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Eno Cordova was a Jedi Master and scholar that served the Jedi Order in the late years of the Galactic Republic. Cordova put most of his heart into archeology.

His passion for learning about distant cultures and worlds would eventually lead him to a dark premonition about the fall of the Jedi Order. He is a key character in the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order series.

Cordova did not play a leading part during the Clone Wars or the fall of the Galactic Republic. He later led the way for one of the most prominent Jedi resistance efforts against the Empire.

Thanks to his knowledge of ancient civilizations, he led a group of fallen Jedi through the path of the Zeffo in hopes of restoring the Jedi Order and defeating the emerging Sith menace.

Fallen Jedi Master Cere Junda, once an apprentice under Cordova, rescued former Padawan Cal Kestis and helped him complete his training as a Jedi Knight. They followed leads that Eno Cordova planted into his explorer droid BD-1 on their quest to find the key to rebuild the Jedi Order.

Bottom Line Up Front

Eno Cordova was a scholar and Jedi Master. He became obsessed with the Zeffo civilization after a troubling vision showed the fall of the Jedi Order. Cordova applied his knowledge as an archeologist to give the Jedi a second chance to prevail over the Sith, setting up the plot of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Quick Facts

  • Name: Eno Cordova
  • Era: Late High Republic, Clone Wars
  • Affiliation: Jedi Order
  • Titles: Archeologist, Jedi Master
  • Padawan: Cere Junda
  • Droid Companion: BD-1 explorer droid
  • Lightsaber: Blue, single-blade
  • Outfit: Beige Jedi robes
  • First Appearance: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Dark Temple (September 4, 2019) comic books, by Matthew Rosenberg and Paolo Villanelli
  • Other Appearances: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (November 15, 2019) videogame, by Respawn Entertainment


eno cordova appearance


Eno Cordova dressed in traditional Jedi robes, typically in lighter tones. By the time he had met Cere Junda, he was bald with sparse white hair on the sides and his beard.

American actor and sci-fi veteran Tony Amendola provided the voice and likeness for Eno Cordova in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Amendola had never worked with Star Wars before the game but spent about a decade of his career as a supporting actor in Stargate SG-1. He played Bra’tac, the eccentric Jaffa mentor to revolutionary Teal’c. His experience with Stargate carried over well into Star Wars.


Like most Jedi Masters, Eno Cordova always carried his lightsaber with him. He sported a lightsaber with a single blue blade, made of a brown hilt with a black grip, a silver switch, and a flared bronze-colored emitter.

Cordova was a capable fighter but rarely used his weapon in anger and preferred to trust his understanding of different cultures and civilizations to settle conflicts peacefully.

During his later years as a scholar in Bogano, Master Eno Cordova counted on exploration droid BD-1 to record his research. The unit followed Cordova to different worlds after traces of the Zeffo civilization.

Once the scholar foresaw the fall of the Jedi Order, he hid a copy of a Jedi Holocron listing the names of Force-sensitive children across the galaxy in the vault of Bogano.

To ensure that only a Jedi with the right intentions could access the Holocron, Cordova encrypted the logs of his conversations with BD-1. The droid had instructions to reveal his diary partially and only after visiting the locations that the Master explored in search of the Zeffo.

The log encryption also meant BD-1 would lose access to all his memories. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is full of emotional moments, but the last log where Cordova and BD-1 part ways drove me to tears.


eno cordova personality

Most Jedi Masters perceived Eno Cordova as an eccentric loner due to his habits and professional interests. Cordova was a diligent Jedi and followed through with all the missions the Council assigned him.

His travels as a Republic peacekeeper were merely a way to explore cultures across the galaxy on his own terms. The Jedi Council granted him the title of Master for his unique research, which helped uncover many ancient secrets.

Cere Junda served as one of his last apprentices and later remarked on how his isolated nature affected their relationship. Master Eno Cordova did not have a very close relationship with Cere. His methods as a teacher differed wildly from the more paternal style displayed by Jaro Tapal towards Cal Kestis, for example.

