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Cal Kestis is one of the few surviving Jedi after the fall of the Galactic Republic. He was only a Padawan when Order 66 wiped the Jedi Order, but five years on, Kestis had seen and experienced more than many of his fellow knights.

He is the protagonist of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Jedi: Survivor, developed by Respawn Entertainment. Kestis also features in the book Jedi: Battle Scars, which covers the events that transpire between the two games.

Kestis has few truly unique features, but his personality and perseverance make him an outstanding hero when the galaxy had no one to count on.

Bottom Line Up Front

Cal Kestis is a Jedi born out of trauma and adversity. He was one of many exiled after the Great Jedi Purge, but a timely intervention by a fallen Jedi Master and a gambling addict helped him grow from a Padawan to a Jedi Knight.



Cal Kestis Appearance
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Cal Kestis is a human male with red hair, fair skin, and green eyes. His face has scars from the Great Jedi Purge. Kestis wears a typical rigger outfit from the Bracca Scrapper Guild, including a suit with harnesses and a welders coat.


From a young age, Jedi Masters noticed that Cal Kestis was talented but struggled to deal with failure. He had made great strides during his tenure under Jedi Master Jaro Tapal, but trauma set him back. Kestis hides this behind a playful exterior that helps him get along with most people.

Kestis is one of my favorite Star Wars characters because he is flawed but deeply aware of it. He has no delusions over his abilities, yet he rarely backs down from a challenge.
Without spoiling, his terrified yet brave reaction to the most feared man in the galaxy encompasses why it is so easy to root for Cal to succeed.

Key Moments

Youngling and Padawan Years

Cal as Padawan
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The red-haired human boy began his training as a Youngling. He traveled with his peers to Ilum to retrieve the kyber crystals under the guidance of Master Yoda.
Cal Kestis showed talent but lingering self-doubt. The Jedi Order assigned Kestis as a Padawan to Master Jaro Tapal.

Jaro Tapal was a towering Lasat. Tapal was a powerful Jedi, but he backed his physical strength with great wisdom and an unbreakable mentality. Cal and Jaro got along very well.

The Clone Wars

In the year 22 BBY, the outbreak of the Clone Wars forced the duo to adapt. The Jedi Order lost many seasoned knights during the First Battle of Geonosis, and it became evident that the small number of survivors could no longer protect the Galactic Republic alone. When Coruscant established the Grand Army of the Republic, the government appointed most Jedi to command the clones.

Within the new military structure, Jaro Tapal became a Jedi General. This post was reserved for Masters, while their Padawans served as Jedi Commanders under them. Cal Kestis was one of them. The Galactic Republic assigned them to the 13th Battalion, posted to the Venator-class command ship Albedo Brave

To accommodate the functions of the Jedi as an Order and as military commanders, command ships like the Albedo Brave had training facilities akin to those in the Jedi Temple in Coruscant. Jedi Masters trained their apprentices in the ways of the Force and lightsaber combat while helping fight the droid army of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Cal Kestis sometimes found training difficult. Master Tapal brought the best out of Kestis. The red-haired boy struggled to deal with adversity, so the strong commands of his Master helped him push through.

Journey to Bracca

Jaro Tapal Saving Cal
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In 19 BBY Cal Kestis and Jaro Tapal served with the 13th Battalion during the battle of Bracca. The junkyard planet in the Mid Rim was part of the Galactic Republic, but separatist sympathizers within the influential Scrapper Guild helped CIS leaders to launch an all-out invasion.

Cal Kestis did not participate directly in combat, but he built a close relationship with the troopers of the 13th Battalion. Jedi and soldiers spent their time together on the Venator star destroyer and became a battle-hardened family.

Under Jedi General Jaro Tapal, units of the Grand Army of the Republic helped fend off the invasion and defeated CIS troops in Bracca and its orbit. The 13th Battalion stayed behind to comb the planet for any separatist remnants.

Once hostilities in Bracca finally ended, the Galactic Republic told Jaro Tapal to take his troops and depart to Mygeeto. This planet in the Outer Rim was one of the last CIS holdouts, and Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi had been leading the 21st Nova Corps in the Republic siege of the planet. Cal Kestis was elated to receive the news of victory on Bracca, but the young Padawan’s happiness did not last long.

