Best Star Wars Funko Pop Guide

Are you itching to buy some of the most popular Star Wars figures out right now? Welcome to the world of Star Wars Funko Pops! We’re about to discuss what makes the Funko brand unique and which Star Wars Pops are most popular.

Then, I’ll give you my suggestions for the 9 best Star Wars Funko Pop figures you can find online. I chose them based on their popularity, price range, and potential to become a valuable Pop. Ready to get started? Let’s find the perfect gift for you and a Star Wars fan in your life.

Bottom Line Upfront

These are hundreds of Star Wars Funkos out there, but one of my all-time favs of the Boba Fett Pop because I’ve been a massive Boba Fett fan since I was a kid and now with the new Book of Boba Fett show kickstarting, I’m fangirling overseeing his character ARC progress even more!

Top 3 Picks

These 3 Star Wars Funko Pop figures are the winners in popularity, design, and price. If you’re not sure which Pop you want yet, I recommend checking out these 3 for inspiration. Some even feature 2 characters in 1.

Most Popular: Mandalorian (Din Djarin) Holding The Child (Grogu) – The Mandalorian Funko Pop


Best Design: Darth Vader Lights and Sound – Star Wars Funko Pop


Best Price: Training Luke with Yoda – Star Wars Funko Pop


What are Funko Pops?

Funko Pops are arguably some of the most popular collectible figurines out there. Almost all Funko Pops are made from vinyl, and all of them feature characters from popular franchises. These figurines feature cute, cartoonish features and a distinctively big head.

Most standard Funko Pops are 4 to 5 inches tall, but their other sizes are:

  • Super – 6 inches tall
  • Jumbo – 10 inches tall
  • Mega – 18 inches tall

What are the Most Valuable Funko Pops?

Hold onto your lightsabers! These prices on the most valuable Funko Pops are going to give you the shock Luke felt when he learned of his parentage. Let’s count down to the most expensive.

  • 3. Freddy Funko Bloody Jaime Lannister Glow-in-the-Dark Funko Pop – $9,980
  • 2. Freddy Funko Count Chocula Glow-in-the-Dark Funko Pop – $10,000
  • 1. Alex DeLarge Glow-in-the-Dark Funko Pop – $13,400

What are the Most Popular Star Wars Funko Pop Characters?

The Mandalorian Deluxe Funko Pop

Star Wars has a long history with Funko, so tons of Star Wars figures have been made by this brand over time. According to the Funko Pop website, the bestselling Star Wars Funko Pops are:

  1. Grogu – The Mandalorian Deluxe Funko Pop
  2. Grogu – The Mandalorian Funko Pop
  3. Concept Series Stormtrooper with Shield and Lightsaber – Star Wars Funko Pop
  4. The Child with Cup – The Mandalorian Funko Pop
  5. Boba Fett – Star Wars Funko Pop

Funko Pop vs Funko Bobble Heads

I would tell you to consider whether you want a standard Pop figure or a bobblehead Pop figure, but, funny thing… There is actually a licensing issue in the mix. Funko Pop can’t make standard figures of Star Wars characters that aren’t bobbleheads.

Hasbro owns the legal rights to make all action figures associated with LucasFilm. Because of this, Funko Pop can make Star Wars bobbleheads because they’re considered toys, but they can’t make anything in the realm of “action figures”.

What to Look for in Star Wars Funko Pops

Ready for a quick crash course on all things Funko Pop? When buying Star Wars Pops online, it’s important to know the average price ranges for figures. You’ll want to make sure you know how to spot a faker, too. In about 2 minutes, you’ll be a certified expert.


Most standard Funko Pops can be bought from $11-$16 if they are still in stock online and in retail stores. When this changes, the price goes up. Some larger Star Wars Funkos, like Deluxe Funko Pops, can go for over $30.


There are definitely fakers out there. To make sure you’re getting an official Funko Pop, you can:

  • Check the including packaging to make sure all the details are correct
  • Make sure the figure has clear, crisp lines in the picture if buying online
  • Buy from Funko Pop’s website or from an official seller on another platform
  • Check the product description to see if the item claims to be officially licensed

Bobble Head or No Bobble Head?

star wars

Again, with Star Wars, you’re getting bobbleheads. All-Star Wars Funko Pops are bobbleheads. Thanks, Hasbro.

Removable Stand

Here’s another fun fact about Star Wars Funko Pops: every single one of their standard bobblehead figures comes with a stand. These stands aren’t meant to be removable in most cases. You can actually damage the figure by trying to remove the stand if it isn’t removable.


Funko sells some Star Wars accessories, too! Their newest accessory is a luggage tag that features Grogu in a little backpack. It’s adorable. They have a collection of Star Wars pins, too.

