Ben Kitchen

Ben is an author and writer with a love for shaping the English language He grew up watching the first six Star Wars films and from the age of 5 has been hooked by the complicated interweaving story arcs initially sculpted by George Lucas. Outside of working hours, you can find him visiting friends, working on his car, or blasting around a karting track. Of course, he also rarely passes a week without watching or playing something Star Wars-related.

Anakin Lightsaber Guide

In this guide to Anakin’s lightsaber, I’ll explore why Anakin’s lightsaber is so crucial to the saga. It isn’t the main character or any kind of sentient being. Still, it is a physical manifestation of Skywalker, the Force, and the concept of the Chosen One. Although known as Anakin’s lightsaber, it’s often referred to as

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