Obi Wan Kenobi Bio

Intro This bio of Obi-Wan Kenobi will, I hope, briefly illustrate why he’s my favorite character in the Star Wars universe. He has his flaws, yes, and is ultimately outplayed by the Emperor in the Prequels. However, he is perhaps the galaxy’s sole genuine source of hope, as Leia so famously quotes. Since the character of Obi-Wan

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The Mandalorian Synopsis

The Mandalorian. A Disney+ series that brought the original Star Wars themes back in their full glory, with updated special effects, fascinating – but not overly complex – storylines, and loveable Baby Yodas (aww!). In this synopsis of The Mandalorian, I’ll explore the story so far, the main characters, and key themes that crop up all

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The Bad Batch Show Summary

In this The Bad Batch show summary, I’ll briefly explain the story so far. The Bad Batch is the spiritual successor to Clone Wars, even following a similar storyline to the last season. It follows the adventures of Clone Force 99, an elite unit of genetically modified clones that were first introduced in Clone Wars Season 7. They’re known informally as the

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