Yoda Lightsaber Guide – Luminous Beings Are We…Not This Crude Matter

As someone said, “Time flies, but memories last forever.” It was 2008, and I still remember the anticipation of a flashy-swords series since the beginning of my birthday month. It was probably the first week of October, and right before the dinner, I urged my sisters to let me have the remote this time, as a new show was about to premiere on Cartoon Network.

Following some successful negotiations, I sat in the lounge in front of our only TV, turned to CN, and fixed my eyes on the screen. After a few moments into the show, though I wasn’t following anything that the narrator was saying, when a seemingly old, little green creature took his flamboyant sword out, I knew I was going to love this series forever.

So, fellow Padawans, this was how I was introduced to Master Yoda and his lightsaber. And I never knew I would be penning my thoughts about my love-at-first-sight character and his lightsaber after almost fifteen years!

Before I get any more sentimental, let me get to the topic of today’s discussion. In this Yoda lightsaber guide, I will be taking you through everything I know about the iconic lightsabers of the Grand Master Yoda. Not only will I be talking about their history and making, but my composition will also be focused on the major events where Master Yoda amazed us with his lightsaber-wielding prowess.

So, any Star Wars fans who have ever dreamed of becoming the padawan of this great Jedi master and learning all forms of lightsaber combat, this guide is for you.

Bottom Line Up Front

Master Yoda was the most legendary Jedi Star Wars has ever witnessed. Being the only Jedi who was fully skilled in all seven forms of lightsaber combat, for over 800 years, he trained many young padawans who later became the greatest Jedis of their time. And let’s not forget that the greatest Sith lords, such as Count Dooku and Darth Vader, also owe their lightsaber skills to this great Force-wielder.

Although he had a lifespan of about 900 years, Yoda only wielded two lightsabers during his lifetime.

1st Light Saber:  Yoda received his 1st lightsaber in his padawan days from a droid architect, Professor Yang. He held it for about eight centuries before losing it during a duel with Darth Sidious at Galatic Senate Chamber in 19 BBY.

2nd Light Saber: After his defeat by Darth Sidious, Yoda kept his second lightsaber in his hut at Dagobah. Though it didn’t see much action, this saber fell into the hands of his apprentice Luke after his death in 4 ABY.

Yoda’s Lightsaber Fighting Style

Yoda was a master of all seven lightsaber combat styles, which he often used to train his padawans. However, he mostly preferred form IV, Ataru, when he engaged in a duel or battle. Being an offensive style, this form was a perfect fit for his small stature. Not to mention his old body could make the best out of this form’s acrobatic and quick maneuvers.

Although this form relied less on strength, it was one of the most challenging techniques to harness. Still, requiring a strong connection with the Force, this style often proved deadly and provided a good chance of making an escape. Some of the most famous instances of Master Yoda using this form of lightsaber combat can be seen in duels with Count Dooku in the battle of Geononsis and in a fight with Darth Sidious on Coruscant.

Yoda’s 1st Lightsaber

Yoda's First lightsaber
Image from Fandom


Master Yoda got his 1st Light Saber when he was a young padawan. According to legends, he forged his weapon under the guidance of Professor Huyang, who was an architect droid and had been helping younglings with their lightsaber construction for quite some time.

Like most Jedis, Yoda found his lightsaber crystal in the snow-covered caverns of Ilum. After the construction of his saber, despite its small size, it proved its worth defending Republic until it was gone for good in the wake of Order 66.

Though one might argue that this lightsaber brought a lot of victories to Republic, being a pacifist, Master Yoda did not use his lightsaber very often. Still, whenever it was blazed, it was always a nail-biting experience.


Yoda’s first lightsaber had a relatively short blade compared to other lightsabers, which made it suitable for his small body. This Shoto lightsaber had a straight cylindrical hilt of almost six inches with Adegan crystal at its core that emitted green plasma.

For its small size, an ordinary specie could only hold it with a single hand. But, as far as Master Yoda was concerned, he could easily grip the hilt with both hands. Although it had a very elegant yet minimalistic design, the small size of the hilt gave this lightsaber a little girthy look.

Major Events

Size Matters Not:

Yoda Lightsaber

Shortly before the 32 BBY, Yoda sensed a unique disturbance in the Force, which led him to an unknown planet. After landing, he was soon confronted by the natives of that planet. And during one such interaction, Master Yoda was attacked with unique stones, which he wasn’t fully capable of fending off.

This unique experience led Yoda to the depths of the blue mountain, which was the source of these apparently Force-sensitive rocks. However, to his dismay, that mountain was a living giant. But the story took another turn when, after healing this giant, the humungous blue monster turned against Yoda.

