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Perhaps the finest soldiers I’ve ever seen.” – Shaak Ti about Domino Squad.

If you ask me, one of the best memories of The Clone Wars is the story of Domino Squad. Their tale not only introduced us to the epitome of courage and comradeship but also took us to observe Clones at a very personal level; something that really gave color to the Star Wars universe.

In this comprehensive guide, I am going to delve into the captivating world of the last remaining member of our favorite Domino Squad – Echo. Not only that, I will be sharing with my fellow Padawans the incredible journey of CT-1409 as he becomes a part of The Bad Batch and navigates the turbulent era of the Empire.

So, get ready to uncover Echo’s unique role as a skilled technician and his significant contributions to the Grand Army of the Republic. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for the display of his unwavering loyalty, adaptive nature, and keen strategic mind that set him apart from his crew.

Key Information

CT number: CT-1409

Alias: Echo

Home Planet: Kamino

Specie: Human

Birth: 19 BBY


  • Domino Squad
  • Bad Batch

First Appearance: The Clone Wars – “Rookies”

Bottom Line Up Front:

As a “Domino Squad” member, and “The Bad Batch” member later on, Echo faced daunting trials during his training. Although he started off as an ordinary Clone, with the guidance of his superiors, he and his squadmates transformed into skilled soldiers.

During his stay in Domino Squad, Echo was one of the most faithful soldiers of the Republic, and was famous for following nothing but orders, the reason why he was named “Echo”. However, after joining the Bad Batch, he was known for his technical prowess. His expertise in deciphering enemy codes and operating complex systems made him an invaluable asset to his team.

Echo Physical Appearance

While during his training on Kamino, Echo is seen wearing a standard clone training armor, with an iconic trooper helmet and a badge number printed on the thigh. The same armor can also be seen while he was posted at the Rishi Moon outpost.

Later, after getting promoted as an Arc Trooper, Echo is seen in more robust armor with blue accents and a handprint along the chest, which added a unique and nice touch to his overall appearance. Another distinct detail included an ammo pouch on his chest, which proved helpful throughout his missions.

But Echo did get a massive physical makeup after he got injured and captured on Loya Sayu, where he was given cybernetic arms and legs, further adding to his intimidation factor. In later seasons of the Clone Wars and the Bad Batch, Echo is also seen dawning an all-black clone armor. Although this color change has not been explained by Lucasfilm, it can be inferred that, just like Dark Troopers and Commando Droids, Echo’s dark armor signifies his extraordinary qualities and skills.

Echo Personality And Abilities: A Loyal Yet Powerful Trooper

A clone trooper of exceptional character, Echo embodied unwavering loyalty to the Republic and strict adherence to the rules. His squad bestowed upon him the moniker “Echo” for his unwavering habit of repeating orders, ensuring their precise execution.

Echo’s true prowess revealed itself in his adaptability and keen strategic acumen, which can be seen during the relentless Separatist assault on Rishi Moon, wherein he swiftly concocted a masterful plan, skillfully coordinating his squad’s defense.

Unlike Hevy, another member of Domino Squad, Echo’s ability to assess situations at warp speed and deliver effective strategies made him an indispensable member of the squad.

Unlike his squadmates and most Clones who wanted nothing but to fight, Echo also sought solace in peace and quiet. This behavior, although quite uncanny for a Clone, became his identity as the series progressed.

Be that as it may, throughout his journey, Echo’s determination remained unwavering. Even when he was captured by the Techno Union, he clung fiercely to his loyalty to the Republic. And it was his resolute that didn’t let him lose his mind even after it was controlled by the Separatist’s machinery.

Echo’s Complete Story

Echo Star Wars

The First Step Of CT-1409

Growing up in Kamino, Echo’s early days were consumed by the rigorous training routines of Tipoca City as an ordinary cadet. However, despite being a Clone, he constantly doubted his abilities as if there was some defect in his cloning process.

In order to join the ranks of Clone Troopers, Echo was to take a final test, Citadel Challenge, for which he was assigned to Domino Squad.

