Jedi Fallen Order All Chest Locations

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There are seven types of items found in chests on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The loot applies to either Cal Kestis, his lightsaber, explorer droid BD-1, or the Stinger Mantis ship.

Except for lightsaber parts, you can use all chest collectibles instantly via the “Customization” tab on the pause menu. Active items show up both in gameplay and during cutscenes.

Bottom Line Up Front

This guide covers the 107 collectible chests and 8 stim canister upgrades for BD-1 in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. If you are missing a specific item, hit the search function and type in its name to see how to use it. I recommend visiting each world once more after relearning all the Force skills to avoid distracting from the main storyline.

Collectibles Overview

Lightsaber Parts

Whether the Jedi Order exists or not, most Jedi live and die by their lightsabers. The customization items in treasure chests do not affect performance, but having your weapon look just right can take your swordsmanship to the next level.

The chests in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order contain lightsaber emitters, switches, and sleeves. They also come with material options that apply to the entire lightsaber. You can change the lightsaber blade color without needing additional components.

Unlike other collectibles, the lightsaber add-ons can only be applied on a workbench. Most planets in the game have them, but you can also use the one in the rear of the Stinger Mantis passenger compartment. I prefer tinkering with the lightsaber after landing, then sticking with that setup until I am back at the ship.

Cal Kestis Outfits and Ponchos

cal kestis outfits and ponchos

After experiencing the fall of the Jedi Order while over Bracca, Cal Kestis escaped to the planet below and started a new life as a scrapper. His default outfit choice reflects that.

He wears a standard dark blue long-sleeve shirt and pants with a leather chest shield, a welding glove in his left hand, and a belt with harness attachments and tool pockets. Cal then dons a leather welding poncho in the same colors plus orange accents around the neck and shoulders.

His outfit is perfect for the dark metal wasteland and questionable work conditions under the Bracca Scrapper’s Guild, but not the different planets his journey takes him.

The chests have outfits to help mitigate that. Outfit collectibles affect the color of the shirt and pants Cal wears. The others can change the color, material, and overall type of their cover. You can mix and match outfits and poncho options.

Stinger Mantis Paint Jobs

Latero pilot Greez Dritus may not trust Cal Kestis with flying the Mantis, but you can customize the ship.

BD-1 Skins

The explorer droid unit BD-1 is always riding along on Cal’s back. It is only fitting that you can change his appearance to match new outfits and ponchos on the Jedi.

Stim Canisters

Despite not being nominally a collectible chest, the stim canister upgrades in Fallen Order are functionally the same. Finding one of those yellow boxes is like being a kid on Christmas. Upon activating this, Cal Kestis gets another stim and puts it into the tray in BD-1. This gives you one more lifeline in boss fights.

I did my first playthrough without finding the stim canister upgrades and paid dearly for it. The final fights against the imperial inquisition felt nearly impossible at the top difficulty. That is not to say it could not be done, but once I learned about the stim canisters in other playthroughs, things were less stressful.


1. Sumi Poncho

Past the meditation spot in the Bogdo Sinkholes area, jump onto the pipe, and balance your way through. At the intersection, turn right and make your way into the cave. Alternatively, you can jump through the sinkhole from the top.

Oggdo Bogdo guards the Sumi Poncho chest, so prepare for a tough battle. You can rely on the same tactics you use against a standard Oggdo, but mind the much faster enemy reaction times and confined space. This chest requires the scomp link repair on BD-1 to open.

2. Republic Mantis Skin

In the same area, you will find the Republic Mantis skin. Get to the roof of the Abandoned Workshop and make your way down the vine. Once you reach the bottom, use the Force to slow down the fan and quickly jump onto the platform.

star wars jedi fallen order chest bogano
Fractured Plain

3. Eno Cordova Lightsaber Emitter

Scholar and Jedi Master Eno Cordova called the Hermit’s Abode his home in Bogano. This is where you will find two of his lightsaber parts. The Eno Cordova Lightsaber Emitter chest is on the second floor of the place, accessible by going up a rope and then looking to the right.