After a small round of talks, the mountain-turned-giant charged Yoda. But, thanks to his lightsaber, Yoda was successful in blocking its attack, even thrusting his saber through its body. Though no one ever imagined that a lightsaber could penetrate such a mysterious rock, seeing the power of Yoda’s lightsaber, the Force mountain finally gave in and left the people in peace.

Invisible Droids Against The Old Master:

The planet of Ilum played a very significant place in the life of any Jedi; after all, all lightsabers needed a Kyber crystal which was abundantly found in Ilum.

One day, a Jedi and his padawan were training at the Ilum temple when it was breached by the Separatist forces, and the Master and his padawan got trapped inside the snow cavern.  Meanwhile, Master Yoda was accompanying Senator Amidala to a mission when he sensed the disturbance in the Force caused by this accident.

After convincing Amidala to change the ship’s course to the planet Ilum, they finally landed to rescue the Jedis, but Yoda preferred to go alone to the temple.

On his way to the temple, Master Yoda sensed danger and swiftly drew his lightsaber out of his cloak. Then the Chamelion droids revealed themselves and opened fire on the little old green creature. But these 5-6 droids were no match for Yoda’s skill, and in a swift attack with his lightsaber, he blew all of them to pieces.

Tydorian’s Respect For The Incredible Saber Wielder:

Although I am not a big fan of Tydorians; to be precise, they are one of the most hideous creatures of the Galaxy. Still, one thing I credit these big-flying-bugs with a weird snoot for is their introduction to the incredible lightsaber-wielding skills of Master Yoda.

During the initial years of the Clone Wars, Republic sent Master Yoda on a mission to negotiate with the king of Toydaira to establish a supply base. Meanwhile, the Separatists also sent their representative, Assaj Ventrus, to convince the king to join the Separatist alliance.

To stall the meeting of Master Yoda and his convoy with the Tydorian king, the Separatists sent their battlefield droids after Yoda’s squad. But unknown to Dooku’s new apprentice, Master Yoda smoothly sliced the droid army with his lightsaber and also successfully deflected blaster shots away from his team members.

And let’s not forget, the Grand Master also penetrated through the columns of tanks and put them to no use with the help of Form IV lightsaber combat. His lightsaber skills not only allowed the Republic to have the approval of the Toydorian king, but also made Ventress realize that her skills were no match for the power of the wisest Jedi to ever exist.

Ataru vs. Makashi

Yoda Tyranus Duel
Image from Fandom

One of the best things about Episode II was its introduction to the two most elegant wielders of lightsabers – Master Yoda and Lord Tyranus.

During the battle of Geonosis, Master Kenobi and Skywalker chased the escaping Sith lord, Count Dooku, to a cavern, where both Jedis dueled Dooku with their full strength, but, being a mighty Sith lord, Dooku subdued them with just a few blows. And right when he was about to finish them off, Master Yoda entered the scene and drew his iconic green blade lightsaber out from his cloak.

Dooku attacked Yoda with his force lightning, but Yoda dodged it with his bare hands. Witnessing the ineffectiveness of Force against the Yoda, Dooku challenged Yoda to a lightsaber duel. Let me remind you that at that time, Yoda was too old to fight; still, using the power of the Force, he was able to overcome his physical limitations and displayed a great show of Ataru against Dooku, dodging every attack with his lightsaber.

In this fierce lightsaber duel, Yoda was so fast that lord Tyranus could not make any effective attack against him. And anticipating his imminent defeat at the hands of his former master, Dooku finally had to make an escape in his iconic Punworcca starship.

A Battle of Forces:

In search of learning consciousness after death, Yoda reached the Sith Planet of Moraband, where he had various visions and was mocked by the ghosts of Darth Bane and Sifo-Dyas.

Deep into delusions, he confronted Darth Sidious with Anakin Skywalker, and a lightsaber fight broke out between these Jedis and the Sith lord. Using Ataru, Yoda overpowered Sidious with acrobatic maneuvers with his lightsaber. However, after a few moments into the flashing skirmish, Anakin passed out, and Yoda had to manage saving Skywalker from a deadly fall and duel Darth lord at the same time.

Although Yoda had to make an escape by throwing his lightsaber to cut down the suspension bridge, and he safely made out of these illusions, seeing him use the Force and wield his lightsaber simultaneously is a feat not every Jedi could pull off, even after decades of practice.

The Nail-biting Battle of Coruscant

One of the most anticipated battles of the Star Wars universe was the battle of Coruscant, wherein the Separatists fleet launched a full-scale invasion of the Republic, and the capital was attacked by the humungous droid army; even the Chancellor’s office was unsafe.