If you want to buy accessories to display your Funko pops, Funko sells box protectors, display cases, and podiums. Their premium box protectors even prevent your Pops from becoming damaged by UV rays.


There’s a hefty price tag on rare Star Wars Funko Pops. Think hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and you’re in the right range. Limited edition Funko Pops go for lots of money, and so do Funko Pops that have been discontinued.

The Best Star Wars Funko Pops

When it comes to Star Wars Funko Pop figures, these are the best of the best. All 9 of these adorable Star Wars figures are perfect for Star Wars toy fanatics and Funko Pop collectors. Each of these is a popular item right now, so it’s best to get them while you can.

Boba Fett – The Mandalorian Funko Pop

Boba Fett

Best For Best Details


The detailing on this Funko Pop figure of Boba Fett is spot-on. His helmet and armor look scratched up in a cute way that still looks kind of… rugged? It’s very fitting for his character. His gun and jet pack features look great, too. Like all Star Wars Funko Pops, this figure is a bobblehead that comes with a stand.

  • Price Range: $10-$15
  • Warranty: 30-day free returns policy
  • Character: Boba Fett
  • Type: Bobblehead

Fun Fact

Boba Fett’s armor, customized to be worn by a Mandalorian warrior, is made from durasteel and beskar.


  • Great detailing with Boba Fett’s helmet and armor
  • Boba Fett’s extra details, like the gun and jetpack, also add to the appeal
  • Very popular character across movies and a TV show


  • The environmental filter on top of the helmet could break off easily.

Mandalorian (Chrome) – The Mandalorian Funko Pop


Best For: Best Funko Pop Exclusive


This Funko Pop figure of Din Djarin is an Amazon Exclusive! Despite being an Amazon Exclusive, the price for this Pop figure is still within the average price range. The best detail? Mando’s helmet is super shiny, which you only get with the Amazon figure.

  • Price Range: $12-$17
  • Warranty: 30-day free returns policy
  • Character: Din Djarin
  • Type: Bobblehead

Fun Fact

Jon Favreau, writer of The Mandalorian, is also the writer of The Book of Boba Fett.


  • Amazon Exclusive Funko Pop
  • Din Djarin’s helmet is shiny
  • The detailing with the cape makes it look like it’s in motion


  • Can’t be bought in stores

Mandalorian (Din Djarin) Holding The Child (Grogu) – The Mandalorian Funko Pop

Din Djarin

Best For: Most Popular


This is an extremely popular Funko Pop that features Din Djarin holding Grogu. Mando’s helmet is off, so you can see his face on this figure. Grogu is super small, which adds to how adorable he already is. The details in Mando’s armor are spot-on here, too.

  • Price Range: $8-$16
  • Warranty: 30-day free returns policy
  • Character: Din Djarin and Grogu
  • Type: Bobblehead

Fun Fact

Pedro Pascal, who plays as Din Djarin in The Mandalorian, has also starred in Game of Thrones and Narcos.


  • 2 characters in 1
  • Grogu is absolutely adorable
  • Grogu is built into the figure in a way that would be hard to break off


  • No option to buy this figure without a bobblehead

Training Luke with Yoda – Star Wars Funko Pop

Training Luke

Best For: Best Price


If you know someone who loves the original characters the most, this is a must-have Funko Pop for them. You’ll get 2 characters in 1 with this Pop-a full-sized Luke Skywalker and a mini Yoda in Luke’s backpack. Luke’s weary expression adds a comedic element to this figure. The base is different from other Star Wars Funko Pops, which makes this one even more special.

  • Price Range: $8-$16
  • Warranty: 30-day free returns policy
  • Character: Luke Skywalker and Yoda
  • Type: Bobblehead

Fun Fact

Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker, has also acted on Broadway.


  • 2 characters in 1
  • Base is stylized and different from other Star Wars bases
  • Yoda is adorable


  • Yoda’s ear is delicate, so it could break off if dropped

Han Solo in Carbonite – Star Wars Funko Pop

Han Solo

Best For: Best Unique Design


This Funko Pop figure of Han Solo is different from all of Funko’s other figures! It’s very boxy because it features Han trapped in carbonite. This Pop is entirely silverish-gray, though it isn’t a chrome edition figure. Han Solo isn’t a bobblehead because he’s entirely encased within the carbonite.

  • Price Range: $8-$16
  • Warranty: 30-day free returns policy
  • Character: Han Solo
  • Type: Not a standard figure, but also not a bobblehead

Fun Fact

In The Last Jedi, one of the bombs the Resistance was using to try and destroy the First Order’s Dreadnaught said, “Han says Hi.”


