Jamie Tugayeva

Star Wars has been Jamie's favorite series for most of his life. He was introduced to it by playing Super Star Wars on his uncle's Super Nintendo in 1998, then Rogue Squadron 3D on the computer with his father. Around 2000 he was gifted a VHS copy of The Phantom Menace and fell into the Star Wars rabbit hole. Since then Jamie has kept up with all Star Wars media and is loving the most recent content streaming on Disney Plus!

Eno Cordova Bio

Eno Cordova was a Jedi Master and scholar that served the Jedi Order in the late years of the Galactic Republic. Cordova put most of his heart into archeology. His passion for learning about distant cultures and worlds would eventually lead him to a dark premonition about the fall of the Jedi Order. He is

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Sabine Wren Bio

Many have walked away from the Empire, but Sabine Wren is no ordinary defector. She comes from a prestigious Mandalorian clan and sacrificed everything, including her family and closest friends, to fight the Empire. Sabine is one of the stars of Star Wars Rebels and one of the most talented artists in the galaxy. While

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Cere Junda Bio

Cere Junda may have been a little-known Jedi Master during her days in the Jedi Order. After its premature demise at the hands of Emperor Palpatine, she had suddenly become the only hope the Jedi had to return and save the galaxy. Junda is the leader of the central mission in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen

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Cal Kestis Bio

Cal Kestis is one of the few surviving Jedi after the fall of the Galactic Republic. He was only a Padawan when Order 66 wiped the Jedi Order, but five years on, Kestis had seen and experienced more than many of his fellow knights. He is the protagonist of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and

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Leia Organa Bio

Introduction Leia Organa was a politician and military leader most famous for her role in the Rebel Alliance. Raised as the Princess of Alderaan, she served as a galactic senator under the Empire and the New Republic. Leia fought as a military commander with the Rebel Alliance and the Resistance. This article takes us through

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