This squad, famous for its lack of coordination, did not make it to the final test because of their internal conflicts on the battlefield. But, despite the opposition from Master Chief Bric, Jedi Master Shaak Ti gave Domino Squad another chance to prove their worth.

As they entered the arena, the squad made an impressive advancement. But as the blaster cannons started firing at the squad directly, Echo devised a new plan and asked his teammates to destroy the cannon first and climb them to reach the top. Together with his squad, they skillfully neutralized the blaster cannons atop the Citadel and passed their final test by reaching the high point.

Losing Brothers

Most of the Clone Wars fans will agree with me that the most unforgettable mission of Domino Squad was an apparently-boring trip to Rishi Moon.

As Echo was accompanying his squad to a Republic outpost on Rishi Moon, the Separatists forces, under the order of General Grievous, devised a cunning plan to invade the outpost in order to sabotage the Republic’s communication.

In the chaos that ensued, Commandos Echo witnessed the swift elimination of the initial line of defense as the Commando droids made entry into the station. And the Domino Squad, with Echo’s help, had to navigate through the ventilation system to evade the encroaching droids.

As the mission was proving really hard for Echo and his squad after they lost one of their members, Cutup, during the escape, a glimmer of hope appeared when a Republic shuttle landed on the outpost’s platform which was carrying Rex and Cody.

With the help of Rex and Cody, Echo and the remaining team devised a drastic plan to destroy the Rishi Station. However, after Rex and Echo prepared the explosives, the remote detonator failed, and Hevy, the brave knucklehead of Domino Squad and Echo’s friend, took on the challenge to manually trigger the explosion to let others escape.

At the end of the mission, although only two members of the Domino Squad survived – Echo and Fives – the incident brought a very substantial change in Echo, and he realized the true importance of comradeship and sacrifice.

Becoming an ARC Trooper

After a rare turn of events at Rishi Moon, Echo and Fives returned to their home planet of Kamino. However, a burst of remorse kicked in Echo as he grieved over many fallen comrades, especially Cutup and Hevy.

And while he was still under nostalgia, Separatists forces under the command of General Grievous and Assaj Ventrus attacked Tipoca city to steal Jango’s DNA sequence. Still, it wasn’t long after Grievous launched the assault on the Clone facility Echo and Fives took sniper positions above Tipoca City and prepared themselves to avenge their fallen brothers.

While Echo was busy with the relentless battle droids, they were confronted by Grievous. But lucky them, Obi-Wan Kenobi entered the fight right on time and engaged in a lightsaber duel with General Grievous.

After escaping Grievous, Echo and Fives went into the barracks to stop the Separatist forces from advancing any further.

However, to their surprise, the barracks were already flowing with battle droids, and they soon found themselves overwhelmed by the enemy. On top of that, to make things worse, their ammunition was also getting depleted, and they also had kids to protect.

But thanks to Echo’s perseverance, the battle turned in their favor as he finally got hold of grenades and used them to repel the enemy from the barracks. And for his heroic feats, at the end of the assault, he was promoted to the elite rank of ARC Trooper.

The Unexpected Turn

echo's death

After becoming ARC Trooper, Echo was sent on another mission to rescue Jedi Master Even Piell from the treacherous Citadel prison on Lola Sayu. And for those who do not know about the Citadel prison, it was the Azkaban of Star Wars.

In order to enter into Citadel, Echo and the crew were smuggled in a carbonite shell. However, despite clandestinely making it to this Separatist stronghold, once they came out of the shell, the violent weather prevented their use of jetpacks, forcing the team to scale the Citadel’s walls using ascension cables.

And after Echo and his comrades climbed through the electrified walls, they were successful in freeing the Jedi Master from the clutches of the prison’s interrogator droid.

Echo and his fellow troopers then split into two groups as they pressed forward. Kenobi and Piell created a diversion, allowing the others to free Tarkin and the remaining crew members. But as they made their way to the rendezvous point, a trap sat in which captured Kenobi and Piell.