Grand Master Yoda and Master Windu were the leading commanders of the Grand Army of the Republic. This collab between Jedis and Clones was one of the best-coordinated efforts in Star Wars history. And it was in this battle that Master Yoda was extensively seen slicing the droids using his famous Ataru form of lightsaber combat. One after the other, be it a battle droid, super battle droid, commander droid, or destroyer, nothing matched Master Yoda’s lightsaber-wielding skills.

And let’s not forget the moment when General Grievous tried to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine, and Master Yoda and Mace Windu rushed to the rescue. While Master Windu chased General Grievous, Yoda charged the droid army with his lightsaber riding a Kybuck. But despite his phenomenal fighting, General Grievous was successful in abducting Chancellor Palpatine.

Duel with Dooku on Vijun

Dooku vs yoda
Image from Fandom

What if I tell you even Count Dooku showed a change of heart? Or he purported so?

During the ongoing Clone Wars, Master Yoda received a transmission from Count Dooku in which Dooku told him about leaving the Dark Side. Despite the obvious scheme, Yoda set off to help his former apprentice on the planet of Vijun, which was under the hold of Separatists.

On his arrival, instead of asking his former master to help him return to the Light Side, Dooku tried to convince Yoda to convert to the Dark Side by explaining the power of the Dark side. But, being a Grand Jedi Master, those words meant nothing to him.

Seeing no way forward, Dooku took his Sith lightsaber out and started making some heavy blows in a very berserk manner. However, his attacks were easily fended off by the Jedi Master using his lightsaber, and Dooku couldn’t find even a single chance to bring harm to his former master. Consequently, at the end of this lightsaber duel, as always, Dooku had to flee the scene.

Commander Cody, Execute Order 66:

One of the most unforgettable and dreadful scenes of Star Wars is Order 66. And though I am not a big fan of the Jedi Order, watching them mercilessly massacred at the hands of Clone troopers is not something I enjoyed particularly.

In Revenge of the Sith, Yoda reinforced Wookiees with the Clone army against the Separatist droids on Kashyyyk. In this battle, Master Yoda himself was leading the forces. And while he was still appreciating the success of this decisive battle, he felt a sudden disturbance in the Force, which was so intense that he grabbed his heart. But it wasn’t over yet.

The commanders accompanying Yoda received Order 66, and after taking a step back, they aimed their blasters at the Grand Master. Before they could even pull the trigger, Master Yoda performed one of the best Ataru moves the Star Wars fans had ever seen.

On the spur of the moment, the green Yedi jumped on the troopers and made a severe blow with his lightsaber, sending their heads flying across the platform. This move was so quick that Wookies couldn’t even understand for a moment what had actually happened.

Face Off With Clones Outside The Jedi Temple

Although Star Wars fans were aware of why Clones opened fire on their Jedi commanders, Master Yoda and Kenobi, some lucky survivors of Order 66, were still trying to find the answer to this conundrum. Therefore, they tried to sneakingly make their way to the Jedi Temple to investigate the matter.

But perhaps that wasn’t a perfect time for some covert operation. On their way to the temple, they faced strong resistance from the Clones. And Yoda had to draw his lightsaber, again, against his previous brothers-in-arms.

Although Master Yoda focused on form III of the lightsaber combat to deflect the blaster fire coming from the Clones, he had to turn to Ataru and slice some heads of Clones to reach the archives. Not to mention, it was during this operation that Obi-Wan Kenobi discovered the heart-shattering truth that his beloved friend, Anakin Skywalker, had turned to the Dark Side of the Force.

A Decisive Duel Between The Greatest Force-Wielders

Yoda Senate Lightsaber
Image from Fandom

“I have waited a long time for this moment, my little green friend.” – Darth Sidious.

If there were one duel that every Star Wars fan always looked forward to, it would be none other than this showdown of Ataru vs. Joyu.

After Order 66, Master Yoda went to Palpatine’s Office to put an end to what he didn’t see coming. He made a surprise entry into Palpatine’s office by knocking down his Royal Guards with the Force push. And after a brief exchange of words and some strong Force pushes, the suspenseful lightsaber duel between the Sith lord and a Jedi master finally began.

Master Yoda started off by making some blows with his lightsaber, which were blocked by Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious, effortlessly. Then, making some acrobatic moves, both Master Yoda and Darth Sidious got into a Repulsorpod that levitated into the Senate hall, and with the elevation, the darkness in the building was replaced with an illustrious display of green and red flashes.

After a few moments into the face-off, Darth Sidious launched some aggressive attacks against Master Yoda, including making heavy blows with his Sith lightsaber and throwing some Repulsorpods. During one such attack, Sidious used his Force lightning to throw away Yoda’s lightsaber. Losing his lightsaber proved very critical for Master Yoda, and he finally had to give in to the immense power of the new Emperor of the Galactic Empire by making a quick exit through the ventilation shafts of the Senate building.