Cal Kestis witnessed in shock as the clone commander of the 13th Battalion raised his weapon against Jaro Tapal. The Jedi Master sensed something wrong and struck down his subordinate. Unbeknownst to the two, Chancellor Palpatine had triggered Order 66 across the Grand Army of the Republic. The Great Jedi Purge had begun.

Master Tapal knew he and Cal had to run away from the unit they commanded until minutes ago. Kestis struggled to compose himself, but Jaro Tapal’s strong tone brought him back to fighting shape once again. His Master told Cal to sneak his way through to the escape pods. In the meantime, Tapal planned to sabotage the reactor in the ship and destroy it, covering their tracks from clone pursuers.

The Padawan tried to talk his clone comrades out of it but eventually had to strike many of them down.

After a skirmish near the turbo-lift, Kestis almost fell to his death. He managed to hang on but lost his lightsaber in the process. Jaro Tapal reprimanded him heavily for this, but the pair kept working towards their rendezvous point.

Cal Kestis and Jaro Tapal regrouped by the escape pods, with a large group of clone troopers in pursuit. The Jedi Master ordered Kestis to work the controls of one of the pods while shielding him from the rogue soldiers.

The Padawan stammered but succeeded in unlocking an escape pod. Jaro Tapal resisted for as long as he could, but the constant barrage of fire ultimately overwhelmed the powerful Jedi Master.

Tapal entered the escape pod with Cal. The pair departed the Albedo Brave shortly before its reactor exploded. Cal Kestis panicked as his mortally wounded Master lay beside him. Jaro Tapal muttered his final orders to Cal: trust only in the Force and wait for a signal from the Jedi Council.

Cal Watching Jaro Tapal Die
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Despite being young and traumatized, Kestis followed his dying Master’s last wish. He laid low during the worst years of the Jedi Purge and found employment with the Scrapper Guild in Bracca. Cal was comfortable with tasks that demanded more agility and balance than most had, so the Guild assigned him as a rigger.

Cal Kestis made friends with many of his colleagues at Bracca but was painfully aware that this life could be over in a flash if anyone discovered his true identity as a member of the Jedi Order. The scrapyards at Bracca were crucial to the imperial industrial-military complex, so the planet had a large garrison to oversee the activities there.

He spent five years as a rigger within the Scrapper Guild. The fact that Master Jaro Tapal died to protect him still weighed heavily on him and damaged his connection to the Force. Kestis had secretly held onto the lightsaber of Jaro Tapal.

A Jedi on the Run

Cal Hiding on Bracca
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In the year 14 BBY, Cal and his close friend Prauf were inspecting a Jedi Starfighter slated for scrapping when the attachment points on their platform failed. Prauf was headed for certain death until Kestis used the Force to help him land on a safe spot. Cal had saved his friend, but he exposed him to the Empire.

Prauf immediately understood the situation and advised Kestis to leave Bracca as soon as possible. The Abednedo scrapper knew that staying was a dead end, especially for a Jedi on the run.

The Inquisitorius sent a party to Bracca to investigate the Jedi sighting reported by the local garrison. Imperial inquisitors were a secretive band of Force-sensitive Jedi hunters created to track down and then capture or kill survivors. They traveled in the company of special forces known as Purge Troopers. While most stormtroopers trained against local rebels and hostile wildlife, Purge Trooper training focused exclusively on fighting surviving Jedi.

Purge Troopers rounded up groups of scrappers, which the two inquisitors interrogated about the Jedi sighting. The Second Sister used the typical intimidation techniques her group was famous for and threatened to execute all of those present unless the Jedi revealed himself.

Cal thought this was the end of the road, but Prauf stepped forward instead and attempted to create a diversion by criticizing the imperial administration of Bracca. The Second Sister coldly executed him, which triggered Kestis to activate his lightsaber and attack her. The inquisitor parried the strike and pushed him away. Cal briefly landed in the Ninth Sister’s custody but escaped to a train below.

Using his lightsaber for the first time in five years, Cal Kestis relied on his training and fought through waves of stormtroopers before meeting the Second Sister again. The ruthless inquisitor tried to get into his head and proved formidable in lightsaber combat, but an intervention by the Stinger Mantis ship broke the fight apart. Cal boarded it and left the Bracca system, still unsure of the nature of his saviors.

Inside the ship, he met Cere Junda and Greez Dritus. Cal was reluctant to trust the two strangers but eased up once they revealed their intentions. Cere Junda was once a Jedi Master and hoped to defeat the Galactic Empire by restoring the Jedi Order. Greez Dritus was a skilled pilot with gambling problems and worked as Junda’s right-hand man in exchange for clearing his debts.