4. Eno Cordova Lightsaber Switch

Once you have the BD-1 overcharge upgrade, clear a small passageway. Through it, you will find a bedroom, at the center of which is a chest containing the Eno Cordova Lightsaber Switch.

eno cordova lightsaber switch
Hermit’s Abode

5. Bogano Dawn Poncho

The Great Divide area holds five chests. The easiest one to find is the Bogano Dawn Poncho, a simple jump across the gap near the meditation spot tucked in between two stone walls.

6. Corundum Lightsaber Material & Valor and Wisdom II Lightsaber Sleeve

These two chests are next to each other, at the top of a cliff in the Great Divide highland. The only difference is that the Corundum Lightsaber Material needs the scomp link repair to open.

7. Valor and Wisdom II Lightsaber Switch

After you emerge from the Subterranean Refuge, wall-run to cover the gap, and look to the left of the lower end of the zipline to find the Valor and Wisdom II Switch.

valor and wisdom ii lightsaber switch
Great Divide

8. Z’Gag Wave BD-1 Skin

Once Cal has relearned the Force Push skill, find the bridge on the western side of the Great Divide and put it in its place. The Z’Gag Wave BD-1 Skin is located right across it, but this requires the scomp link.

z’gag wave bd-1 skin
Great Divide (Cont.)

9. Pathfinder Outfit

The Pathfinder Outfit is the only item in the Binog Mesa area. Walk past the sinkhole leading to the Subterranean Refuge and hop over to the platform on the left side. The outfit chest is on the right edge of it.

pathfinder outfit
Binog Mesa

10. Offshore Poncho & Lamina Steel Lightsaber Material

The Offshore Poncho is at the top of the plateau leading to the Zeffo temple, by a set of fossilized ribs poking out of the grass. Further to the right is the Lamina Steel chest by the edge. Reaching the chest area requires the Jedi double-jump, plus the scomp link to open the chests.

offshore poncho & lamina steel lightsaber material
Abandoned Workshop

11. Valor and Wisdom Lightsaber Emitter & Valor and Wisdom Lightsaber Switch

The Valor and Wisdom lightsaber components are underwater, requiring the respirator found in Kashyyyk to open. Walk past the bridge pushed down for the Z’Gag Wave skin, then swim in the flooded area inside the Abandoned Workshop area. The chests are nested against the central rock but at opposite ends of the room.

valor and wisdom lightsaber emitter
Abandoned Workshop (Cont.)

12. Neuranium Lightsaber Material & Peace and Justice II Lightsaber Sleeve

The Neuranium Lightsaber Material chest is a double jump across the collapsed bridge in the Fractured Plain. The opposite edge of this area, by the Bogling holes, has the Peace & Justice II Lightsaber Sleeve.

neuranium lightsaber material
Fractured Plain

13. Landing Pad Stim

Once you have learned Force Push, look for a staircase by the Mantis landing pad and head underground. Accessing this stim is a test of skill and patience where you must push a Zeffo ball into a socket.

This is much easier said than done and requires a mix of push, pull, and slow to get right. Once you complete the puzzle, a door will open, and the stim container will be to the left.

landing pad stim
Landing Pad Stim


1. Blue Leader BD-1 Skin

Right after the rough landing on Zeffo, go to the hangar on the left to find the Blue Leader BD-1 Skin chest by the storage boxes.

2. Bravo Poncho

Enter the nearby hangar and head to the right end of it to open the Bravo Poncho chest.

3. Duty and Resolve Lightsaber Emitter

The Duty and Resolve Lightsaber Emitter is tucked away behind a ledge. As you move past the hangars on the road leading to the abandoned village, make a left turn and jump to reach the secluded balcony hiding this chest.

duty and resolve lightsaber emitter
Derelict Hangar

4. Guardian Poncho

In the Abandoned Village, the house to the right side by the middle has a chest on its roof that contains the Guardian Poncho. Make sure you clear the area of stormtroopers before opening it, as this chest is right in the middle of their field of fire.