Jedi Masters like Tapal or Obi-Wan Kenobi believed strongly in instilling the traditions of the Jedi Order and its ways in their Padawans. Master Cordova preferred to expose his apprentice to various cultures and situations, leaving it up to Cere to draw conclusions and lessons.

Cordova and Junda did not stay close after she finished her training. The marks of his training are clear throughout Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Cere developed her own interpretation of the Jedi Code and put her beliefs to practice with her apprentices Trilla Suduri and Cal Kestis.

Key Moments

A Scholar and Knight

After finishing his training, Eno Cordova began his work at the Jedi Order as an archeologist and scholar in Coruscant. He admired cultures and civilizations outside the Core Worlds and studied them in the Jedi Archives.

Cordova became friends with Jedi Master Jocasta Nu, the Chief Librarian. His true passion lay in fieldwork, and he took every opportunity to visit important archeological sites across the galaxy as an envoy of the Galactic Republic.

Eno Cordova was still a Jedi Knight, but his appreciation for different cultures and worlds set him apart from peers more invested in the warrior traditions of the Order. Many Jedi saw him as an outcast, and Cordova did little to help this reputation.

He was never as invested in the centralized politics of Coruscant and enjoyed time away from the galactic capital. Cordova conducted most of his research alone.

Despite an awkward reputation, Eno Cordova earned the respect of the Jedi Council through the thoroughness and quality of his works as a scholar. He provided the Galactic Republic with invaluable insights into the history and fate of many ancient civilizations. The Jedi Order awarded him the title of Jedi Master.

Master to Cere Junda

Eno Cordova continued to work as a scholar despite the new responsibilities attached to his title. Members of the Jedi Council tried to assign Padawans to the right Masters. The match to Eno Cordova and his eccentric nature came in Cere Junda.

Junda was a young human brought to Coruscant as an infant by a Jedi Seeker. She demonstrated great promise as a warrior but struggled to control her temper and impulsive ways.

The Council believed Cordova was the right Master to help her control these emotions. The scholar was older than most Masters and approached problems in his traditional serene ways.

Cordova took his Padawan along in almost all of his expeditions and missions. He taught her to see the galaxy through her own eyes. As Master and Padawan, they were not particularly close, but his teachings had a strong effect on Cere.

Between training sessions and fieldwork, she began spending her free time in the Jedi Archives in Coruscant to explore its vast art collections.

Disputes in Nameel

eno cordova disputes in nameel

As a Jedi Master, Cordova often served as a mediator for the Galactic Republic. Coruscant regularly dispatched Jedi far and wide across the galaxy to help settle disputes or negotiate agreements. Cordova and Junda went on one such mission to the forested world of Nameel.

A trade between Dupei monks and a Trandoshan tribe had ended in accusations and threatening violence, so the Jedi Order dispatched Master Cordova and his Padawan to investigate and defuse the situation.

Upon their arrival, the Jedi found both sides about to come to blows. Junda quickly lost her temper and pushed both groups apart. Cordova was aware of the differences in character and culture between the Dupei and the Trandoshans and figured to separate them while he conducted his investigation.

He left Junda guarding the Trandoshans and pulled the Dupei monks aside to hear their side. His plan was to have a private audience with the Trandoshan tribe later for the same purpose.

Guarding an aggressive group of Trandoshans proved to be more than Cere could handle back then. Junda was convinced the Trandoshans were guilty, which did not help. The situation escalated fast, but Cordova emerged from his meeting with the Dupei monks to save his Padawan.

Master Cordova had spoken in depth with the Dupei and eventually pieced together the truth behind the events. The monks confessed that they had indeed stolen credits from the Trandoshans.

Cere felt deeply embarrassed by the situation and apologized to the Trandoshans for blaming them. With the dispute settled, Cordova took Junda back to Coruscant.