The Bogano Vault

Cal on Bogano Vault
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The Mantis set course to Bogano, where Junda believed Kestis would begin his journey. Cere knew Master Jaro Tapal from her Jedi days, but her plan relied on her mentor.

Master Eno Cordova was considered eccentric and a leaning toward esoteric parts of history, but during his studies, he had predicted the fall of the Jedi Order in what later became the Great Jedi Purge. Cordova had warned the Jedi Council of this risk during the Clone Wars, but when his words fell on deaf ears, he enlisted the help of Chief Librarian Jocasta Nu. She created a copy of the Holocron containing the names of all potential Force-sensitive children in the galaxy and entrusted it to Cordova.

Cordova correctly predicted that whoever would be responsible for destroying the Jedi Order would also seek to find these children to prevent its revival. To prevent this, the Jedi Master used his knowledge of ancient cultures to place the Holocron in a safe location within the Zeffo vault in Bogano, accessible after a series of trials that only a Jedi with the right intentions could complete.

After landing in Bogano, Cere Junda instructed Cal Kestis that someone on the planet wished to meet him. The former Padawan expected this to be another Jedi, but upon reaching the Zeffo temple, he learned this was the BD-1 explorer droid.

Eno Cordova had stored encrypted diary entries into the droid’s memory, and only by following these could the new Jedi reach the Holocron. Access to the Bogano vault relied on visiting the tombs of three fallen sages of the Zeffo. This ancient civilization was far ahead of its peers at the time but disappeared entirely by the time of the High Republic.

Discovering Zeffo

Cal on Zeffo
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After becoming acquainted with BD-1 and receiving the first instructions from Eno Cordova, Cal returned to the Mantis. Cere Junda filled in the blanks for the former Padawan, and the trio set off to Zeffo homeworld.

Zeffo was a peaceful world during the High Republic, but after the rise of the Galactic Empire, the new government took an interest in its history. As Cal found out, the Empire had established a strong presence in Zeffo at the behest of Emperor Palpatine.

Under Project Auger, the Empire had hoped to find and extract valuable Zeffo artifacts. The exploration ultimately failed due to the troublesome weather and fauna on the planet, but an occupation force remained after forcing most citizens into exile.

Cal Kestis and BD-1 wandered into the Tomb of Eilram as instructed by Eno Cordova. The temple served as a proving ground for aspiring sages, where the Zeffo studied the “Life Wind.” Cordova believed this to be their name for the Force. After Eilram died, the Zeffo converted the temple into a tomb.

A recording by Eno Cordova drew attention to the pattern resembling a wroshyr tree in the burial site. These massive trees only grew on Kashyyyk. The Master instructed Kestis to travel there and seek the help of Chieftain Tarfful, a legendary Wookiee warrior and old friend of Cordova.

The Kashyyyk Warzone

Cal Assisting on Kashyyyk
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The Mantis and its crew set off to Kashyyyk, but instead of Tarfful, they found a massive battle near their planned landing zone. With a conventional landing no longer on the cards, Cal Kestis and BD-1 jumped from the ship and infiltrated an AT-AT assault walker. The Empire had been attacked by a large group of Partisans, aiming to liberate Wookiees from imperial slavery in a sap refinery.

Kestis joined forces with Partisan leader Saw Gerrera, hoping to find Tarfful on the way. They disabled multiple cutters and freed dozens of Wookiees, but the Chieftain was missing. Partisan Mari Kosan agreed to help Cal find Tarfful but the Padawan had to rush back to Zeffo after Cere Junda intercepted messages indicating the Empire was infiltrating another tomb on the planet.

Revisiting Zeffo

Cal with Second Sister
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Cal, Cere, and Greez arrived in Zeffo as soon as they could, and the Padawan made his way toward the tomb of Miktrull. In his haste, Kestis walked straight into a trap set up by the Second Sister. She taunted him and revealed that the Empire knew his history and the mission to restore the Jedi Order. Kestis refused to answer and challenged her to a duel instead.

The former Padawan fought well, but the Second Sister threw him to the floor. She was about to strike him down before BD-1 intervened and activated a laser barrier across the door.

Sadistic as ever, the Second Sister switched to psychological attacks. She teased Cal before revealing her true identity as Trilla Suduri. She was the Padawan betrayed to the Empire by Cere Junda.

