A Guide to Buying the Best Star Wars Chess Sets

A huge part of Star Wars is battle strategy, so why not combine Star Wars with chess? Well, there’s great news! It’s been done! If you’re looking for an awesome intergalactic chess board with your favorite Star Wars characters, I will show you the 5 best ones based on their design, price, and quality. I’ll also walk you through how to pick a quality Star Wars chess set and give some details on alternative Star Wars board games. Ready? I’ll move the first piece.

The Bottom Line Upfont

With so many amazing ones to pick from, I have to say, my favorite is definitely the Star Wars Mandalorian Chess Set w/ 3D Chess Pieces because I’m a sucker for handmade, rare things from fandoms I love.

Top Picks at a Glance

These are the 5 absolute best Star Wars chess sets on the internet. Whatever you may be looking for, there is definitely a chess set for you or the Star Wars-obsessed fan in your life.

Can You Get Star Wars Chess Sets?

You can get Star Wars chess sets! There are many official Star Wars chess sets available, though the older ones are usually much more expensive than newer ones, particularly if they’re still in great condition.

You can buy unofficial Star Wars chess sets, too. Some of these are of amazing quality and created by artists who make different novelty chess sets from different franchises.

Are Star Wars Chess Sets Valuable?

Star Wars chess sets are particularly valuable for a couple of reasons:

  • Star Wars products can be collectibles, which makes them valuable
  • Chess sets are generally expensive on their own

Combining the world of Star Wars and chess playing creates a valuable novelty product. Chess boards are usually made from wood or glass or a material that’s more valuable than what other game boards are made of (such as a checkerboard, which is usually made of cardboard.)

What Are All the Pieces in a Chess Set?

Are you new to chess? While the game is complex, there are actually only 6 pieces you need to remember. This quick guide will teach you how each piece is played and how many of them are.

  1. Pawn: A chess set has 16 pawns in total. Per turn, pawns can move 1 square forward to either the left or right. Pawns make up your front row when you begin the game.
  2. Knight: You’ll have 4 knights in total. Knights must move in an L-shaped pattern. They can either move 1 vertical and 2 horizontal spaces or 1 horizontal and 2 vertical spaces.
  3. Bishop: You’ll also have 4 bishops. If there isn’t another piece in their way, you move bishops in a diagonal line as many spaces forward as you’d like them to go. If a piece is in their way, they can capture it.
  4. Rook: A chess set has 4 rooks, 2 for either player. Your rooks can move as many spaces as you want backward, forward, or side-to-side unless another piece is in their way.
  5. Queen: You’ll have 1 queen, which is the most powerful piece on the board. Your queen can move forwards, backward, side-to-side, and diagonally as many spaces as you want.
  6. King: There is 1 king on the board. Your king can move in as many directions as a queen, but it can only move 1 space at a time like a pawn.

What Are Chess Sets Usually Made Of?

These are some of the most common materials for chess sets:

  • Ivory: This material is hard to come by, and it’s very valuable all on its own. Ivory is a popular choice for crafting chess pieces in high-end sets.
  • Wood: This material may be the most common material for chess sets. Particularly for chess boards, wood is favored for its beautiful appearance and long-lasting qualities.
  • Glass: Some chess sets are made of glass! I wouldn’t recommend buying a glass chess set for a child, but glass chess sets can be some of the most beautiful. The pieces usually have a clear or frosted appearance.
  • Plastic: It’s particularly popular for novelty chess sets like Star Wars chess sets. It is easy to mold, so making pieces that look like detailed Star Wars characters out of plastic makes it easier.

What Is a Chess Board Made Of?

Quality chess boards will be made of a sturdy material that’s going to last for generations. Here are popular chess board materials:

  • Wood: A lot of chess boards are made of wood. Some of the most common wood types you’ll see are maple, walnut, rosewood, boxwood, lightwood, and red sandalwood.
  • Plastic: Chess boards are sometimes made of plastic. This isn’t a bad thing, particularly if you’re trying to teach a child how to play chess and they want their own board. In this case, plastic is quite durable.
  • Cardboard: A lot of novelty chess sets have a board made of cardboard.

What to Look for in a Star Wars Chess Set

I will walk you through everything you should look out for when buying a Star Wars chess set. There are just so many killer options when you want to play chess with some intergalactic flair, but some sets are better than others. This guide will help you sort through the hits and misses.