5. Duty and Resolve Lightsaber Sleeve

The roof diametrically opposite the Guardian Poncho hosts the Duty and Resolve Lightsaber Sleeve chest. Hop across the rooftops and look on the right side to find it on a small balcony.

6. Durite Lightsaber Material

The Durite Lightsaber Material chest lies on the far end of the Abandoned Village. Once you have mastered Force Push, bring down the broken bridge on the roof and cross it to the next house to find the chest.

durite lightsaber material
Abandoned Village

7. Copper Lightsaber Material

The dark turbine facility in Zeffo has a single chest that contains the Copper Lightsaber Material. Once you enter the facility from the village, follow the path on the left. After you balance your way across the pipe, the chest is on a small platform to the left, accessible via a small staircase.

copper lightsaber material
Turbine Facility

8. Occultation Mantis Skin

After you enter the factory and pick up the BD-1 upgrade on the workbench, look out for the vertical pulverizer. Once the plunger hits the lower limit, slow it with the Force, jump on it and quickly head to the platform on the left to pick up the Occultation Mantis Skin.

9. Duty and Resolve II Lightsaber Switch

Back to the factory entrance, a locked door to the left of it holds the Duty and Resolve II Lightsaber Switch. Use BD-1’s scomp link to open the door and reach the chest.

10. Elemental Nature II Lightsaber Sleeve

In the square by the Weathered Monument, head into the cave on the right, where a Heavy Assault Stormtrooper guards the entrance. On the other end, climb the rope to reach a small platform and head to the right to find the chest with the Elemental Nature II Lightsaber Sleeve.

11. Mercenary Mantis Skin

The pipes out of that same cave above lead to a small area on the left, with a locked chest containing the Mantis Mercenary Skin.

mercenary mantis skin
Weathered Monument

12. Duty and Resolve Lightsaber Switch

The Auger Pulverizers area has three chests. The first one is right by the entrance on the far left corner of the platform, with the Duty and Resolve Lightsaber Switch.

13. Durasteel Lightsaber Material

In the tunnel with three pulverizers, slow the first one down and quickly duck inside the hole in the wall to open the Durasteel Lightsaber Material chest.

14. Starfighter Mantis Skin

The Starfighter Mantis Skin is on the cliff after you leave the pulverizer tunnels.

starfighter mantis skin
Auger Pulverizers

15. Charisma Mantis Skin

Once you reach the Ancient Catacombs, look for a vertical wind flow and jump into it. This will push you into a small area carved out of the cave walls with the Charisma Mantis Skin.

charisma mantis skin
Ancient Catacombs

16. Duty and Resolve II Lightsaber Sleeve & Osmiridium Lightsaber Material

The Duty and Resolve II Lightsaber Sleeve chest is in the Windswept Ruins area. On the ground floor, look up for a collapsed pillar over a small cave. The sleeve is hidden behind it.

Follow up by grabbing onto the ledge or running up the pillar and jumping on the wind flow to reach the platform containing the Osmiridium Lightsaber Material chest.

duty and resolve ii lightsaber sleeve
Windswept Ruins

17. Wayfarer Poncho

Past the main entrance to the ice caves of Zeffo, reach the meditation spot, and jump down to the small ledge. This will trigger a Scazz swarm, but once you defeat it, the Wayfarer Poncho will be nested by the wall.

18. Bestine BD-1 Skin & Cerakote Lightsaber Material

Starting at the platform where the Jotaz lurks behind the ice wall, go down the rope and make your way toward the nearest elevator. There is a path to the right of it with a narrow passage requiring wall running. Defeat the two stormtroopers at the end of it before opening the two chests in the room.