  • Special variety of Funko Pop
  • One of very few Star Wars figures that isn’t a bobblehead
  • Great detailing


  • Very blocky, which some people may not like

Kylo Ren (Lights and Sound) – Star Wars Funko Pop

Kylo Ren

Best For: Best Special Effects


The Funko Pop bobblehead of Kylo Ren comes with special effects! He comes with lighting capabilities and sound. This is very uncommon for the average Funko Pop, so you’ll want to snatch these up while you can. Kylo’s cape looks like it’s in motion, which adds the illusion of movement to a stationary figure.

  • Price Range: $11-$17
  • Warranty: 30-days free returns policy
  • Character: Kylo Ren
  • Type: Bobblehead with lights and sound

Fun Fact

Growing up, Ben Solo had no idea Darth Vader was his grandfather.


  • Equipped with lights and sound effects
  • Amazing line detailing in Kylo Ren’s helmet
  • Cape looks like it’s in motion


  • Pieces of Kylo Ren’s red lightsaber could easily break off if the figure is dropped

Darth Maul – Star Wars: The Clone Wars Funko Pop

Darth Maul

Best For: Most Cute


Fan of Star Wars: The Clone Wars? You’ll notice that this Darth Maul Funko Pop has a distinctly cartoonish style, even more so than the other Funko Pops. By taking inspiration from art in The Clone Wars TV show, Funko made this figure to have cute features, crisp lines, and Darth Maul’s signature double-ended lightsaber.

  • Price Range: $10-$16
  • Warranty: 30-days free return policy
  • Character: Darth Maul
  • Type: Bobblehead

Fun Fact

Unlike other members of the Sith, Darth Maul grew up with his title. It wasn’t given to him later in life.


  • The Clone Wars line of Star Wars Funko Pops
  • Great detailing on Darth Maul’s lightsaber
  • Very crisp lines on Darth Maul’s face


  • Both ends of Darth Maul’s double-ended red lightsaber are prone to breaking

Darth Vader Lights and Sounds – Star Wars Funko Pop

Darth Vader Lights

Best For: Best Design


This is the other Star Wars Funko Pop on the list that comes with lighting and sound effects. Comparing the first-ever Funko Pop bobblehead of Darth Vader to this figure reveals a world of difference: Funko has really improved an already solid design over time. This Darth Vader bobblehead also has a cape in motion, which adds depth to the design.

  • Price Range: $20-$25
  • Warranty: 30-days free returns policy
  • Character: Darth Vader
  • Type: Bobblehead with lights and sound

Fun Fact

The signature Darth Vader sound was created by using a scuba regulator.


  • Lights and sound effects
  • Great detail work on Darth Vader’s helmet and suit
  • Cape looks like it’s in motion


  • Red lightsaber could break off the figure if dropped

Han Solo and Leia 2-Pack – Star Wars Funko Pop

Han Solo and Leia 2

Best For: Best 2-Pack


Rebels, unite! You get 2 heroes in this pack of Star Wars Funko Pops! This 2-pack featuring Han Solo and Leia has got their outfit designs spot-on. Both are bobbleheads, of course, and both come with a stand. One of the best parts? Funko made Leia with her signature buns!

  • Price Range: $38-$48
  • Warranty: 30-days free returns policy
  • Character: Han Solo and Princess Leia
  • Type: Bobbleheads

Fun Fact

When Princess Leia said she loved Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back, Harrison Ford improvised the line, “I know.” His line was supposed to be, “I love you, too.”


  • 2 full-size figures in 1 pack
  • 2 wildly popular characters
  • Great attention to detail in both outfits


  • 2-pack is more expensive than a single Funko Pop figure


This is the section where your most frequently asked questions about Star Wars Funko Pops are answered! Star Wars has a hugely popular line of Funko Pop figures, so there’s a lot to learn about them.

Question: What Is the Rarest Star Wars Funko Pop?

Answer: The holographic Dark Maul Funko Pop is worth over $5,600. It’s the rarest Star Wars Funko Pop bobblehead right now.

Question: How Many Funko Pops are There in 2021?

Answer: At the end of 2021, there were about 20,000 different Funko Pop figures! If you want them all, it looks like you’ve got a lot of collecting to do. And spending. Remember, some of these Funko Pops go for tens of thousands of dollars.

Question: What is the First Star Wars Funko Pop?

Answer: Darth Vader was the first Star Wars Funko Pop to ever be released. Isn’t it fitting that Darth Vader was the first Star Wars character George Lucas ever created? Yoda, Han Solo, and Princess Leia are the following figures in Funko’s Star Wars line.

The Final Battle

Power up your lightsaber, dear Jedi, because the real battle starts now. With all these choices, which Star Wars Funko Pop will you pick? We discussed what to consider when browsing for Funko Pops, and how to spot a genuine Star Wars bobblehead from a fake.

I also got to tell you about the 9 best Star Wars Funko Pops out right now. Although, my fav is the Boba Fett Pop is my personal pick! Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments below! For more great Star Wars merchandise buying guides, head over to our website!

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