An item’s quality can be determined by the answer to these few questions:

  • How many stars does it have in the product review section?
  • Does the brand have a good reputation?
  • What materials is the chess set made of?
  • How does the product look in the pictures?


If a Star Wars chess set was released decades ago, it’s most likely very rare. This is especially true if it’s official merchandise, in great condition, and/or has never been opened. Expect to pay a hefty price for chess sets that aren’t readily available anymore.

Sets with Characters You Want

Some Star Wars chess sets were made to feature characters from the first trilogy, the second, the third, and one of the T.V. shows. Each of those has an almost completely different cast of main and major characters. Make sure the chess set you buy has characters from the movie or T.V. you like most.

The Best Star Wars Chess Sets

Que the opening music! These are the best Star Wars chess sets you can find online. They have unique characteristics that make it worth adding to your collection. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan, a chess fan, or both, there are boards for everyone.

Star Wars: Chess Set

Best For: Quality


This Star Wars chess set is the best quality novelty chess set I’ve ever seen. The gold and silver pieces are made of solid pewter. The board is glass and highly detailed plastic. The top of the board, which is super shiny, actually has a translucent Death Star on it.

When you aren’t playing, you can store all 32 pieces in the pull-out drawer on the side of the board. If you’re looking for a gorgeous chess set you can show off to friends, I’d recommend this one.

  • Price Range: Contact seller
  • Material: Glass, plastic, and pewter
  • Warranty: 30-day free returns policy
  • Best Feature: Pieces made of solid pewter

What Characters Are Included?

  • Heroes and villains from Luke Skywalker’s trilogy, Episode IV-Episode VI


  • High-quality board and pieces
  • Board has pull-out drawer for pieces
  • Translucent Death Star design on board


  • Currently unavailable

Rare Star Wars Saga Chess

Best For: Rare Find


This vintage Star Wars chess set was released in the 1990s. It’s valuable, because all of the pieces and the board are in great condition. This is official Star Wars merchandise, which is why this is a pricier chess board than some of the others.

The characters and starfighters all still have bright colors and detailed features. The only downside is the box the chess set comes in is decently beat up.

  • Price Range: $145-$160
  • Material: Glass and plastic
  • Warranty: Contact within 14 days of delivery, and ship within 21 days after contacting
  • Best Feature: Vintage chess set from the 90s

What Characters Are Included?

  • Characters from the original Star Wars trilogy, episode IV- episode VI


  • Rare, official vintage merchandise
  • Great detailing on chess pieces
  • Pieces and board are still in great condition


  • While the board and pieces are in great condition, the box is a little rough around the edges

Star Wars Mandalorian Chess Set w/ 3D Chess Pieces

Best For: Handmade Set


This wooden Star Wars chess set is handmade by an incredibly talented artist. Every line on the glossy wooden chess board is clean and crisp. The wooden pieces which look like Grogu, Djarin’s helmet, and more are painted gold and bronze.

You can store all the wooden pieces in 2 cases that say, “Mandalorian Chess,” and, “Star Wars Mandalorian.” If you like handcrafted goods from small businesses, this one is a gem.

  • Price Range: $85-$95
  • Material: Wood and plastic
  • Warranty: Contact within 14 days of delivery and ship back within 30 days of delivery
  • Best Feature: High-quality handmade product

What Characters Are Included?

  • Characters and symbols from the Disney+ T.V. show, The Mandalorian


  • Beautiful bronze and gold-painted wood pieces
  • Highly skilled, reputable Etsy seller
  • Glossy wooden game board


  • Not official Star Wars merchandise

Star Wars Chess Game

Best For: Price


If your kid is interested in chess, this inexpensive chess set is an official Star Wars product that features characters from the newest trilogy of movies. The pieces are made of plastic and the board is made of cardboard, so none of the materials are highly valuable or breakable.

Are you a fan of the Dark Side? This set features Kylo Ren with his trademark red lightsaber on both ends of the board.

  • Price Range: $45-$55
  • Material: Plastic and cardboard
  • Warranty: 30-day free returns policy
  • Best Feature: Great for kids

What Characters Are Included?

  • Characters from the newest Star Wars trilogy, episodes VII-IX


  • Official Star Wars merchandise
  • Inexpensive compared to the other chess sets
  • Features characters from the newest trilogy


  • Materials aren’t as long-lasting as wood, pewter, or other metals

Star Wars Saga Edition Chess Set

Best For: Official Set


This is the best official Star Wars chess set. The character pieces all look expertly detailed and clean. You’ll get the original Star Wars characters in this set, which is vital for long-time collectors.