19. Arcetron Lightsaber Material

Slow the two blades and jump across them to reach a platform overlooking the elevator. The chest will be by the edge of it.

arcetron lightsaber material
Ice Caves

20. Hyper Shell Poncho

Upon reaching the Venator Crash Site, swim to the area on the left with the Jotaz. Grab onto the ledge on the far end, climb the platform, then perform a wall run to find the Hyper Shell Poncho chest.

21. Elemental Nature Lightsaber Emitter & Elemental Nature Lightsaber Sleeve

As you come off the slide leading to the crash site, dive with the respirator and inspect the immediate surroundings to find the Elemental Nature Emitter and Sleeve chests.

22. Elemental Nature Lightsaber Switch

The Elemental Nature Lightsaber Switch chest is directly beneath the platform containing the Hyper Shell poncho. Use the respirator to pick it up.

23. Swoop BD-1 Skin

Find the engine nozzle forming a tunnel on the right side of the crash site, with two Phillaks roaming around. The Swoop BD-1 skin chest rests against one of the engine parts on the right side.

24. Grungio BD-1 Skin

Using the respirator from Kashyyyk, dive between the area with the previous chest and the island with a Jotaz walking around to find the Grungio BD-1 skin.

25. Polished Bronzium Lightsaber Material

Look out for a large red grid on the right side walls of the crash site, and dive there to find the Polished Bronzium Lightsaber Material chest near a cluster of rocks.

26. Fjord Poncho

On the northwest corner of the island with the Jotaz and a couple Scazz, dive between the top gap in the ring to find the Fjord Poncho lying over the wreck part.

fjord poncho
Crash Site

27. Elemental Nature II Lightsaber Switch

Inside the first meditation point in the Venator, get in the water and swim to the right until you reach a small gap in the wall. This compartment hosts a chest surrounded by dead clone troopers.

28. Starfighter Poncho, Cantonica BD-1 Skin & Chrome Lightsaber Material

Look to the right of the gap in the Venator fuselage. This area holds the locked chest of the Starfighter Poncho. Further along the right are another two with the Cantonica BD-1 Skin and the Chrome Lightsaber Material.

starfighter poncho, cantonica bd-1 skin & chrome lightsaber material
Venator Wreckage

29. Orichalc Lightsaber Material

The Orichalc Lightsaber Material is the only chest in the Broken Wing area of the crash site. In the flooded corridor with the pipes to get you across, dive down to find the chest on the far side of it.

orichalc lightsaber material
Broken Wing

30. Silvian Iron Lightsaber Material

Upon entering the Tomb of Eilram, head to the first room on the right side of the corridor. Use the Force to push the large block against the far wall, then jump on it to find the Silvian Iron chest and a Force Echo.

31. Outlander Poncho

In the spacious area with the raised platforms, go down the slide and grab onto the rope as you come off. Steer to the left and jump again to find another two vines leading you to the platform containing the Outlander Poncho chest.

32. Balmgrass BD-1 Skin

By the tomb’s exit with the ball puzzle section, stay near the moving pillar on the left by the socket. Push the ball out of the socket and slow it down to jump on as the elevator retracts. This will take you to a small hidden room with the Balmgrass BD-1 Skin chest.

balmgrass bd-1 skin
Tomb of Eilram

33. Aurodium Lightsaber Material

Upon entering the Imperial Headquarters, turn left on the launch pad and slow the fan to make your way through. Make another left turn until you reach a bridge to bring down with a Force pull. Move up to the area with the Aurodium Lightsaber Material chest.

aurodium lightsaber material
Imperial Headquarters

34. Serape Poncho

Use Force Pull to reach the vines to the left of the landing pad past the locked doors. Make your way up the floating island, where the Serape Poncho chest lies around the back of the structure.

serape poncho
Imperial Headquarters (Cont.)

