in order to move on.

Battle of Geonosis

Aayla Secura was one of the Jedi that Mace Windu brought with him to save Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Padmè Amidala on Geonosis. A battle took place in an arena where the three were being held captive. As the Jedi arrived, the newly built droid army was sent in to fight them. Many Jedi died due to the sheer number of droids that they were faced with. Aayla Secura was one of the survivors, though.

As the Jedi were about to be executed, Master Yoda saved the day by bringing the Republic’s new clone army on gunships. The surviving Jedi boarded the ships, and the battle moved to the open plains of the planet. Secura led many clone troopers in an assault on the droid factories. This event is what kicked off the Clone Wars.

The Clone Wars

The Clone Wars

Aayla Secura became a Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic, and she was assigned the 327th Star Corps. This was a battalion of clones led by Clone Commander Bly. Secura and Bly grew a close relationship as they were very like-minded. Over the course of the Clone Wars, Secura and her troops were part of several important skirmishes.

One notable battle was when her fleet fought against the Separatists above the planet, Quell. Her flagship was damaged, causing it to fall through the atmosphere of the planet. Thankfully, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano came to save them. They managed to board Anakin’s ship, but things didn’t go as planned. Anakin was gravely injured, and the ship crash-landed on a planet called Maridun.

On Maridun, there was a group of tribal aliens called the Lurmen. They were pacifists, refusing to participate in the war. However, the Separatists had a hold on the planet and were planning to destroy the Lurmen village if they didn’t cooperate with them. So, Aayla Secura and the rest of the crew who crash-landed there helped the village drive the Separatists off of the planet.

Another notable event that Secura was part of was the Zillo Beast attack on Coruscant. The Republic used a proton bomb during the Battle of Malastare which awakened the large beast. Palpatine wanted to use the beast’s indestructible hide to aid the Republic’s army, so they transported it to Coruscant. However, the beast broke free and started ravaging the capital of the planet. Secura helped Yoda distract the beast for a short time, but it was killed with the use of toxic gases shortly after.

Order 66

order 66

The Clone War had continued for 3 years, and it continued even after the death of Count Dooku. So, the Jedi Council sent Obi-Wan Kenobi to eliminate General Grievous on Utapau. As Grievous was the leader of the droid armies, killing him seemed like the best solution to stop the Separatists.

While this was happening, Secura was sent to Felucia with her clone battalion. She and Commander Bly were fighting against Separatists forces that were stationed on the planet. It was around this time that Anakin found out that Palpatine was the Sith Lord responsible for the war, and Mace Windu took a group of Jedi to arrest him.

Palpatine easily disposed of the Jedi accompanying Windu, and Anakin helped Palpatine kill Windu. Anakin then turned to the Dark Side and became Darth Vader. After this event, Palpatine contacted all the clone troopers and instructed them to execute Order 66. The clones had inhibitor chips implanted in their brains that forced them to enact this order of killing their Jedi generals.

As Aayla Secura and her battalion were walking the fields of Felucia, Commander Bly received the order. He informed his troops, and they approached her from behind and began firing. They killed her, continuing to fire on her body to ensure that she was dead.

Key Moments

  • Aayla Secura is rescued on Ryloth by Quinlan Vos.
  • Quinlan Vos recognizes she is Force-sensitive and takes her to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. She starts her Jedi training under him and becomes a Padawan.
  • Secura grows up on Coruscant, does missions with Quinlan Vos, and eventually becomes a Jedi Knight.
  • Aayla Secura and Quinlan Vos part ways after her ascension to knighthood, and she detaches herself from him in accordance with the Jedi ways.
  • Secura is present at the Battle of Geonosis. She survives the fight in the arena and continues to fight in the planet-wide battle along with the clone troopers.
  • She becomes a Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic.
  • Her ship is destroyed in the Battle of Quell, and she is saved by Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker.
  • She crash-lands on Maridun and helps a tribe of Lurmen people defend themselves against Separatist forces.
  • She aids in the rampage of the Zillo Beast on Coruscant.
  • Aayla Secura is killed on Felucia by her own clone troopers during Order 66.