Every piece is a character, so none of the pieces are starfighters, which some players may enjoy. The pieces are black and silver.

  • Price Range: $150-$170
  • Material: Plastic
  • Warranty: 30-day free returns policy
  • Best Feature: Best quality for an official Star Wars chess set

What Characters Are Included?

  • Most from the original Star Wars trilogy, episodes VII-IX


  • Extremely detailed chess pieces
  • High-quality official Star Wars merchandise
  • Pieces are considered collectibles


  • No characters are featured on the game board

Other Star Wars Board Games

Is chess not really your game? That’s alright. If you’re a Star Wars fan who would prefer an alternative board game, I have 3 great suggestions right here. Take a look!

Monopoly: Star Wars The Mandalorian Edition Board Game

Best For: Fans of The Mandalorian


This Monopoly game board is all about The Mandalorian. It’s inspired by the second season of the show. You can play as Boba Fett, Din Djarin, Ahsoka Tano, Bo-Katan Kryze, and more.

Your objective is to save Grogu. By going around the board and outsmarting other players, you can save the cute little alien and win the game.

  • Price Range: $30-$40
  • Material: Cardboard, plastic, and metal
  • Warranty: 30-day free returns policy
  • Best Feature: Focused on the events in The Mandalorian season 2

How Many Players?

  • 2-8 players


  • High-quality metal game pieces
  • Boardgame art from the T.V. show
  • A long-lasting game that supports lots of players


  • Spoilers for The Mandalorian season 2

Hasbro Clue Game: Star Wars Edition

Best For: Fans of the Original Star Wars Trilogy


In this Star Wars version of Clue, you can play as Luke, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2-D2, or C-3PO. Your goal is to use your investigative skills to find out who Darth Vader’s next target will be.

The game board itself is colorful and pops up to showcase a 3D design. While not extremely detailed, the plastic pieces are still bright and well-made.

  • Price Range: $35-$45
  • Material: Cardboard and plastic
  • Warranty: 30-day free returns policy
  • Best Feature: Game with an involved, unpredictable plot

How Many Players?

  • 2-6 players


  • Game with unforeseen plot twists
  • Great graphics on the cards and board
  • 3-D pop-up game board


  • Plastic pieces aren’t as detailed as other Star Wars game pieces

Hasbro Gaming Trouble: Star Wars The Mandalorian Edition Board Game

Best For: Price


We all remember Trouble, right? Now you can play this classic that’s been altered to feature fan-favorite characters from The Mandalorian, like Din Djarin, Cara Dune, IG-11, and Kuiil. Your character must race across the board, dodging mercenaries and an enraged mudhorn to save Baby Yoda.

  • Price Range: $8-$18
  • Material: Plastic and cardboard
  • Warranty: 30-day free returns policy
  • Best Feature: Great for all ages

How Many Players?

  • 2-4 players


  • People of all ages can play
  • Much cooler gameboard than the original game
  • Perfect for fans of The Mandalorian


  • Only supports 4 players at a time


Leave me a comment with your question so I can get back to you with an answer. Some Star Wars chess sets can be quite an investment, so please don’t be shy.

Question: What is a Good Chess Set to Buy?

Answer: If you’re looking for a great Star Wars chess set, I’ve listed 5 of the best ones above. If you’re unsure if a chess set is good quality or not, do a little research on the brand and check the product review section.

Question: What Chess Sets Were Used in The Queen’s Gambit?

Answer: Lots of different chess sets were used in The Queen’s Gambit. You can buy replicas of the chess sets from the show on places like Etsy, some of which look exactly like the ones Beth Harmon used.

Question: Are There Collectible Star Wars Chess Sets?

Answer: Yes, there are collectible Star Wars chess sets! Chess sets that were released for the original trilogy or second trilogy are very valuable collectible items. One chess set with characters from the original trilogy that came out in the 90s is listed in the Star Wars chess sets above.


You’re a Star Wars chess set champion! Whether you’re looking to buy a chess set for yourself or for someone else as a gift, I hope these suggestions helped. Personally, I had to go with the Star Wars Mandalorian Chess Set w/ 3D Chess Pieces because it’s just so cool and being handmade is a bonus for me. Let me know which Star Wars board games you’ve played in the comments and if they have officially licensed games! For more great Star Wars merchandise guides, come head over to our website!

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