35. Zodiac Drifter Mantis Skin

Grab onto the vines in the tomb of Miktrull and swing your way to a small cave with enemies. Use the Force to grab one of the votive candles and throw it at the mouth on the ceiling to open a path. The hallway at the end of it holds the Zodiac Drifter Mantis Skin.

zodiac drifter mantis skin
Tomb of Miktrull

36. Greezy Money Mantis Skin

Look for the long bridge in the tomb of Miktrull with a Zeffo guardian. The end of it holds a locked chest with the Greezy Money skin for the Mantis.

37. Haysian Smelt Lightsaber Material

Move to the wall with the votive candles in the main hall of the tomb of Miktrull. Enter the door on the left where the Haysian Smelt chest is in the small secluded room.

38. Sumi BD-1 Skin

Head to the second floor of the main room and grab a candle, then hop onto the ice slide while holding it. At the bottom of it, search for a large cluster of vines on the ceiling to the left side. Use the Force to hurl the candle at the vines until they ignite.

This takes multiple attempts, so be patient. Once you are done, get back to the main room and walk through the door previously blocked off to find the Sumi BD-1 Skin chest.

sumi bd-1 skin
Tomb of Miktrull (Cont.)

39. Derelict Hangar Stim

Head right from the Mantis landing pad to the area with two Scazz chewing a stormtrooper, then turn left and follow that path until you find a cave. Hop over the platforms until you reach the northern wall, where the stim canister upgrade lies.

derelict hangar stim
Derelict Hangar Stim

40. Ice Caves Stim

The stim upgrade in the Ice Caves is accessible in two ways. You can reach it from the meditation spot on the Imperial Dig Site. Swing onto a cable and jump onto the air draft to catch an upwards zipline, provided you have the appropriate BD-1 upgrade. The extra stim canister will be on the cave to the left of the arrival platform.

If you have relearned the double jump, you can also get there by passing the Jotaz fight near the meditation point in the caves and then heading left past the spinning blades. At the edge, you should see a couple of vines. Use the Force to pull them and swing across to the stim location.

ice caves stim
Ice Caves Stim

41. Imperial Dig Site Stim

Timing is everything to reach this stim upgrade. Starting at the bridge in the dig site with the probe droids, look back towards the site’s entrance and jump on a zipline to the left.

Drop off at the right time and jump to use the Force to reach a small ledge behind a large column. Once you manage, balance your way to the left and push the wall down to reveal a room containing a Force Echo and the stim canister.

imperial dig site stim
Imperial Dig Site Stim

42. Venator Wreckage Stim

You can reach this upgrade after leaving the Venator or making your way up from the wreck site. The latter is more convenient as the chest is just to your left once you exit the ship.

You can also make your way up by fighting off the probe droids near the engine section and then using a double jump to grab onto the ledge and reach the yellow container.

venator wreckage stim
Venator Wreckage Stim


1. Rainforest Poncho & Sundari Dawn BD-1 Skin

After the bombastic arrival aboard the AT-AT, look to the left wall of the area to find the Rainforest Poncho chest by a large tree trunk. Follow the wall towards the landing pad, where the Sundari Dawn BD-1 Skin lies inside a locked chest behind a wrecked imperial personnel carrier.

rainforest poncho & sundari dawn bd-1 skin
Cargo Pad

2. Passion and Strength Lightsaber Emitter

After pushing down the pipe to form a bridge in the imperial refinery, follow the vines to the right into a cave. The exit leads to an area with a large group of stormtroopers. You can find the locked chest to the left side after dispatching them.

3. Matte Lightsaber Material & Stygeon Prime BD-1 Skin

Infiltrate the refinery through the gap in the wall. Balance across the beam, and look for a locked door on the right side. After BD-1 slices it, you can open the Matte Lightsaber Material chest.

Use your lightsaber to cut the cables covering a door on the left wall, opening the path to the Stygeon Prime BD-1 Skin chest.

4. Commando Poncho & Doonium Lightsaber Material

Watch out for the Albino Wyyyschokk and its lesser friends along the way. From the meditation spot looking out to the open area of the Imperial Refinery, jump onto a ledge to the left side. The cave inside is littered with stormtrooper corpses, and you will find the chest a short hop away on the right side, opposite the Force echo.

