Who are Rey’s Parents? The Unsung Heros Of Star Wars!

Have you ever wondered why Rey possesses such extraordinary powers or why her past is shrouded in mystery? Well, the truth lies in a family secret that was not talked about in detail. But now, thanks to the latest issue of “Shadow of the Sith” by Adam Christopher, we can finally unravel the complex events that have shaped Rey’s destiny and discover the reality of her unique and tragic past, especially when it comes to her parents.

’Reys father, Dathan, was an unsuccessful clone of Palpatine, while her mother, Miramir, was a member of the Sith Eternal cult and possessed Force sensitivity. After falling in love, they fled to Jakku to protect their daughter from Palpatine’s plans. They entrusted Rey to Unkar Plutt, a junk dealer, to keep her safe. Unfortunately, Dathan and Miramir were unable to reunite with their daughter and were killed, leaving Rey to survive on her own on the harsh desert planet.

But that’s not it. If you are interested to know more about the unsung heroes of the Star Wars universe and the role they played to stop the revival of another miserable Empire, don’t forget to thoroughly go through this article.

Is Rey A Skywalker Or Palpatine?

rey vs palpatine

Rey’s journey from a scavenger to a Jedi Master has captivated the hearts of millions of Star Wars fans throughout the Galaxy. And this is also partly credited to her sharing the same bloodline as one of the most infamous Sith to ever exist – not Anakin Skywalker if you are wondering. On the contrary, I am talking about Darth Sidious, Rey’s grandfather, and the reason why she inherited such immense Force control.

Despite being a Plapatine successor, what’s even more unique is that Rey’s father wasn’t Force-sensitive. Palpatine’s immense Force powers bypassed his son and were instead passed on to his granddaughter as if Palpatine’s Force chose Rey to be its wielder.

But while this granted her immense power, it was also a significant challenge for Rey, as coming from Palpatine’s family tree, she had all the more reason to turn toward evils like Darth Sidious. But despite the immense pressure and temptation to succumb to the Dark Side, she remained steadfast in her resolve to do what was right and bring balance to the Force.

In this regard, she was quite similar to her parents, especially her father, who never truly accepted his fate as Palpatine’s clone and always fought for what was right, giving us some further insight into how Rey must have been raised to negate the idea of using her powers for evil.

Another challenge related to her complex family tree was when Rey had to face the reincarnation of Palpatine in the “Rise of the Skywalker,” where she learned about her parents and how they died while trying to protect her. This was a huge turning point for Rey, as until then, she thought that her parents didn’t love her and had left her for good. However, still, even after learning the truth, Rey never used her rage to fuel her inner Sith, but instead used it to put an end to the evil plans of her grandpa.

The Souls That Gave Birth To Taryn

“Your father was the son of the Emperor.”

Rey’s biological father was Dathan, who was Palpatine’s direct clone, sharing his bloodline and making him the true heir to Palpatine’s legacy. But despite that, Dathan wasn’t that lucky. He could never use Force, possibly due to some miscalculations during his cloning.

As a result, Dathan was never recognized as a Palpatine and was instead relegated to the status of an outcast on the Citadel. On the other hand, Rey’s mother was a woman named Miramir, who, unlike her husband, did not hail from a lineage marred by pain and suffering but instead came from a culture enriched with agriculture.

star wars dathan reys father

A Peek Into Their Physical Makeup

First, talking about Dathan, he was a man of mystery. And one of such mysteries is his physical appearance. As previously stated, Dathan was Palpatine’s clone, which gives him the same genetic makeup as that of the Sith Lord. However, as he didn’t inherit much of his strength, he also failed to inherit his looks.

Dathan had short, dark hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. But, he wasn’t an exact replica due to his genome modifications. Some of his different physical features include a scruffy red beard and a slightly big body.

Miramir, on the other hand, was also a woman whose beauty was worthy of endless praise. Her natural beauty radiated from within, making her a stunning young lady that could captivate anyone’s attention. Her blonde locks cascaded down her shoulders, complementing her warm, light skin and sparkling brown eyes.

A Glimpse Into Their Hearts

Dathan’s story is remarkable, as he defied his Sith Lord origins to lead an everyday life with his family on Jakku. Dathan faced an ongoing battle to resist the seductive call of the Dark Side, but his love for his family gave him the courage to stay on the right path and stick to his principles. On the contrary side, Dathan also possessed a quite witty and charming demeanor but could rarely show it due to the constant fear of his father, Darth Sidious.

Miramir, too, was a remarkable woman, driven by her selflessness. She faced enormous danger and personal cost to protect Rey from Darth Sidious, living on the fringes of society and constantly looking over her shoulder. And even in the face of death, Miramir remained resolute, refusing to reveal Rey’s location to Ochi, one of Sidious’ loyal subjects, displaying a level of bravery and selflessness that can be expected only from a mother.

The Tragic Destiny Of Rey’s Parents

reys parents

Dathan was a strand cast created by Palpatine’s acolytes on Exegol as an experiment to create a suitable vessel for Palpatine’s power in the event of his death. However, Dathan’s lack of sensitivity to the Force made him an abomination in the eyes of the Sith cultists. He lived on Exegol for fifteen years until the events of “The Empire Strikes Back” when he saw Darth Vader and Ochi of Bastoon arrive on the planet.

Miramir, on the other hand, was born and raised on an agricultural planet called Hypercarn, where she cultivated a love for machinery and eventually became a well-renowned mechanic on the planet. And as luck would have it, during the same time, Dathan managed to smuggle himself onto a ship and escape Exegol, and eventually settled down on an agricultural planet called Hypercarn, where he fell in love with none other than her future wife, Miramir. And together, they even had a daughter whom we know as Rey.

Fearing Palpatine would come looking for their daughter – after all, who could have been a more perfect fit for Sidious’ soul than his granddaughter – Dathan, Miramir, and Rey moved to the junkyard planet of Jakku, where they worked as junkers and developed a friendly relationship with Unkar Plutt. However, Sith hunters eventually came looking for them, forcing the small family to escape.

Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian caught wind of the family’s situation and tried to help them. However, Dathan and Miramir were already killed by Ochi of Bestoon while trying to protect their daughter from him. Luke and Lando found their bodies floating in a box in space and brought them back to Naftali to be laid to rest.

Rey’s Distant Uncle: Snoke

snoke star wars

Although it’s not much talked about, when it comes to Rey’s family, in addition to Dathan, Miramir, and Palpatine, one prominent being that comes to my mind is Rey’s distant uncle, Supreme Leader Snoke.

While Snoke’s origin story was never fully explained, we know that, much like Dathan, Snoke was also created through Palpatine’s genetic cloning on the planet Exegol, which, if you ask me, also makes him Dathan’s brother.

But unlike Datham, Snoke was privileged with much of Palpatine’s powers and was also given a chance to serve as a proxy leader of the First Order. Another difference between the two clones was that unlike Dathan, who groomed Rey into rejecting her Sith lineage and joining the Light Side; Snoke trained Kylo Ren in the Dark Side of the Force.

Parting Thoughts

All-in-all, in my opinion, Rey’s parents might have had limited screen time in the Star Wars movies, but their importance to the overall storyline was immense. In addition to being Rey’s biological parents, they also played a crucial role in nurturing her to resist her Sith lineage and be the nemesis of her grandfather.

And let’s not forget, their story is a constant reminder for any Star Wars fan that being Force-Sensitive is not the only quality that mattered in the Star Wars Universe.

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