Trilla mentioned that her former Master had used the Dark Side of the Force after seeing her as an inquisitor. The revelation shook the trust that Kestis had in Junda.

Cal headed further into the tomb of Miktrull to stop the Empire from exploring it and narrowly escaped death at the hand of troops sent by the Second Sister. Before he could return to the Mantis, a mysterious bounty hunter rendered Kestis unconscious.

A Tale of Asteroids and Cursed Planets

Cal Meets the Wanderer
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Kestis woke up alone in a dark cell, with no trace of BD-1, Cere, or Greez. His lightsaber was also missing. Cal found BD-1 in a room full of robot parts, and the two made their way to what turned out to be an arena.

The former Padawan and his droid were in the asteroid home to the infamous Haxion Brood. Crime lord Sorc Tormo took Cal Kestis as payment for outstanding debts by Greez Dritus and used him as a fighter in his coliseum. The gangsters gave Cal his lightsaber, and he cut his way through the beasts and hunters thrown at him until Greez and Cere arrived to rescue him in the Mantis.

They journeyed to Dathomir, where Eno Cordova had studied the Zeffo ruins. Cal Kestis fought the hostile fauna, but his troubles escalated when a powerful Nightsister ordered him to leave the planet immediately. He refused to back down, so the witch commanded the Nightbrothers to attack Cal.

After a series of hostile encounters, Kestis found the path to the Zeffo temple, where a hooded wanderer stood. The mysterious figure refused to elaborate about himself but warned the Jedi about the darkness within the tomb. Kestis ignored his words and returned to the Mantis.

The Origin Tree

Cal Fighting the Ninth Sister
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As promised, Mari Kosan had found the way to Chieftain Tarfful and informed the Mantis crew. The trio had an awkward trip to Kashyyyk. Cal resented Cere for lying about Trilla, while Cere felt the same about Greez and his debts. They would have to settle their differences later, as Tarfful was constantly on the move.

The Mantis landed at Kashyyyk and found the leftovers of a Partisan defeat. Saw Gerrera fleed with most of his forces, leaving the Wookiees and a few loyal Partisans alone to face the Imperial Inquisition. Mari retreated with survivors to the Shadowlands.

Cal Kestis followed their path and finally met Chieftain Tarfful, who instructed him to climb the sacred Origin Tree. Cal found more answers from Eno Cordova and met the Ninth Sister. This inquisitor preferred to use her brute force to intimidate him.

After two inconclusive duels against Trilla, the training paid off. Cal severed the Ninth Sister’s hand during an arduous fight and pushed her off the top of the Origin Tree. Kestis returned to the Mantis triumphant. Cere Junda wanted to clear the air about her past and Trilla, but Cal dismissed it. The crew departed to Dathomir once more.

Ghosts from the Past

Cal with the Fallen Jedi
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The first trip to Dathomir had been hostile enough, and Kestis expected no different this time. He headed toward the tomb but fell into a Nightbrother trap, which sent him into the swamps. To make matters worse for Cal and BD-1, the Nightsister raised her fallen sisters from the dead to fight them.

Cal followed the path carved by Nightbrothers during their trials and engaged a Gorgara. This flying beast proved a troublesome adventure, and the former Padawan narrowly avoided death at its hands.

After being sidetracked, Kestis and BD-1 made their way to the Zeffo tomb. When he attempted to open the door, Cal had trauma flashbacks of the Great Jedi Purge and the death of Jaro Tapal. The Padawan then faced a dark apparition of his Master. This specter blamed Kestis for his demise and sent his Padawan into a rage that broke his lightsaber. When Kestis came to his senses, he was alone and defenseless in the hostile world of Dathomir.

He ran back towards the Mantis but found the mysterious wanderer on his way. The man revealed himself to be Taron Malicos, a Jedi Master who had exiled himself in Dathomir during the purge and had since begun studying the Dark Side of the Force. Malicos offered to mentor Kestis, but their conversation was cut short by Nightsister Merrin.

The lonely witch felt betrayed by Malicos inviting Kestis to exploit her planet’s power. Merrin believed the Jedi had exterminated her sisters and could not accept one into her land. The Nightsister invoked a wave of undead against Kestis and Malicos, forcing Cal to dash to the ship unarmed.