With their Generals captured, Echo and his comrades fought off waves of battle droids and finally made it to Obi-Wan and Master Piell.

However, unfortunately, amidst the struggle, Echo was caught in a devastating explosion when he tried to stop a Commando Droid from destroying their escape shuttle, and his charred trooper helmet came rolling out of the explosion, suggesting that he was no more. After the apparent death of Echo, the rest of the crew was successfully extracted by the Clone Army.

Following the Capture

echo is alive

Unbeknownst to the Republic, Echo, though badly injured, survived the explosion. However, he was captured by the Separatists, and his lower torso and legs were replaced with cybernetic enhancements, while his missing arm was substituted with a mechanical one.

But that wasn’t the end of his misery; soon after, he was sold to Techno Union, where he became a tool for counterintelligence due to his knowledge of Republic algorithms.

While Echo was dead to the Republic, his former Captain – Rex – didn’t stop believing in him and suspected he might still be alive. Thus, he formed a group of his closest comrades and set out on an expedition to find the truth. And it wasn’t long before they discovered a signal from Cyber Center, identifying itself as CT-1409, a number unique to Echo.

Now driven by the desire to rescue his friend, Rex and his crew were led to Techno Union’s headquarters in Purkoll, where they eventually found Echo chained in a stasis chamber.

But thank goodness, Echo came to his senses after the plethora of wires was removed from his body, and together, the whole squad escaped the headquarter with the help of a layout plan drawn by Echo.

Echo’s Will to Fight

Adorned with new cybernetics that covered most of his body, Echo became more determined to fight against the Separatists who were behind his detention on Anaxes.

So, despite initial hesitations from his Captain, Echo proposed a daring plan to infiltrate Admiral Trench’s forces and deceive him with false information. And recognizing the importance of the Anaxes shipyards, the Jedi Generals agreed to support Echo’s strategy.

Thus, joined by the rest of his squad, Echo embarked on a covert mission against the Separatists. As Generals Kenobi and Master Windu led an assault on the droid assembly complex, Echo utilized his socket arm to manipulate the starship’s systems, allowing them to dock with Trench’s dreadnought undetected.

After getting inside, Echo and his team headed to the communications vault, where he assumed control of Trench’s strategic algorithm, and by intercepting the messages, rerouted the droid forces.

Meanwhile, as Kenobi and Windu were facing heavy opposition, Echo lured Trench into a false sense of victory.

And then, right when the Republic forces were almost pinned down, he overloaded the battle droids’ circuits with a powerful pulse, which brought all the clankers to their knees. However, Trench retaliated by jamming Echo’s neural system and rendering him unconscious.

But lucky for Echo, as Skywalker was busy fighting Trench, the Clones moved Echo outside the Separatists complex to a safe location. And after a while, with the bomb disarmed and the fleet destroyed – thanks to the valiant feats of Aakin – Echo regained consciousness and later on was recognized as the Hero of Anaxes and promoted to the rank of Clone Corporal.

The Rise Of The Empire

echo's memories

After Anaxes, another turning point for Echo was the trip to the planet of Kaller, where the Bad Batch was deputed in the closing stages of the Clone Wars.

Assigned to aid Jedi General Depa Billaba, they entered into the fight when the Clones were almost pinned down by the Battle Droids. But thanks to Echo’s expertise, the clankers were soon overcome by the Republic forces.

However, the mission took a sudden dark turn. And right when Caleb Dume, Billaba’s padawan, returned to his master, the horrifying Order 66 was executed.

As a result, though the clones turned against their Jedi masters, Echo remained in his senses, and despite Crosshair going after the running padawan, Echo knew that what Palpatine ordered was not right.

But that wasn’t the end of it. After returning to Kamino, Echo faced an unsettling homecoming when Palpatine announced in a Clone fall-in that the Republic and the Jedi Order had fallen, a reality that was too hard to swallow for Echo and the rest of the crew.