Yoda’s 2nd Lightsaber

Yoda's Second Lightsaber


Most Star Wars fans don’t even know that Master Yoda had a second lightsaber. And it also took me by surprise when I made a discovery about this weapon; after all, it wasn’t used by Master Yoda in any major fight.

Following the fall of the Republic, Master Yoda went into exile on the planet of Dagobah and took shelter in a small hut he built himself. In that hut, it was revealed that Yoda had a second lightsaber when he placed it along with some other ancient scripts in a small box.

This Yoda lightsaber fell into the possession of his apprentice, Luke Skywalker, after his death in 4 ABY. And Luke kept that legendary lightsaber with him until he presented it to his padawan Grogu, aka Baby Yoda.


As Shoto lightsabers were quite popular among the small species, just like Yoda’s 1st Lightsaber, this second saber also had a hilt of about six inches, which might seem too small compared to the 10-12 inches hilt that other Jedis used, it always fit perfectly in the tridactyl hands of Master Yoda.

Similar to his previous Lightsaber, Yoda’s 2nd lightsaber was also made of an alloy hilt, with the same ergonomic casing for a better grip. Moreover, it also had the same Adegan crystal that emitted a green plasma blade. All in all, the weapon was simple in design that perfectly encapsulated the humble nature of Master Yoda.

Major Events

Yoda's Second Lightsaber
Image from Fandom

If you are wondering when master Yoda used his second lightsaber, it’s simple; he didn’t.

In the wake of the fall of the Jedi Order and the Republic, Master Yoda sought banishment from Coruscant and decided not to use his lightsaber ever again. Although his new settlement was a marshy place that had some wild animals as well, he only resorted to the use of a bow and arrow to hunt down creatures for his meal or to keep himself safe.

I believe, Master Yoda’s faith in the power of lightsabers was shattered after his defeat at the hands of Darth Sidious. And it might be one of the reasons why Master Yoda emphasized Luke’s training to be more Force-centric when he took the young Skywalker under his apprenticeship.

But luckily, unlike Yoda’s first lightsaber, this lightsaber was not destroyed by Mas Amedda, and it ended up with Luke Skywalker after Yoda’s death.

Yoda Lightsaber Famous Quotes

Master Yoda, I have your—lightsaber… Which you clearly do not require.” ― Master Obi-Wan Kenobi to Master Yoda.

Put a shield on my saber I must.” ― Master Yoda.

The heart of the lightsaber the crystal is, focus is the force from the Jedi it does.” ― Jedi Master Yoda to Younglings.

This is a lightsaber that belonged to my teacher master Yoda, and now I’m offering it to you.” ―Jedi Master Luke Skywalker to Grogu.

Build your lightsaber you shall but first harvest your crystal each one of you must.” ― Grand Master Yoda to Younglings.

It is obvious that this contest cannot be decided by our knowledge of the Force but by our skills with a lightsaber.” ― Count Dooku to Master Yoda.

Major Appearances Of Yoda Lightsaber:

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What happened to Yoda’s second lightsaber after his death?

Answer: Yoda kept his 2nd lightsaber in a box after his exile. And in 4 ABY, Yoda’s apprentice took this lightsaber with him. However, after five years, Luke presented this lightsaber to his young apprentice Grogu.
But let’s not forget, when Grogu was given a choice between the Beskar Armor made by his friend, Mando, and Yoda’s Lightsaber, he went for the armor. So, this great weapon ended up again with Luke Skywalker.

Question: Was Yoda’s 2nd Light Saber any different from the 1st one?

Answer: Yoda’s 2nd lightsaber didn’t get much screentime compared to its precursor. So, it would not be possible to point out its differences. Still, from the bare look of the 2nd lightsaber, it can be said that both Yoda lightsabers were similar in structure and appearance and had a hilt of equal length. Not to mention, they had Adegan crystal at their base and emitted the same green blade.

Question: What happened to Yoda’s 1st lightsaber after his duel with Sidious?

Answer: At the beginning of the Great Jedi Purge, Yoda decided to face Sidious in his chamber. During their duel, being unable to defend himself against Yoda’s lightsaber attacks, Darth Sidious used the Force Lightning against Yoda, which resulted in the fall of this great weapon from Yoda’s hand.
Later, this lightsaber was found by the Imperial Stormtroopers, who handed it over to the right hand of Emperor Palpatine, Mas Amedda. Amedda, in a ceremony in front of the fallen Jedi temple, destroyed Yoda’s lightsaber along with other lightsabers, bringing an end to the legacy of this great weapon.

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