Aayla Secura Themes

Wisdom Offered to Ahsoka Tano

Wisdom Offered to Ahsoka Tano

Aayla Secura gets the spotlight in a few episodes in Season One of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. She takes a backseat for the rest of the show, only appearing as a side character. However, the impact she makes in the early season has a lasting effect over the show.

It’s in these episodes that she gets to share her wisdom with a young Ahsoka Tano. Anakin Skywalker gets seriously hurt, and his Padawan is worried for him. Aayla Secura constantly reminds Ahsoka that she needs to trust in the Force and realize that they can’t do anything more to help Anakin. She also expresses how it’s the Jedi way to save a thousand instead of one.

By giving all their attention to Anakin, they won’t be able to save the Lurmen people from the Separatist threat on the planet. Ahsoka learns this lesson as they battle the Separatists, save the Lurmen people, and Anakin comes out alive and well.

Aayla Secura also recounts her experiences with her own master, Quinlan Vos. She explains to Ahsoka how she was exactly like her but letting go of her master was the best thing she could do for herself to be free of harmful attachments.

Order 66

Aayla Secura has one of the most emotional scenes during Order 66. Even though she has no dialogue in the movies, you can feel the betrayal when her clone troops shoot her down. This is made even more impactful by the Clone Wars TV series giving her and the 327th Star Corps more depth.

Interestingly, her death saved many Jedi at the time. Master Yoda sensed her dying, allowing him to be prepared when the clones came to kill him. He survived and went into hiding on Dagobah.

Depa Billaba had a vision of Secura being killed by her troops. She warned her Padawan, Caleb Dume, and he was able to escape the Jedi Purge. In death, Aayla managed to save a few members of the Jedi Order.

In the Legends continuity, her death during Order 66 is much more tragic. I remember reading about it when playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 several years ago. You play as members of the 501st clone battalion in the game, and you get to read journal entries from some of their soldiers.

In one of the entries, a clone states that he’s glad his troops were wearing helmets when saying goodbye to Secura as they left the planet. They all knew that Order 66 was coming, and none of them could look her in the eye after growing to respect her so much.

While that’s the account of her death from a Legends continuity perspective, I like to think it would be exactly the same in Canon. As we see with Captain Rex, some of the clones were able to resist their inhibitor chip programming. There likely would have been an initial struggle with Commander Bly and his 327th Star Corps.

Canon vs Legends

Canon vs Legends

Speaking of Legends continuity, there are a few differences in Aayla Secura’s character compared to Canon. There were multiple comic books that fleshed her character out more, showing her perform multiple missions as a Jedi General.

Two of the most notable stories from Legends are her brief fall to the Dark Side and her relationship with Jedi Master, Kit Fisto.

Quinlan Vos and Aayla Secura went on a mission to Ryloth and had their memories erased. It was the actions of her uncle that caused this, and he continued to drug Secura so that her memories wouldn’t come back. Quinlan Vos caught onto this and killed her uncle. Secura resented him after this and started to seek revenge. She fell to the Dark Side after meeting a Dark Jedi. After fighting with Quinlan Vos, she remembered her true identity and returned to the Light Side of the Force.

On a mission in Kamino, she was left for dead in the sea. Jedi Master Kit Fisto dived in to save her, and the two Jedi developed feelings for each other after that. They kept their feelings at bay after a while, though, as they decided to stay loyal to the Jedi Order.

Special Abilities

Aayla Secura 1

Aayla Secura was an incredible leader. Her leadership abilities are what gained her the respect of the 327th Star Corps. Most importantly, she had the respect of Clone Commander Bly. She used her leadership skills to get through multiple difficult skirmishes and situations. The most notable one was when they got stuck on Maridun with Ahsoka and Anakin. Secura took control and ran the operation of saving the local Lurmen and getting themselves off the planet.

She rose to the rank of Jedi Master during the Clone Wars, proving that she was an excellent fighter and Force user. When it came to lightsaber wielding, she used both Form IV and Form V of lightsaber combat. Form IV is known as Ataru, and it’s an acrobatic style of fighting that Jedi use when on the offensive.