Stay At Kamino

After the nerve-wracking turn of events, the Bad Batch tried to make peace with their surrounding. But it was too much to ask for, and soon after, Echo was caught in a brawl between his squad mates and the regular clones, which caused him a head injury, and he was shifted to the medical bay.

Soon after his recovery, Echo and his squad took the evaluation test which was designed to evaluate Clones. Their unique skill set and adaptability really impressed Tarkin, leading to their first assignment under the Empire, i.e., to eliminate the insurgents in Onderon.

Going Against The Empire

Echo had accepted the fact that they now served the Empire. But after making it to Onderon, Echo and the rest of Clone Force 99 became perplexed when they came across the Separatist insurgents. They discovered what were supposed to be the trouble-making insurgents were actually innocent women and children.

But before Echo could completely comprehend the situation, he was captured by the Onderonians, after which he and his squad were taken to their leader, who told them about Empire’s manipulative tactics and the lies they spread to justify their brutal actions.

Although Echo and the rest of the Bad batch shortly made it out of the captivity, when they returned to their ship, tensions started building among the squad.

Except for Crosshair, Echo and the rest were against the actions of the Empire, and as they didn’t complete their task, Tarkin accused them of treason and imprisoned them when they returned.

But even with their equipment stripped away, Echo and the rest weren’t ready to quit and decided to embark on a risky mission to retrieve their gear.

However, they were surrounded by shock troopers led by their former comrade, Crosshair, who was now loyal to the Empire. But despite the odds, Echo and the others escaped in their ship, becoming fugitives from the Empire.

The Rescue Mission

After the Bad Batch made it off Kamino, they were accompanied by a new member, Omega. But unlike other Clones, she was an unmodified female clone and was, thus, always an Empire’s target.

Following some attempts on Omega’s life, Echo and the team set off to Ord Mantell to gather information about the mysterious woman who was after Omega. Upon hearing Echo’s story, Cid, the information broker, led him to her office, but before sharing any information, she demanded a favor in return and asked that they needed to save a child from the Zygerrian slavers.

As they approached the camp, Echo positioned himself in a high vantage point for cover. But just before he could make any move, Echo was ambushed by a Brezak, the creature used by Zygerrians for patrolling, and the team was subsequently captured by the Zygerrians.

In all the chaos, a Rancor broke out of the prison and started wreaking havoc on the prison camp. But this proved a blessing in disguise for Echo, and the Bad Batch was finally freed. And after the crew successfully overcame the Zygerrians, Echo learned that the Rancor was the same child they came to protect.

Infiltration on Corellia

After the “child” was successfully transported back to Ord Mantell, it became quite evident that Echo and Omega were getting along quite well. During one such interaction, when Echo was training Omega, they were abruptly stopped by the announcement of a new mission to extract a tactical droid from a decommissioning facility on Corellia.

As they set off for Corellia, Echo seized the opportunity to explain to Omega the significance of tactical droids, highlighting their ability to learn from mistakes and improve in battle.

As they approached the target building, following Echo’s suggestion, the squad decided to move on foot and skillfully evaded all the police droids entering the facility through a passage on the roof.

After making it to the control room, Echo tried to locate the sole intact tactical droid. However, their plans took an unexpected turn when one of Echo’s squad members set off an alarm, and they were locked inside the facility.

But once again, despite witnessing an intense standoff with the clones, Echo helped the squad to reactivate the battle droids destined for destruction and reprogrammed the old separatist droids to target only the police droids.

At the end, by taking advantage of the chaos, the Bad Batch rescued the tactical droid and completed yet another successful mission.

Echo’s Freedom

Near the end of the first season of the Bad Batch, we saw Echo and the rest of his squad in a struggle to remove the behavioral chips implanted inside them. However, to do that, they required access to a Venator ship, which had all the necessary equipment to remove the chip, and, therefore, they started to scavenge through a starship graveyard on Bracca.

And as they navigated the wreckage, they reached a medical bay inside an old ship that contained all the essential equipment for the surgery. Thanks to Echo’s technical prowess, he calibrated the surgical module and activated the operating machine.

