Jamie Tugayeva

Star Wars has been Jamie's favorite series for most of his life. He was introduced to it by playing Super Star Wars on his uncle's Super Nintendo in 1998, then Rogue Squadron 3D on the computer with his father. Around 2000 he was gifted a VHS copy of The Phantom Menace and fell into the Star Wars rabbit hole. Since then Jamie has kept up with all Star Wars media and is loving the most recent content streaming on Disney Plus!

Leia Organa Bio

Introduction Leia Organa was a politician and military leader most famous for her role in the Rebel Alliance. Raised as the Princess of Alderaan, she served as a galactic senator under the Empire and the New Republic. Leia fought as a military commander with the Rebel Alliance and the Resistance. This article takes us through …

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Chewbaca Bio

Chewbacca is a mountain of muscle and kindness. This Wookiee is a shining example of integrity. He never shies away from fighting for a good cause, no matter how dangerous it may be. In this article, we will dive into the long history of the hero from Kashyyyk. Despite rising to fame as Han Solo’s …

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Separatists Star Wars Guide

The Confederacy of Independent Systems was a government founded by Count Dooku. It was born out of frustration with the Galactic Republic’s corruption and neglect of systems outside the Core Worlds. The separatist movement started peacefully but quickly became militarized as tensions with Coruscant grew. After a bloody confrontation in Geonosis, the Clone Wars between …

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Rogue One Synopsis

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story premiered in December 2016. This epic space opera explained the previously untold story of how a group of heroic Rebel fighters faced overwhelming odds to retrieve the plans of the Death Star deep-space battle station. The movie grossed over $1 billion worldwide and was the third most valuable blockbuster …

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Geonosis Guide

The brutal orange terrain of Geonosis is the site of the battle that eventually brought both the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems to their end. Surrounded by a thick asteroid field and multiple moons, this planet is inhospitable to newcomers. It was home to some of the most advanced weapons makers in …

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