Back at the Jedi Temple, Cordova and Junda debriefed before the Jedi High Council. His Padawan tried to explain her actions which eventually escalated the situation, and the Master stood up for her. Members of the Council accepted that Cere was only a Padawan left to deal with a volatile environment and moved on to their next mission.

The Ontotho Expedition

Cordova had established a reputation as one of the best scholars in the Jedi Order. The Council decided he was the perfect fit to help with a territorial dispute surrounding the excavation of ancient ruins in Ontotho.

The Republic had initially dispatched its negotiators, but this team was diverted due to a more pressing situation in the Bunka system.

Ontotho had spent most of its days isolated from the rest of the galaxy before joining the Galactic Republic. Revenue came primarily from cooperation with the Daa Corporation.

While most of its inhabitants saw the deal as lucrative and embraced the Republic, the Frylar region refused to join the planetary government. The Frylari people objected to exploring the ancient temple, as it fell on Frylar territory.

The Jedi delegation landed in Ontotho City Spaceport and met with Dylanto Daa, representing the interests of the Daa Corporation. The Fylari agreed to host a meeting in their territory under Jedi mediation, so Cordova and Junda joined Daa Corporation members in an armored convoy through the Fylar Forest.

Things escalated before the Republic envoys had any time to act.

As the convoy drove through the forest, armed fighters ambushed the vehicles and destroyed them. Cere Junda woke up in a Frylari camp, believing her Master to have died in the attack. The Frylari leader assured Junda they were not behind the attack and agreed to collaborate to find those responsible.

Unbeknownst to the Padawan, Master Eno Cordova had actually survived. The Daa Corporation held him hostage while they attacked Frylar to gain access to the ancient temple. Cere Junda infiltrated the Daa headquarters and found her Master alive.

The reunited Jedi returned and brokered a ceasefire. The fragile peace allowed Cordova and Junda to explore the temple themselves. Their findings struck a deep chord in the Master. Cordova discovered the temple belonged to the Zeffo, an ancient civilization that both worshiped and wielded the Force.

They had built this temple to honor one of their sages, as they called their leaders. The most puzzling part for Cordova was that the Zeffo had seemingly disappeared.

The Master and Padawan returned to Coruscant and later parted ways. The Jedi High Council recognized the excellent work of Cere Junda in Ontotho. She rescued her Master and helped secure a ceasefire that opened the Zeffo temple to the Republic.

These actions granted Junda the title of Jedi Knight. She went on to become a seeker and continued studying the arts and music as Cordova had taught her.

Exploring the Zeffo

eno cordova exploring the zeffo

Eno Cordova had become obsessed with the Zeffo due to their parallels with the Jedi Order. Cere Junda was his last apprentice. He followed clues from the temple in Ontotho to find the remote planet of Bogano, which he kept secret from all Jedi besides Cere Junda. There he found another Zeffo temple.

Bogano was a goldmine for Cordova. The planet had not been touched by any other civilization besides the Zeffo. The temple and artifacts there were in excellent condition.

Everything looked like an archeologist’s dream, but Bogano held a dark secret. As Cordova ventured into the vault, he received a disturbing premonition showing the fall of the Jedi Order.

Alarmed by his findings and the parallels with the Zeffo disappearance, the scholar flew to Coruscant and invoked an emergency meeting of the Jedi High Council.

Master Cordova presented his vision and findings to the members, who dismissed his concerns as an alarmist obsession. The Council believed the future was always in motion, so this vision required no action.

The lack of reaction left Cordova disillusioned with his fellow Masters. The scholar set up a base in Bogano and brought an explorer droid BD-1 to record his findings. Using traces left behind by the Zeffo, he followed their path until their disappearance under the leadership of the Three Sages.

Cordova visited the Zeffo homeworld, a planet marked by intense storms. There he found the Tomb of Eilram, an underground complex that served many purposes.