However, unfortunately, one of the Bad Batch members, Wrecker, gave in to his chip’s programming and turned on his comrades. But before he could do any damage, Echo fought his brother-in-arm and rendered him unconscious before successfully removing his chip.

The Separation

In season 2 of the Bad Batch, Echo gets relatively less appearance. And it was not until episode 7 of the season when Echo became the limelight of the show.

After the destruction of Tipoca City, the Sith politics took a very dark turn, and the Clones, which helped the Empire get rid of the Jedi Order, became the next target of the Empire.

Following this unfortunate event, Echo became very concerned about the Clone’s future, especially when he learned that the Senate was altogether unaware of the annihilation of Tipoca City, which Vice Admiral Tarkin ordered.

But thankfully, with the help of his crew, Echo helped the Senate expose Tarkin’s secret. Still, before he could win any relief for his fellow Clones, Chancellor Palpatine entered into the discussion and blamed the destruction on the Clones, following which the Senate ultimately passed the bill to replace Clones with Stormtroopers.

Echo then finally decided to part ways with the Bad Batch to protect his clone brothers. But despite the rest of the Bad Batch respecting his call, Omega made a failed attempt to urge Echo to stay with them.

Reunion With The Bad Batch

Now as a lone wolf, Echo proceeded to several missions that aligned with the interest of the clones. In one such mission, he infiltrated an Imperial Ship, Tantive, carrying clone prisoners to a secret location.

Although Echo successfully gathered information about the ship, he had to go back to his squad to decipher the location the prisoners were being transported to.

As Echo reached Pabu, Omega couldn’t believe it. And after giving him a warm hug, it would not be wrong to say that she had forgiven him for his desertion. Now determined to help Clones, the Bad Batch went after an Imperial chief scientist Dr. Royce Hemlock to discover the secret prison camp.

However, as fate would have it, the crew was captured by the Imperial forces who were after Omega all along. Although Echo was able to fight off the enemies and free Hunter and Wrecker, Omega had already been transported to Hemlock’s ship. And as the season ends, Echo and the remaining crew pledged to get back Omega and rescue their brothers in need at any cost.

Echo’s Famous Words

“This is our only chance; we’ve got to stop him!”

“I’m not a liability, Rex. I’m the best chance we have to take back Anaxes.”

“Wake up, Crosshair. They sent us to eliminate innocent civilians.”

“You got me for a bargain.”

“Never thought I’d see battle droids helping us.”

Parting Thoughts

Echo, also known as CT-1409, is an exceptional character of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch. Known for his technical skills and loyalty, Echo could decode encrypted signals and was also a sharpshooter.

If I talk about myself, what made Echo great in my eyes is his story from being an ordinary Clone to a technology geek of the Bad Batch. The way his character gradually evolved also speaks a lot about Echo as a whole. But if I were to define him in three words, they would be “resolute, intelligent, and compassionate.”

As the second season of the Bad Batch comes to an end, I believe that Echo will continue his struggle for the Clones. And let’s not forget, as Omega and Crosshair are already held hostage by the Empire; no one knows to what extent Echo will be willing to go to save his friends. Still, one thing is for sure; the Empire did a wrong thing by going against the people close to Echo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Echo Still Alive in Star Wars?

Answer: Yes, Echo is still alive in the Star Wars universe. After his capture and presumed death during the Clone Wars, he was revealed to have survived and was returned in the last season of the Clone Wars.

Question: Which Abilities Did Echo Have?

Answer: Echo was a member of the Clone Force 99 and was named “Echo” for his habit of reiterating orders. He possessed unique skills in technology and decryption, making him a valuable asset to the squad.

Question: Did Echo Support Order 66?

Answer: No, Echo did not support Order 66. As a member of the Domino Squad, he and his friends resisted the implementation of Order 66, which called for the extermination of the Jedi Order. On the contrary, they remained loyal to their own principles and continued to fight against the newly formed Galactic Empire.

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