The cave exit leads to an open area where two Wyyyschokks fight a group of stormtroopers, with the Doonium Lightsaber Material chest in the shadows to the left.

5. Bounty Hunter Mantis Skin

As you approach the Wookiee detention facility, slow down the sap mixer to make a bridge. Take care of the scout trooper there, then perform a double jump to reach the chest on the right side.

bounty hunter mantis skin
Imperial Refinery

6. Passion and Strength Lightsaber Switch

In the Overgrown Pass area, defeat a group of beetles and a Slyyyg. Look to the right to find the Passion and Strength Lightsaber Switch chest.

passion and strength lightsaber switch
Overgrown Pass

7. Passion and Strength II Lightsaber Sleeve & Passion and Strength II Lightsaber Switch

Go down the muddy slide in Kyyyalstaad and fend off the stormtrooper squad. The first door to the right holds the Passion and Strength II Lightsaber Sleeve.

Back in the corridor, go to the platform on the left and make a second left turn. Run across the wall to a platform beneath it, where you will find the Passion and Strength II Lightsaber Sleeve.

star wars jedi fallen order chests kyyyalstaad falls
Kyyyalstaad Falls

8. Peace and Justice Lightsaber Switch

Once you have the respirator, jump off the zipline leading to the Kyyyalstaad Basin and turn towards the direction you came from. The Peace and Justice Lightsaber Switch chest are at the bottom of the pond.

9. Passion and Strength Lightsaber Sleeve

In the same pond, surface and swim to the bottom right corner of the lake until you reach a flooded Wookiee hut. Go around it to find a platform with the Passion and Strength Lightsaber Sleeve.

10. Crodium Lightsaber Material

The Crodium Lightsaber Material chest is on the left end of the lake, sitting in plain sight at a small pier.

11. The Guardian Poncho

After reaching the meditation spot on the far side of the lake, make your way up the ruins on the right to find the Guardian Poncho inside a locked chest.

the guardian poncho
Kyyylstaad Basin

12. Shyyyo Poncho

Once in the Origin Lake area, go past the meditation spot and jump on the Lung Plant to the left. Grab onto the ledge of the wooden platform and use another plan to reach the platform above the meditation circle with the Shyyyo Poncho.

13. Electrum-Plated Lightsaber Material & Peace and Justice II Lightsaber Switch

There are three underwater chests in the Origin Lake area. The Electrum-Plated Lightsaber Material is in a small cave directly beneath the meditation spot. Continue swimming until you reach the Peace and Justice II Lightsaber Switch chest on the left side.

14. Duralium Lightsaber Material

Dive near the Lung Plant in the middle of the Origin Lake. Look out for a small canyon. The Duralium Lightsaber Material chest lies halfway through it.

15. Valor and Wisdom Lightsaber Sleeve

Swim out of the lake to find a group of stormtroopers guarding the Shadowlands entrance. Find the Valor and Wisdom Lightsaber Sleeve chest across a narrow waterway on the left.

valor and wisdom lightsaber sleeve
Origin Lake

16. Peace and Justice Lightsaber Emitter

Dive under the large fallen tree trunk and turn left to find the Peace and Justice Lightsaber Emitter chest in the muddy waters.

17. Recon Poncho

Upon reaching the Deserted Village, move until you find a group of stormtroopers supported by a purge trooper in a circular platform. The Recon Poncho chest is at the end of the muddy slide to the left of it.

recon poncho

18. Bronzium Lightsaber Material

While navigating from the Deserted Village to the Origin Tree underwater, look for the Bronzium Lightsaber Material chest on the right side of the route.

bronzium lightsaber material
Origin Tree

19. Rover Poncho

After reaching the roots of Origin Tree, look for a hollowed-out trunk to your left side to find the Rover Poncho chest.

rover poncho
Origin Tree (Cont.)