Form V has two variants called Shien and Djem So. Aayla Secura used Shien to deflect blaster shots and do counterattacks. She occasionally used Djem So to wield her lightsaber in a backward position.

She was known for being very acrobatic, and she used this to her advantage in battles, leaping around opponents to keep them on their toes.

Key Quotes

  • “Commander, get out there and stop those droids!” – Aayla Secura demonstrates her authoritative leadership abilities.
  • “It is the duty of Jedi to do what is best for the group.” – Aayla Secura advising Ahsoka on the duty of Jedi and how they can’t save one person instead of many.
  • “He was almost a father to me. I realized that I had to let him go for the greater good.” – Secura explains her detachment of her old master, Quinlan Vos.


Question: Did Aayla Secura Have a Romantic Relationship?

Answer: Aayla Secura never had any romantic relationships in Canon. She stayed strong in her beliefs and kept clear of any attachments, causing her to even detach herself from her old master, Quinlan Vos.

However, she has relational chemistry with Kit Fisto in the Star Wars Legends continuity. Kit Fisto saves her from drowning on Kamino, and the two develop feelings for each other after that encounter.

While they stay close for a while, they both realize that the Jedi Order is more important to them than their feelings for each other. So, they end their short-lived relationship. The chemistry between them remains, though, and you can heavily feel it whenever they interact with each other.

Question: Who Voiced Aayla Secura?

Answer: Aayla Secura doesn’t have any dialogue in the cinematic Star Wars movies, so she wasn’t voiced by anyone for those. She was portrayed by Amy Allen in the movies, who worked in visual effects production for them.

In the TV series, Aayla Secura was voiced by Jennifer Hale. Jennifer Hale has voiced many Star Wars characters in the past, the most notable one being Bastila Shan from the KOTOR video games.

They decided to give Aayla Secura a French accent to resemble the accents of veterans from World War 2. It added an interesting dynamic to the character since she didn’t have any dialogue in the movies.

Question: Was Aayla Secura Killed During Order 66?

Answer: Yes. She was killed by Commander Bly and the 327th Star Corps while they were fighting Separatists in Felucia. They gunned her down from behind without her being aware that it was coming.

Aayla Secura and Commander Bly had an incredibly close relationship and mutual respect for each other, making the whole ordeal much more tragic. Secura’s death was sensed by Master Yoda, allowing him to escape his own execution. It was also seen in a vision by Depa Billaba, allowing her to warn her Padawan, Caleb Dume. He survived Order 66 because of this.

Question: Why are Twi’leks Different Colors?

Answer: Twi’leks have their own group of sub-species within their race. Aayla Secura was one of the most well-known Rutian Twi’leks, with her blue skin being her defining feature. Lethan Twi’leks are another type of rare sub-species of the race. They have red skin.

The other types of Twi’leks haven’t been officially named in either the Canon or Legends continuities. Their colors include brown, pink, orange, yellow, white, and green. Some Twi’leks have stripes and others have multiple colors across their bodies.

Question: Why Did the Clones Shoot Aayla Secura So Many Times?

Answer: Aayla Secura was a powerful Jedi Master. In the movie, the clones shoot her in the back and then continue to mercilessly shoot her lifeless body.

With Aayla Secura’s abilities, it’s possible that she could have been shot a few times and survived. So, the clones shot her multiple times so that there was no resistance.

Another interesting theory is that the clones were so attached to her that shooting her would have been incredibly difficult for them. By firing an unnecessary number of shots, the firepower would have masked their emotions.


Aayla Secura is one of the voices that Rey hears when she’s fighting Darth Sidious. She’s heard saying how Rey must let the Force guide her. It was a small inclusion in the movie, but it showed how Aayla Secura’s legacy lived on through the decades.

Her death during Order 66 was one of the most emotional ones. It’s incredible how sad it made me feel while watching it, even though she had no dialogue in any of the movies.

If you want to learn more about Aayla Secura, watch Season One of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. That’s where her character gets expanded on the most in the Canon continuity. If you want firsthand experience of the power of Aayla Secura, then you should consider playing the original Star Wars Battlefront 2 video game.

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