Beyond the resting place of Sage Eilram, the structure offered trials to aspiring sages and was a tribute to the Force. The Zeffo civilization called it the Life Wind, and only those able to master it could become sages. The complex had markings resembling the trees of Kashyyyk.

Cordova had good ties with Wookiee Chieftain Tarfful and paid a visit to the Kashyyyk in search of more clues. His friend confirmed that the Zeffo had visited at some point. Eilram had sought answers in the Tree of Life. Master Cordova returned to Zeffo for more clues and found the tomb of Miktrull.

The Jedi had a positive impression of the sages because of Eilram and his study of the Force. The massive tomb had votive candles on its walls and complex magnetic devices. Cordova thought the candles were offerings to Miktrull and his wisdom but discovered the sage had become obsessed with power and demanded the offerings from his subjects.

Another thing to catch Cordova’s attention was the references to the astrium, a Zeffo device used to open sacred vaults such as the one in Bogano.

Eno Cordova was intrigued by the contrast between the wise sage Eilram and the more prideful Miktrull. Back in Bogano, the Jedi found a wall inscription of the red planet of Dathomir. This was home to another ground of Force-wielders, but Cordova struggled to understand why the Zeffo had gone there.

Besides its inhospitable fauna and flora, the Nightsister tribe that ruled the planet used powers from the dark side of the Force. Dathomir had a reputation for its aura of pain and suffering, but Cordova reluctantly journeyed there.

Visiting such a dark planet took a heavy toll on Cordova, but there he found the tomb of Kujet. Sage Miktrull was prideful and often greedy, but the horrors in Dathomir dwarfed anything the Jedi scholar had seen until then.

Such was the darkness in the temple that even the Nightsisters warned Cordova to stay away from it. He had to split his exploration into two stays to avoid succumbing to the planet.

When Master Cordova ventured into the temple, he learned that Sage Kujet had changed the seat of his people to Dathomir and exercised a cruel rule over his subjects. Kujet resented how his civilization worshipped Miktrull and destroyed all but one of the astriums to erase him.

Kujet promised to share the ways of the Life Wind with those who followed him, but once he felt threatened, the sage massacred those opposed to his practices.

Cordova was shocked by the brutality of the last great Zeffo sage but found in his tomb one of the last intact astriums. As desired by Kujet, the surviving Zeffo buried him with the surviving astrium in his hand. Cordova retrieved the device and embarked on his final adventure for the Jedi Order.

Preserving the Jedi Legacy

eno cordova preserving the jedi legacy

Master Eno Cordova knew the Jedi Order was in danger but refused to acknowledge it. His age was advanced, and there was little he could do in the present. Cordova drafted a plan to help the future of the Jedi Order. He flew to Coruscant and had a secret meeting with Chief Librarian Jocasta Nu.

She agreed to help her old friend and duplicated a copy of the Jedi Holocron containing the names of potential Force-sensitive children across the galaxy.

The scholar knew such knowledge had to be kept from the wrong hands so that only a Jedi with the right intentions and understanding of his cause could access it.

Cordova hid the Holocron within the Bogano vault and returned the astrium to the tomb of Kujet in Dathomir. He encrypted the memory of his droid friend BD-1 with instructions to reveal the information in parts to another Jedi.

Cordova believed that by showing the demise of the Zeffo civilization, he could make the future generation of Jedi avoid the same mistakes. BD-1 stayed in his study base in Bogano, to be found five years after the fall of the Jedi Order by former Padawan Cal Kestis.

The exact fate of Eno Cordova is a mystery. Kestis found no trace of the old scholar outside his archeological work, and BD-1 had no information.

Four years later, exiled Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi found Cordova’s name engraved on the wall of a safe house used to smuggle Jedi to safety. The scholar may have survived long enough to see his vision come true with the fall of the Jedi Order at the hands of the new Galactic Empire.


eno cordova appearances

Master Cordova first appeared in September 2019 as part of the Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order – Dark Temple comic books, written by Matthew Rosenberg and illustrated by Paolo Villanelli.