Cere comforted him once they were off Dathomir and instructed Greez to fly towards the sacred Jedi planet of Ilum. The former Master gave her apprentice her empty lightsaber hilt and sent him off to find a new kyber crystal to rebuild his weapon. Revisiting such a spiritually significant area was difficult for Cal.

Once he thought he had finally found his crystal, it cracked in his hand. Cal felt defeated and ready to give up until BD-1 revealed the final encrypted memory left by Eno Cordova. The last message showed that the conversations were all with the explorer droid, which sacrificed all his cherished memories to have a shot at saving the Jedi Order in the future.

Inspired by his robot friend’s bravery, Cal composed himself and used a kyber crystal to build a double-ended lightsaber from the hilts of his two Masters: Jaro Tapal and Cere Junda. Kestis fought part of an imperial garrison on the planet. It was time to revisit Dathomir and face his past.

Cal entered the Tomb of Kujet and met the apparition of Jaro Tapal once more. He knelt before his Master and accepted what happened, after which the specter made way. Nightsister Merrin waited inside the tomb, but the witch listened to Kestis about the Jedi. After a show of trust, she decided to side with him to liberate Dathomir of Taron Malicos.

The fallen Jedi Master expected Cal to join him but decided to strike him down since he refused. Malicos used two lightsabers and fought aggressively, but Kestis held his own long enough for Merrin to seal him eternally inside the tomb. The pair retrieved the Astrium hidden further inside, the last piece required to open the Bogano vault.

Cal vs Malicos
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Cal tried to convey his enthusiasm to Merrin about rebuilding the Jedi Order and what this could mean for the galaxy, but the last Nightsister could not share his excitement. Her sisters died during the Clone Wars, and there were no devices that could ever bring them back. At the same time, she had performed her duty to protect Dathomir after defeating Malicos and decided to join Kestis and the Mantis crew in the hunt for the Jedi Holocron.

The Jedi Holocron

Cal and Merrin
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Cere and Greez welcomed Merrin aboard, despite having reservations. As they departed for Zeffo, the Nightsister raised concerns about unearthing the Holocron, as it could endanger the children listed there. The former members of the Jedi Order dismissed these, but as Cal Kestis entered the Bogano Vault, he had a dark vision of the Empire finding the would-be Padawans, killing most of them, and capturing the rest. The path ended with Kestis turning into an inquisitor himself.

Cal approached the center of the vault and inserted the Astrium recovered from Dathomir, revealing the Holocron. To his surprise, the Second Sister appeared in the room. Kestis defeated Trilla in the ensuing duel, but the Force echo of her lightsaber incapacitated him.

Cal relived her capture, torture, and transformation into an inquisitor, including Cere Junda’s venture into the Dark Side. Suduri used this opening to steal the Holocron and leave the planet.

Kestis ran to the Mantis in panic and delivered the news to his crew. He apologized to Cere Junda for being inconsiderate of her suffering, but the Master did not hold it against her apprentice. She believed he was finally ready. Using the inquisitor lightsaber captured from Trilla, Cere Junda used her power as a Jedi Master to bestow upon him the title of Jedi Knight.

Cere tapped into her experience in imperial captivity to track Trilla and the Holocron down to the water moon Nur, around Mustafar. Nightsister Merrin helped the Mantis infiltrate the planet.

Kestis and Junda fought separately to track down the Holocron inside Fortress Inquisitorius. The newly-knighted Jedi was impressed by how powerful his Master was after she reconnected with the Force. Cere sliced into computers in the base, located the Holocron in the interrogation room, and sent Cal on his way to retrieve it.

The Jedi reached for the Holocron, but the Second Sister jumped him once more. The two engaged in one fierce final duel, which ended when Cal wounded Trilla in the right shoulder. Cere Junda arrived and apologized to her Padawan for all the suffering she had to endure, but Darth Vader cut the meeting short. The imperial enforcer executed Trilla for failing him.

Cal with Darth Vader
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Cere and Cal tried to engage Vader, but the Sith Lord quickly sent the Jedi Master out of the fight and advised Kestis to surrender. The young Jedi agreed it would be the wisest choice but fought him all the same. Cal could not match Darth Vader, so he ran away with the Holocron instead.

BD-1 saved Kestis from death once more, but Vader continued to have the upper hand. He wounded Cal with his lightsaber and was about to strike him down when Cere Junda interfered to save him. The Jedi Master used her powers to stop Darth Vader and came dangerously close to giving into the Dark Side, but Junda resisted.