20. Free Kashyyyk Poncho & Pilot Outfit

Turn back once you reach the Gnarled Heights and make your way up the branch on the right side. The Free Kashyyyk poncho chest lies on its tip. Be careful not to fall. Follow up by reaching a nearby vine with the Force and swinging across to a log. Beneath it to the left is the Pilot Outfit chest.

free kashyyyk poncho & pilot outfit
Gnarled Heights

21. Perihelion Mantis Skin

The Perihelion Mantis Skin is on a ledge on the right side of the Shyyyo bird nest. Jump up to open it.

perihelion mantis skin
Gnarled Heights (Cont.)

22. Origin Lake Stim Canister

Right before the entrance to the Shadowlands, look out for a string of Lung Plants behind you. Hop your way across them until you reach the platform with the yellow stim container.

origin lake stim canister
Origin Lake Stim


1. Yavin Prime BD-1 Skin

You have to greet the natural horrors of Dathomir before reaching the first chest on the planet. Slay a group of spiders in the higher part of the Upper Strangled Cliffs and find a ledge containing the Yavin Prime BD-1 Skin on the right edge.

2. Magus Lightsaber Emitter

Starting at the Strangled Cliffs, climb the rope up to the upper part and head left until you find a small platform. Head to the right across the wall to bridge the gap and reach the Magus Lightsaber Emitter chest.

magus lightsaber emitter
Upper Strangled Cliffs

3. Racer Mantis Skin

The Racer Mantis Skin is on the outer walkway in the Brother’s Bastion area. While spotting this and the Magus Lightsaber chest is straightforward, the concentration of enemies makes this a workout.

4. Magus Lightsaber Switch

Pass the campfire in the Bastion and run across the wall to grab a log. Hit the jump button to switch to the top, balance your way across and make a second wall run to reach a ledge. Follow the path to the end and jump to reach the Magus Lightsaber Switch chest on your left side.

5. Magus Lightsaber Sleeve

Immediately before the path to the Zeffo temple, make a left turn instead. Next to the elevator is a cave with a workbench. Interacting with it puts the Magus Lightsaber Sleeve in your inventory.

magus lightsaber sleeve
Brother’s Bastion

6. Power and Control Lightsaber Sleeve

The Power and Control Lightsaber Sleeve chest are right by the lower end of the elevator ride into the Collapsed Settlement.

power and control lightsaber sleeve
Collapsed Settlement

7. Power and Control II Lightsaber Switch

Upon reaching the meditation spot in the Collapsed Settlement, move up across the vine, then jump down into the clearing to find the Power and Control II Lightsaber Switch chest.

8. Power and Control Lightsaber Emitter & Savannah Poncho

Start at the meditation point in the Swamp of Sacrifice, then move to the round clearing with a roaming Nydak. The Power and Control Lightsaber Emitter is inside a locked chest by the edge on the far side. Hug the wall making your way to the right until you find the Savannah Poncho locked chest.

ower and control lightsaber emitter & savannah poncho
Swamp of Sacrifice

9. Day of the Dianoga BD-1 Skin

Climb up the wall of the Witch Horn and head up the stairs. Jump over the small gap and open the Day of Dianoga BD-1 skin in the center of the torch-lit room.

day of the dianoga bd-1 skin
Witches Horn

10. Vagabond Poncho

After entering the Nightbrother Dungeon, take a left turn and follow the path until you reach a room containing the Vagabon Poncho tucked inside a nook on the right.

11. Dolovite Lightsaber Material

Back to the entrance, take the path to the right, where the Dolovite Lightsaber Material chest is in a similar nook to your left side, next to a torch.

dolovite lightsaber material
Nightbrother Dungeon

12. Aphelion Mantis Skin

Head to the wooden cages in the Nightbrother Village, then use the Force to position one near the green wall. Hop onto the cage and jump to reach the ledge, then walk to the end of the path. The Aphelion Mantis Skin will be to the right.

aphelion mantis skin
Nightbrother Village

13. Myrmidon BD-1 Skin

Turn right by the entrance of the Nightmare Ruins, and fight the Nydak Alpha before following the slope down. Head forward in the path, and jump down to the platform containing the Myrmidon BD-1 Skin chest.

