Star Wars Echo Guide

“Perhaps the finest soldiers I’ve ever seen.” – Shaak Ti about Domino Squad. If you ask me, one of the best memories of The Clone Wars is the story of Domino Squad. Their tale not only introduced us to the epitome of courage and comradeship but also took us to observe Clones at a very

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Star Wars Wrecker Guide

The Clone Wars were a turning point. I’m talking about both within the Star Wars Universe and without. Out of universe, The Clone Wars proved that long-form Star Wars media didn’t have to suck OR be overly kid-friendly. While it was made with children in mind, they weren’t the primary demographic. The program used consistently tight writing and arc-long stories

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Gar Saxon Bio

Since Boba Fett’s debut, Mandalorians have fascinated Star Wars fans. The success of the Disney TV series The Mandalorian is proof that, while almost exterminated, their story is far from over. Hardcore Mandalore fans will know who Gar Saxon is and they would agree that he deserves a page/fan page in the annals of Mandalore

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