Ian Burke

Ian is a certified Star Wars nerd that knows every member of the Senate, could draw you a detailed map of Tatooine, and longs for the day that he can get his own working lightsaber, a dual-lightsaber, obviously! Ian is also an avid gamer and will often be found enjoying the scenery in a quiant little walking sim.

Knights of Ren Guide

The Dark Side, while tempting and powerful, is not particularly conducive to cooperation and team-building. It’s the main reason that the Sith Order Darth Bane was a part of did not survive. Even under Darth Bane’s Rule of Two, the Sith didn’t last any more than a generation after Darth Sidious took over the galaxy. […]

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Mythosaur Guide

Introduction A handful of creatures in Star Wars are mentioned but never shown. Womprats and others are mentioned in one-liners by various characters, but because we as the viewer don’t know what the animal looks like, whatever joke the writers attempted loses some of its ‘oomph.’ One creature that has only been mentioned in hushed tones and

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White Lightsaber Meaning

Of the two (ish) lightsaber-wielding factions in Star Wars, the Jedi have the most hierarchical classification possible for them. The Sith all have red-colored lightsabers because of their unique method of lightsaber crafting. Alternatively, the Jedi classify lightsaber colors by how they correlate with the user’s unique connection to the Light Side of the Force. The rarest

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Corvus Star Wars Bio

The Mandalorian has served up some of the Galaxy’s most stunning vistas: Nevarro, Arvala-7, as well as new looks at more familiar planets like Tatooine. Disney’s flagship streaming series brings us to one of its more eerie locations midway through its second season, as the eponymous Mandalorian hunts the planet’s burnt wilds for a Jedi. The

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