The creators of Dark Temple worked with game developer Respawn Entertainment to set the scene for their Jedi: Fallen Order game, released later that year. The comics introduced us to the scholar, his Padawan Cere Junda, and the mysterious Zeffo civilization.

Jedi: Fallen Order is my favorite Star Wars game due to its delightful lightsaber combat mechanics and deep plot. Respawn Entertainment’s choice to work with creators on complementary media vindicated itself.

The studio repeated the formula with the Jedi: Survivor game sequel and its accompanying novel, Jedi: Battle Scars.

Cordova features prominently in Dark Temple but never physically appeared in the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game. Cal Kestis and BD-1 only interact with the old Master through the exploration logs recorded by the droid.

The main entries are holographic messages, but the player can unlock additional audio recordings when BD-1 scans certain items or areas. To listen to these, pause the game and search for Cordova’s Journey in the databank menu.


Question: Is Eno Cordova Alive?

Answer: The exact fate of Jedi Master Eno Cordova is unknown. During his mission to rescue Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan, Obi-Wan Kenobi found Aurebesh wall carvings by Jedi smuggled to safety through a Path safehouse. Eno Cordova’s name is featured on that list, implying he survived the initial stages of the Jedi purge.

Question: Who was Eno Cordova’s Apprentice?

Answer: His most prominent Padawan was Cere Junda. Master Cordova took Junda along during his many travels across the galaxy to instill a respect for other cultures and arts beyond the microcosm of the Core Worlds. His Padawan would eventually become the leader of an ambitious mission to restore the Jedi Order.

Question: What Lightsaber did Eno Cordova Use?

Answer: Master Eno Cordova used a single-blade lightsaber. It possessed a black and silver hilt and produced a blue blade. The player can customize Cal Kestis’ lightsaber to resemble his in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Question: How did Eno Cordova Get the Jedi Holocron Containing the Names of Force-sensitive Children?

Answer: Master Eno Cordova tried to alarm the Jedi High Council of impending doom. To his dismay, the members dismissed his concerns. The lack of response from official channels pushed Cordova to plot his plan to save the future of the Jedi.
Master Jocasta Nu created a copy of the Holocron naming Force-sensitive children and gave it to Cordova, who then hid the device in a vault in Bogano.

Question: Which Planets did Eno Cordova Visit During his Study of the Zeffo?

Answer: During his studies of the fallen Zeffo civilization, Master Eno Cordova visited the planets of Zeffo, Dathomir, Kashyyyk, and Bogano. Each of these worlds contained traces of the path followed by Force-sensitive Zeffo sages until their civilization collapsed.
Cordova believed that understanding the fall of the Zeffo would lead to clues that could prevent the Jedi Order from suffering the same fate.


Eno Cordova is a beautiful character. His passion for other cultures opened up the entire galaxy for him and ultimately allowed him to see past the short-sighted view of the Jedi High Council about its impending demise.

Cordova never betrayed his faith in learning, and his life’s work allowed him to safely hide the Jedi Holocron from the Sith menace that came to dominate the galaxy.

I love how the writers of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order tastefully incorporated the results of his teachings in Cere Junda, who is one of the noblest Jedi Masters to ever live.

Without Eno Cordova, it is guaranteed that Cal Kestis and Cere Junda would have stayed alone on the run from the Empire until the Inquisitors caught up to them.

Greez Dritus would have eventually crossed the line one too many times with his gambling, and Nightsister Merrin would have remained at the mercy of Tarron Malicos. As for BD-1, he would have been just another explorer droid doing menial tasks.

Eno Cordova laid out a path for these fantastic characters to break from the ordinary and do something beyond their wildest dreams, despite the tragic circumstances they had found themselves in before.

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