14. Smuggler Mantis Skin & Homestead Poncho

Inside the anteroom of the sinister Zeffo temple, head to the near right corner to find the Smuggler Mantis Skin chest in the platform below. After jumping to reach it, move toward the walls and run across them until you meet a vine wall. Climb and turn right to find the Homestead Poncho in a locked chest.

15. Outlaw Outfit

After picking up the Homestead Poncho, move until the end of the path and jump onto the vine wall on the left side. Jump over the gap and head to the cliff to find the Outlaw Outfit chest.

16. Nightmare Ruins Stim

Go after this stim upgrade together with the last three chests. Look out for a gap in the rocks to your right after reaching the top of the area, then leap toward the stairs and head up yet another vine wall. Follow the branch on the left side until you see the yellow stim upgrade.

nightmare ruins stim
Nightmare Ruins


1. Companero Poncho

After landing in Ilum, pick the left path toward the temple. Climb the ice wall and turn right once you reach the top. Use your lightsaber to smash the icicles blocking off the Companero Poncho.

companero poncho
Shattered Lake

2. BD-1 Tibanna Skin

Dive to the bottom of the flooded room after the crystal puzzle and search the pillars on the left side for the BD-1 Tibanna Skin chest.

bd-1 tibanna skin
Jedi Temple

3. Power and Control II Lightsaber Sleeve

Head up the temple until you find a fork. Pick the right path and use the Force to take care of the two Viper probe droids in the way, then peek behind the stalagmite to find the Power and Control II lightsaber sleeve.

4. Power and Control Lightsaber Switch

On your way out of the Crystal Cave, pass the meditation spot and reach the top of the ice wall. Turn around and jump into the water. Dive and turn right to find the Power and Control Lightsaber Switch chest.

power and control lightsaber switch
Crystal Caves

5. Duraplast Lightsaber Material

Fight through the Imperial Trench and stop at the meditation spot to save your progress. Take a left turn and climb the ice wall to find the chest with the Duraplast Lightsaber Material.

duraplast lightsaber material
Imperial Trench


Question: How many Chests are there in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?

Answer: There are 115 different chests in the game. Of these, 107 include a mix of outfits and lightsaber parts for Cal Kestis and paint schemes for BD-1 and the Stinger Mantis.
The other eight contain stim canisters which add new stim slots. These make the later portions of the game more manageable, especially at Jedi Grandmaster difficulty.

Question: Can You Access All Chests in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Immediately?

Answer: No. Many of the chests in Fallen Order require abilities that are not available early in the game. To get all collectibles, revisit some of the worlds after Cal gains these abilities.

Question: Can You Use Two Different Lightsaber Styles at Once?

Answer: Yes, but only after visiting Ilum. Cal Kestis creates a two-bladed on the Tree of Life in Kashyyyk using a hilt he found. He only begins using two separate styles when he combines the lightsabers of Masters Jaro Tapal and Cere Junda in Ilum, however.


Collecting all of the 107 chests in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order takes a while, and many of these chests are not accessible the first time you pass them.

Going back and forth can be time-consuming and tiresome. I recommend making a collector’s pass at every world after the fateful encounter against the Second Sister in the Bogano Vault.

That way, Cal Kestis will have recovered all the skills necessary, and you will have upgraded the grid to your needs, helping you with the enemies on the way.

This article is a key to unlocking your favorite collectibles to make Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order a personalized adventure. My go-to look is the Outlaw outfit without the poncho for most occasions, except for the Commando one in Kashyyyk and the gorgeous Outlander design for the icy winds of Ilum.

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