Aware that there was no defeating Darth Vader, Kestis blew one of the glass panels in the fortress and flooded the tunnel they were in, allowing him and Junda to escape. They lost consciousness in the waters of Nur and were doomed to drown, but a timely intervention by Merrin dragged them to the surface and into the Mantis.

Cal woke up inside the Mantis with Greez Dritus looking over him. He saw that Cere Junda had also survived. Merrin greeted him with a hug, forgetting about his injury. The four finally unlocked the Jedi Holocron salvaged by Eno Cordova and wondered what to do with it. Following the dark vision in the Bogano vault and the concerns raised by Nightsister Merrin, Cal decided to destroy the object to protect the children from ever falling into imperial hands.

Special Abilities

Cal Kestis Powers
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As a member of the Jedi Order with years of formal training under a Jedi Master, Cal Kestis has mastered skills in the Light Side of the Force. However, he is one of the few Jedi capable of psychometry. This skill allows Cal to feel the history and feelings attached to an object by touching it.


The lightsaber combat in Fallen Order is my favorite among all Star Wars titles from the last 20 years.

Cal Kestis never finished his training under Jaro Tapal and spent five years hiding in Bracca without practicing his skills. Cal typically fights outnumbered. As a result, you can feel the aggressive but often overly defensive combat style.

After Cal crafts a double-bladed lightsaber, the playstyle changes significantly. As the game suggests, this option is better for crowd control and other situations. The attacks are less powerful than with a single blade, so I recommend reverting to that mode as soon as you get breathing room in a fight.

Key Relationships and Quotes

Cal with BD-1
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Cal Kestis started his path as the Padawan of Master Jaro Tapal but found himself under the tutelage of Cere Junda after escaping the Imperial Inquisition. Having more than one Master is not unusual among Jedi.

Greez Dritus initially did not see much in Cal, but the two became friends during their adventures through the galaxy.

Cal and explorer droid BD-1 became inseparable almost immediately, thanks to the pushy and friendly attitude of the robot. After meeting in Bogano, BD-1 rides along on the Jedi’s back, mapping out their journey in his memory.

As most Jedi following the Great Purge, making friends was a complicated affair due to their secret past. Cal had friends in Bracca and was very close with Prauf.

Nightsister Merrin is the only friend Cal made outside of the Mantis crew. While he initially bonded with Junda, Dritus, and BD-1 over their common goal to find the Holocron and defeat the Empire, Kestis and Merrin became friends due to their shared grief. They lost everything in a flash at a young age before living in loneliness and pain. I love their friendship because it is rooted in both being survivors. They were kids forced to grow up too fast in a merciless galaxy.


Cal Kestis is not the only survivor of the Great Jedi Purge, but he is my favorite. While members of the Skywalker lineage, for example, are exceptionally gifted and changed the galaxy, Cal Kestis was insignificant. He was a face in the crowd, one of the hundreds of Jedi Knights training to defend the Republic.

The young red-haired boy had this path stolen from him as a child when Chancellor Palpatine murdered most of the Jedi Order using the Grand Army of the Republic. Despite the deep trauma from losing his Master, Cal came of age all by himself among the rough conditions in Bracca. While Cere Junda and the recordings of Eno Cordova guided him, Cal explored some of the most dangerous corners of the galaxy alone.

Kestis became a Jedi Knight, but from an early age, he was a survivor.


Question: Is Cal Kestis canon?

Answer: Yes. Cal Kestis is part of the canon Star Wars universe, like the rest of Jedi: Fallen Order.

Question: What planet was Cal Kestis hiding?

Answer: Cal Kestis was hiding in Bracca. His Master led forces helping liberate the planet from the Confederacy of Independent Systems when the Jedi purge started. Kestis escaped to the surface of Bracca and took up an identity as a shipbreaker there.

Question: How old is Cal Kestis in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?

Answer: Cal Kestis was 18 years old during the events of Jedi: Fallen Order. The game takes place five years after the Jedi purge and the rise of the Galactic Empire.

Question: Who is the main villain in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?

Answer: During most of the game, Cal Kestis fights the Second Sister of the Imperial Inquisition. However, the inquisitors are pawns of the Empire, and I would argue the main villain in Fallen Order is Darth Vader.

Question: Does Cal Kestis appear in the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?

Answer: Yes. Cal Kestis is also the protagonist of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which takes place five years after Jedi: Fallen Order.

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